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Roof Shingle Calculator Tips

Roof shingle calculator tips will help you take advantage of these simple scripts to make reasonably accurate estimations of the cost of repairing an old roof or replacing your roof. Be sure to take the time and effort to learn how to use a roof shingle calculator in order to get the highest value from it. You will not need to do a lot of complex calculations, just type some numbers into the boxes and click a button.

But the output of a roof shingle calculator depends upon the quality of the data you put into it. So take the time to measure the roof area carefully and think about the variables that will impact your roofing cost. Roof calculators will factor in things like shingles, felt paper, flashing, nails and ridge caps into their algorithm, and draw from average national and local rates to arrive at your estimate.

Based on the figure you derive from your roofing calculator, you will be able to plan out your repair or replacement budget and order the right amount of material such as bundles of roofing shingles. There are other ways in which a roof shingle calculator will be of value, so be sure to read this article about other tips to getting the most out of one.

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Metal Roofing Prices & Re-Roofing

Let’s say you’re looking to have your present building re-roofed. With most other forms of roofing, you will either need to rip off the existing roof (which costs you for the labor), or strengthen the underlayment to support the higher load of the new roof, which again adds to the expense. Metal roofing prices, though high, will save you this cost. You can lay a metal roof over an existing roof without doing anything extra.

Because metal roofing is light, the existing structure of your roof can easily support the additional load. And whatever you save from removing an existing roof or enhancing the structure is offset against the metal roofing prices for the material.

Metal roofing is ordered by the piece. The roofing contractor who installs your roof will cut the material to fit your dimensions. The installation process is rather complex and requires skills and experience which is what adds to metal roofing prices. Labor costs are higher and the time taken to add a metal roof is nearly twice as long as for other shingle roofs. The work is more difficult, and skilled workers are rarer, all of which means the installation expense of metal roofs will be higher.


Solar Roof Shingles – Attractive, Effective, Environment Friendly

Solar roof shingles come in the form of interlocking tiles that give a streamlined appearance to your building and an elegant look to your roof. The solar tiles are designed to match the style and architecture of any building. Traditionally, solar panels were made so that they would sit atop the roofing shingles. Modern solar roof shingles have the panels incorporated within the shingles, in an integrated fashion.

Why are solar roof shingles so appealing to home owners? Well, think about the electricity meter in your building spinning backwards! That’s what can happen with solar shingles. When the photovoltaic cells in your roof generate current from sunlight, the excess that’s beyond your needs can be fed back into the grid of your power company, in return for credits against your consumption.

Solar roof shingles have a seamless design and structure, allowing interlocking that prevents leaks. The panels are lightweight and are manufactured with the latest solar technology. These solar roof shingles are low maintenance and come with 25 year warranty from manufacturers.

One of the main reasons home owners consider installing solar roof shingles is the cost savings it engenders through creating electricity from sun power. These are especially popular in sunny states like California. Another reason is that the government pays rebates of up to $20,000 for installing solar powered roofs. Check up on incentives in your local region to take full advantage of them.

Solar powered homes can reduce your electricity bill and provide a big return on a modest investment into green energy solutions. By reducing your reliance on fossil fuels that are growing more expensive and relying instead on solar power that is abundant, clean and free solar roof shingles are revolutionizing the building industry in a way nothing else has in recent times.

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Building Shingles Price – A Brief History

Historically building shingles price has been a fascinating topic. Roof of any building plays a very significant role in the appearance as well as in the cover up and protection of the building. Hence, one should be cautious when choosing a roof pattern either for a house or a commercial building. Based on the type, texture and color building shingles price is determined.

Many building shingles types are found in the market. But while choosing one should keep in mind the type of building he has or intends to build, color of the building and the age that is how old the building is in case of renovations. These all factors combining will lead to a perfect make of a building or a house. Also, based on these factors, types, and patterns the building shingles price is generally set.

Available building shingles for sale are asphalt, metal, slate, rubber, and asbestos-cement. Building shingles price too vary with these types. Asphalt patterns of roof are mainly found to be used in the United States. Building shingles price of such patterns are less compared to the rest of the patterns.

Asphalt shingles are of two types namely fiber glass and organic-mat. The two differ in their mat structure. The organic one is made of mat from cellulose fiber of wood while the fiber glass is made from fiber glass. Building shingles price are set accordingly.

Metal patterns were a rare shingles pattern until a few years but are in huge use lately. Many office shingles are also being made of metal now a day. A point here to be mentioned is that there is no difference between building shingles price and office shingles price as the price depends on the materials used and not on the type a building is used for.

Metal shingles are finding usage mainly because of their durability, safety and overall for their resistance to any weather and climatic condition. Metal shingles can withstand heat, rail, storm, hail storm, snow fall etc. It also provides safety from not being caught in flames if a fire breaks out. Building shingles price of metal is relatively higher as metals are the material used. Slate type of shingles is considered to be the most durable.

Building shingles price of slate is also the highest. Such patterns of tiles are mostly seen in government and commercial buildings as they last for a decade before any renovation is required. Thus, it is clearly understood that building shingles price of slate patterns will be the highest saving the work of renovations for nearly a decade.

Rubber shingles are also a pattern of shingles. As, the name suggests the material used is rubber here. Building shingles price of rubber stands next to slate but above asphalt. These patterns are easy to install and maintain. They are available in both flat and slope roofs.

There are many reputed companies in the market selling all the patterns of roof shingles. Building shingles Lowes a product of Lowes is of great demand in the market. But one should keep in mind to check the building shingles price list with the retailer before purchasing.


Roof Shingles Prices – How Costly Does Roof Replacement Get?

Roof shingles prices have an impact on the overall cost of roof replacement, but other factors such as professional charges, roofing material and nature of the roof also have a role to play. Roofing prices range across a wide figure because of these reasons. A roof replacement is not something to be undertaken lightly and without much planning and research.

A very similar project for homes with nearly identical footage can cost as much as 100% higher because of variables such as the pitch and slope of the roof, the presence of chimneys, skylights and gables, and others.

While roof shingles prices are standard and easily accessed from manufacturer’s websites, there is considerable difficulty in arriving at an estimate for a roof replacement cost. Without knowing specific details about a particular building, it is practically impossible to make a roofing estimate. In homes with simple roofs, the real cost may be closer to the lower end of the spectrum. For more complex roofs, the cost may run even higher. This is despite the roof shingles prices being about the same for both roofs.

For common asphalt composite shingles roofing the cost of professional installation runs to between $1,500 and $8500 while the self-installation expenses could be between $900 and $3,500. However, do it yourself roofing is only for experienced people who know the risks and have the wherewithal to install a roof themselves.

Home owners are strongly advised to be well informed about roof shingles prices and other elements of roof modification or replacement before they embark upon a re-roofing project. If you hire a contractor to work on your roof, it pays to make sure they are licenced, insured and reliable before doing anything with them. For more about roof shingles prices check out this article.


Metal Roofing Prices – What Justifies The Higher Cost?

Metal roofing prices include long term warranties. Given the strong and sturdy nature of metal roofing materials, they usually are guaranteed for 25 to 50 years by manufacturers. Metal roofing materials are resistant to fire and wind damage, and can withstand extremes of temperature and weather including hail, storms, and heavy rainfall.

Properly treated and painted metal roofs will prevent snow from accumulating, and shed it easily when the ice thaws. For this reason, home owners who live in the mountains and colder climates prefer metal shingle roofs. Under these circumstances, metal roofing prices become amortized against the cost of damages or repairs caused by extreme weather conditions.

One more factor lowers the emphasis on metal roofing prices, and that is their environment friendly nature. Consumers who are discerning enough to care about their environment are opting for metal roofing since the material is completely recyclable. Your roof will not go to add waste to landfills and contaminate the habitat, with almost 95% of it being fully recycled for use. What’s more, metal roofing materials can be recycled and used over and over – an important factor in estimating metal roofing prices and one that justifies a higher upfront investment.

In the eyes of many home owners, such benefits of metal roofing outweigh the higher prices. The fact that metal roofs are very low maintenance and will often outlast the rest of the building is an added advantage. And metal roofing is energy efficient. Reflectivity coatings help deflect a large share of solar radiation that hits the building, causing a cooler roof with lesser costs from air conditioning and cooling. The cost savings alone can slash 25% off your energy bill, and despite higher metal roofing prices your roof may end up saving you money over time!


Costly Roof Replacement Mistakes

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The last of 5 costly roof replacement mistakes are:

4. Conversion

A special number is used to convert the flat, level measurements into 3 dimensional figures using the pitch of the roof as a guide. This number is called an approximate average roofing multiplier. For a low pitched roof, it could be from 1.15 to 1.25. For a medium pitched roof, the multiplier might be between 1.25 and 1.4. A steep roof would have a multiplier of anywhere from 1.41 to 1.7.

The basic measurement of the roof is then multiplied by the approximate average roofing multiplier for the given roof, and you arrive at a new, more accurate figure. If you use the wrong multiplier or do not do the calculations correctly, you can throw off your roof replacement cost budget.

5. Special Features

The measurements of a roof can be altered by special features such as dormers, end-walls, valleys, and chimneys. These must all be accounted for and there is no one neat, simple formula for figuring them in.

If you want to get all your shingles at the same time to get a price break, it is important to figure correctly. If you want to make sure you get enough of the same kind of shingles, you need the proper number. Finally, if you do not want to overbuy, you need an accurate estimate of your roofing material needs. A home remodeling company can help you measure and calculate to reduce the roof replacement cost.

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