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Roofing Shingles Reviews – Pick The Best

It is best to be informed through studying different roofing shingles reviews before buying a roof for your home. There are several great brands out there but to find the very best you need to knowledge and experience. Several experts who have worked with roofing all their life have shared some vital information about roofing shingles. Armed with these reviews it becomes easier for you to pick out the best roofing material for your home. Remember that the roofing industry is highly competitive and to get the best quality you have to pay more.

The competition is intense in the roofing industry and the makers of the shingles know that price conscious customers will drift to another company if they don’t have shingles in a particular price range. Hence, they offer products in different price ranges. For the better quality shingles that last longer without major repairs or relaying are priced much higher than low quality shingles. Many homeowners are willing to blow several thousand dollars on interior makeovers of a single room inside the house, but are unwilling to shell out extra 1000 dollars for a quality roofing. Contractors and roofers do not lose money as the installation charges remain more or less the same, hence you see people settling for low quality asphalt shingles. It is better if homeowners read up roofing shingles reviews and invest time, energy and money is buying the best shingles for their home. This will give them trouble free roof for a long time.

Roofing Shingles Reviews: Owens-Corning

This roofing shingles company has been around for a long time and makes shingles to the best standards in the industry. The company offers 15-20 years warranty on their low-cost range of shingles like Classic 3 tab and Supreme Fiberglass. The Berkshire range is the higher architectural roofing shingles that comes with 50 years warranty. The shingles comes with different resistance ratings. Better quality gets better ratings but all the lines meet the standards set by the roofing industry for fire resistance, wind resistance and impact resistance. If certain geographic areas need special standards then you need to look for the ratings like for instance WeatherGuard has better wind and algae resistance. Again, the shingles performance will vary depending on the local weather conditions. The higher end shingles can be used for heritage buildings and elegant estate home. The product lines of Owens Corning get an average rating of 8 on a scale ranging from 1-10.

Roofing Shingles Reviews: Tamko Shingles Company

This family owned business makes roofing shingles and has been in the industry for over 60 years. Their 3 lines of shingles include Metalworks, Lamarite Composite and standard 3-Tab asphalt shingles. They come with 30-50 years guarantees depending on the line of shingles chosen. The steel shingles are lesser in cost than natural slate or cedar shake shingles. The architectural range costs much less than steel shingles. Laying these shingles are standard procedure. But, for certain types of shingles you need to follow installation procedures laid out by the company. Here it has to be noted that the interlocking steel shingles are not suitable for slopes less than 3.5. The composite range of shingles are durable and long lasting. They are made to high fire and impact resistance ratings. Tamko is rated 7 on a scale of 1 through 10.


Use TPO Roofing For Effective Roof Waterproofing And Durability

Thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO roofing membranes are made from ethylene propylene rubbers that are single-ply roof membranes. TPO roofing has a well patented performance of weldable hot-air seams and is engineered to conjoin the durability and flexibility of ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM roofing that. TPO roofing membranes are quality tested, have an excellent ozone resistance, algae resistant, safe to install and very eco-friendly.

TPO roofing manufacturers are very confident about the material accurately welded seams that this thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membranes are sometimes promoted as a seamless roof on the market. The TPO roofing seam strengths and sturdiness are about three to four times compared to the tape and adhesive seams of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).

TPO roofing membranes are highly resistant to impacts, punctures and tears with excellent flexibility and durability. TPO roofing installation come fully-adhered (employing a special adhesive, the roof is conveniently glued to the substrate), ballasted (TPO roofing membranes are laid loose over the roof) or mechanically-attached (employing some sort of special screw-fastener types to hold and secure the TPO roofing membranes). The type of fasteners used will rely mainly on the type of roof substrate, although, basically these fasteners are screw-types.

The are many benefits and advantages when employing thermoplastic polyolefin roofing system, as this recyclable roofing material has a high level of resistance, reflectivity, and flexibility, especially its white membranes, which exceed Energy Star level of performance established by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). They are highly resistance to algae and mold growth that hampers reflectivity, thus reducing the much needed saving on energy.

TPO roofing membranes provides long-term weather protection and can withstand high winds, heat, and other prolonged high temperatures. In addition, TPO roofing cost is reasonable and affordable, although some people find them a bit expensive, comparing to their excellent quality features and benefits, it certainly not an issue.

Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing has been around for over a decade now and constantly gaining in popularity among roofing contractors and homeowners alike, as an excellent choice in roofing installation and replacement. Basically, thermoplastic polyolefin roofing has a lifespan of about ten to twenty years, as this range depends mainly on the type of installation done.

Among some of the factors that contribute to the roofing system lifespan are weather conditions during installation, full removal and replacement of the existing roof, amount of slope, time spent in the installation, just to name a few. Typically, full removal and replacement of the existing roof and installing a new one will lead to a much longer roof lifespan, as well as less harsh weather conditions and steeper slope.

TPO roofing membranes are mostly available online and among local retailers, hardware store, and home improvement depot. As most TPO roofing manufacturers and retailers offers warranties ranging from five years to twenty years depending on the type of TPO roofing system chosen. For commercial and industrial roofing applications, TPO roofing warranties will depend upon several factors that include exposure to the severe weather conditions and the elements, thickness of the membrane, and more.


Roof Paint – A Dream Solution For Roof Repair & Waterproofing

Roof paint is necessary and essential for every type of roofing system, as roof paint provides additional protection and barrier against various weather conditions and the elements. The roof of your home is constantly subjected to weathering, acidity, degradation, and even time itself. Having all these factors slowly affecting and degrading the integrity, durability and protective coating of your roof will eventually lead to wearing-out and damage, which is why roof paint is required to provide the much needed support in protecting your roof.

There are many different types of roofs such as rubber roof, metal roof, concrete roof, wood roof, shingle roof, asphalt roof, just to name a few. Although these types of roofing system are mostly installed with a protective roof coating, it is still important to apply paint on top of these coatings in order to make certain that the roof lifespan will last much longer.

There are many different varieties of roof paint to choose from such as rubber roof paint, wood roof paint, metal roof paint, to name a few. You can also choose an array of various colors in order to make your roof more striking and beautiful. As these many varieties of roof paint colors are easily and readily available to procure online and among local retailers like hardware store and Home Depot.

Choosing the right paint color for your roof is not that difficult, however, roof painting can be a much more challenging and tough task. As this requires right timing, preparations, right painting procedures, weather considerations, and great effort on your part to make sure that you achieve the right look and appearance that you desire for your roof.

To do this, pick the right roof paint type that matches the type of roofing material on your roof. This roofing material can vary from wood, rubber, metal, or asphalt will be the deciding factor when picking the right type of roof paint. You can always ask for assistance among paint experts at your local paint retailers in order to ensure you procure the right type of roof paint.

It is also recommended to ask for other roofing materials like a roof sealer, primers, paint additives, and more that are essential before you start painting your roof. You can apply multiple coats or layers of paint when painting your roof, but make sure that the surface of the first layer completely dries first before applying the second coat, as this is very important in order to avoid or prevent easy flaking of all the coats of paint.

Three coats or layers of roof paint is very ideal when painting your roof. However, if you have the extra cash and are not completely sure about roof painting, it is advisable to hire roof painting professionals or painting contractors to do the job for you.

After finishing the roof painting job, you can be sure that your roof will acquire more additional lifespan it needed and be able to save more and avoid costly roof repairs in the near future, as a good quality roof paint and an excellent painting job will help and allow you to achieve that.


Roof Shingles – Finding The Right Option

The most eye-catching part of any home is its roof shingles. That is the first thing we notice about the home. The color, the shade, whether it is hipped, sloping, flat, gabled, how the colors match the exteriors of the home and so on. The roof apart from the aesthetics also performs an important function of protecting the home. Wind, rain, sun, snow, the cold and the heat are kept at by roofs installed with precision and care. Once laid people homeowners usually forget about the most important aspect of their home – the roof.

That is until the roof shingles get damaged, chipped, worn-out, broken or fly-away due to fierce storms or otherwise. When water starts leaking through the roof and dripping over your expensive carpet or sofa set, you start panicking and remember that your roof needs some care from time to time.

Most roof shingles last around 20-30 years. That is usually the amount of time a family spends in a home. Most homeowners have moved on to a bigger home before the life-time of the shingles ends. When repairing or replacing roof shingles there are lot of issues that need to be carefully considered. You need to know whether a simple roof repair and replacing a few shingles is all it needs or whether the roof needs a complete overhaul. If after inspection you find that the roof shingles are fine and it needs only minor repairs that is a major saving in costs for you. However, if the entire shingles need replacement then that is a major project which needs due planning and implementation.

First and foremost any underlying problems needs to be fixed before the shingles are laid. Next, comes the difficult choice of selecting a particular brand or type of shingles from the many hundred choices on offer. Not just color, there are a whole range of textures, types, designs and more to choose from. Slate, tiles, architectural, asphalt are just a few of material choices to pick from in roofing shingles. For a homeowner the whole task of re-roofing or re-shingling can be intidimating, costly and messy unless they have trusted contractors to do the job.


Solar Roof Shingles – The Many Positive Factors To Installing Solar Shingles

Solar roof shingles are no longer like those clunky solar panels of old. Today’s panels are sleek and very attractively designed to look like architectural roof shingles. They can be simply integrated with present roofing. The wiring runs underneath the shingles and are out of sight. They generate free electricity for the home and this lowers electricity bills making your home a green home. As the electricity generated is by converting solar energy there is no by-products or emissions making it completely pollution free.

An investment in solar roof shingles will crank up your home value. More and more individuals are seeing the value in getting free power from solar panels and installing them over their roofs. A home that already boasts of solar power generating shingles is so much more valuable to home buyer. The warranty covers the shingles for any faults or defects. So, in case of any problems you can get it replaced free of cost. The solar shingles are your contribution to society’s efforts to protect the environment. As these shingles are backed by years of research and advanced technology the panels are long-lasting. They are investment for your life-time and beyond.

Many states and the federal government are encouraging the use of solar roof shingles in order to reduce the citizens dependance on conventional fuels. They are offering extensive tax rebates and incentives to help offset the higher cost of shingles. As fossil fuels are getting more expensive there is a relentess effort to find cheaper alternative sources and solar energy has emerged as a front runner along with wind power.

These shingles have been found to be very pleasing to look at and are fully integrated with any type of roofing. The shingles are laid to follow the natural lines of the home and offer freedom to design and lay them any way you want. The enhance the look of the home as they are very pleasing aesthetically and structurally. You don’t have to worry about water seepage or the solar roof shingles being blown away due to high speed winds. These solar shingles are designed to withstand strong winds and are water proof. As they are perfectly designed to match other roofing materials, there is no chance of water seepage.


Roofing Shingles For Sale – How To Pick A Good Deal?

Every year during the lean season roofing shingles for sale are on offer in many parts of the country. Roofers will tell you that their main season for roofing installation runs from spring through to winter. During the peak winter not many roofs are installed. So, roofing shingles manufacturers and stores selling these shingles in a bid to clear out their old stock offer discounts and sales. If you have been keeping track of prices you will find that generally around this time the prices drop by a small percentage. If you are buying in bulk then you will be saving a significant amount of money.

Is is a good idea to buy roofing shingles for sale or get the roofer to supply and install the shingles?

If you are able to source good quality roofing shingles at a really low cost, then it might be a good idea to buy them and get a roofer to install them. But, you might face a situation where the roofers refuse to install the roofing shingles that are not supplied by them or they charge extra for roof installation. Roofing contractors generally buy roof shingles in bulk from their known contacts and generally make a small profit on it. When you cut them out of this profit by buying roofing shingles for sale they will naturally want to make it up by adding to your roof installation cost.

Roof Sales At Roofing Companies

Many roofing companies also offer roof sales during the lean season when they do not have much business to encourage homeowners and business owners to redo their roofs. These companies will generally offer limited time and limited number of roofs for sale. Here you can buy roofing shingles for sale and the roofer will install it for you. This benefits both the homeowners and the roofing company. As they can keep their roofing contractors employed during the mean season and also clear out the old stocks of roofing materials. The homeowners benefits as he gets a brand new roof at much lower cost.

Limited Choice

It has to be borne in mind that when purchasing roofing shingles on sale you can not expect much in terms of choice when you are purchasing it on your own from the big super marts or sourcing it through the roofers. The stores will trying to clear out their old stocks to make room for new products and arrivals. Also, they will be selling only stuff that hasn’t found many buyers. If you happen to like what’s on offer then that’s a double bonus for you. Roofing companies when they offer roofing sales will source at the maximum one or two types of roofing materials to get bulk discount. They are mainly trying to keep their roofing contractors busy during the lean season. So, here again the choice will not be too great.

Cost of Installation

As mentioned earlier the roof installation cost of roofing shingles for sale maybe higher. Another reason this could be higher even though you sourced the roofing shingles for sale from the roofing company itself is because the roofing company may have different method of installation which is more expensive. So, you may end up paying the same amount as when you do it in the regular season with a different company. Again, each company will claim their installation type to better. If you are satisfied with a particular company’s method of installation and their prices then taking up their offer in the lean season can get you a true discount.

How And Where To Find Roofing Shingles On Sale

Check out your home improvement stores in your city. They might be running clearance sales or have end of season sales, products lines that are discontinued, unpopular colors, roofing styles that have gone out of fashion are some of the shingles which might be offered on discount. Also, call roofing contractors in your area, they might be holding on to shingles from canceled orders or customers might have moved on higher priced shingles leaving cheaper stock lying with the roofers. You might be able to take this lot off the roofer’s hands. Another option is to call up shingles manufacturing units and ask them if they have some defective lots or discontinued products which might be up for sale. Manufacturers have to discard lots that have cosmetic defects or shingles from the last season. If you are lucky you might be able to pick up really good quality roofing shingles on sale which have only minor defects.

As always when you are looking for price discounts you have to pay in time and effort. Also, you might have to buy extra amount of shingles in order to replace defective ones, the color and material may not be of your choice. Also, some of the shingles may have been in storage for a long time and they may deteriorate faster than you expected. So, be sure to keep these factors in mind when looking for roofing shingles for sale.


Roofing Shingles Colors – Need Help In Choosing Shingles Colors

Whether you need to buy a new roof or replace an old one you have to choose roofing shingles colors to complement your home overall look and theme. Picking a good color combination raises your home’s profile in the neighborhood and makes it worth more in terms of resale value. Shingles are no longer monochromatic. They are available in vivid colors and shades both in modern and traditional styles. They are available with different textures and grain enhancing today’s roof shingles appeal. The most recent trend in shingles include the 3-dimensional design.

But, picking the right roofing shingles colors is important in more ways than one, here we list out a few:


Light plays an important role in how the different roofing shingles colors will play out. Depending on whether the day is sunny, bright, dull, gray, cloudy or heavily overcast you shingles will appear different. So, choosing shingles based on your local climate makes sense. If it’s going to be predominantly sunny or mostly overcast pick a color that appeals to you the most.


The same roofing shingles will appear differently shaded in different parts of the roof. In some areas it will look darker than the rest. This is because at varying angles on the roof the light reflection changes and you have shingles looking brighter or darker depending on the angle. Clay tiles and cedar wood shingles don’t have this problem and they appear the same in all types of sloping and lighting conditions.

Save Energy

Did you know that roofing shingles colors plays a significant role in the amount of heat absorbed by the shingles. A darker colored shingle absorbs more heat while a lighter shade reflects it. So, in cooler climate it is better to go for dark brown, black, deep blue and green to help in the melting of the snow. A lighter shade of shingle helps reflect light and keep the interiors cool. This color is more suited for hotter climates. Clay tiles or imitation clay tiles works great in both hot and cold weather conditions. For moderate weather conditions also these tiles work well. Even in terms of looks the classic clay tiles offer superb value. Not many shingles can offer insulation, aesthetic appeal and uniform shading in all light conditions like clay tiles can. Cedar wood shingles are another classic option that is suitable in all weather conditions but it is a lot more expensive than asphalt roofing shingles and hence not preferred.

Darker Shades Or Lighter Shades

The darker shades help make a tall building look less formidable. While a white roof is used to make a low slung roof appear taller. White roofs make a home look nice and airy. You can get the classic look with a white colored roofing shingles. But, there are many problems with white colored roofs. They look dirty and dull in a few short months of laying. They need frequent and constant maintenance to keep that pristine look. White roofs are not attractive when used in combination with many colors. So, it is better to go with light gray roofs that are flecked with white which gives excellent reflection of light and keeps the home cool. They are quite elegant too.

Darker shades are known to deteriorate faster maybe because they absorb a lot of heat. A proper ventilation is a must when you apply dark shades of roofing shingles to prevent heat build up inside the attic and consequent damage to the roofing shingles and also to items in storage in the attics.

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