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Five Steps To A Reliable Roof Shingles Estimate

Have you ever wondered about what goes into making a roof shingles estimate that’ll tell you exactly how many shingles you’ll require for a roofing job? It isn’t too complicated. You can take either of two routes to estimating your roof’s surface area, and then apply a simple formula to arrive at your roof shingles estimate.

Roof Shingles Estimate – Determine The Number of Shingles Needed

Roofing shingles come packed into bundles. You can order them by the bundle, or the square. Shingles are wrapped in plastic or paper and bundled into sizes that are convenient for a single person to carry comfortably. Heavier shingles will contain fewer shingles per bundle, and therefore require more bundles per square. Three bundles of 3-tab shingles typically can cover a square of roof.

When you start a roof shingles estimate, the first thing to do is determine how much of your roof needs to be covered with shingles. This can be estimated using the measurement method, or others like the sheet-count approach. More complex projects and re-roofing require different approaches.

Roof Shingles Estimate by Measurement Method

One surefire way to determine how many bundles of roof shingles you’ll need is to hop up on the top of your building and actually measure each and every plane. If the building is made of rectangular planes, this is a relatively straightforward task. You’ll simply have to measure the length and breadth, and then multiply them together. But with steep roofs, you will not be able to walk on them to carry out the measurements and must rely on more indirect approaches.

First, compute the floor area of your building. Add in a little extra for overhang of your roof. Using a pre-determined formula, and making allowance for the slope (pitch) of your roof, you can multiply the area by a “correction factor” that’s dependent upon the slope of the roof and arrive at a reasonably accurate measurement of the roof area.

Roof Shingles Estimate by Shingle Count Method

If the previous shingles are still intact and haven’t yet been stripped, then you can estimate the roof area through measurements of the eaves on each roof plane. You may even choose to estimate that by counting tabs along the eaves and edges, and keeping in mind that each tab is a foot long.

Once you’re done, count the numbers of rows of shingles from eaves to ridge. Each shingle is exposed for 5 inches, which means a 5 course layer will measure 5X5 inches, or just over 2 feet. Knowing the length and breadth through this computation, you can tell how much of the roof needs to be fixed or installed.

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Solar Panel Roof Shingles Advantages

In last decade or so solar panel roof shingles have become hottest development in the roofing industry. Their easy to install and convenient to generate electricity for home use. The previous generation of solar panels were large, unwieldy and clunky. They made installation on roof tops difficult and damage to roofing shingles could mean the warranties on them would be voided. Piercing of the roof top to bolt the panels firmly to the roof tops could cause leaks and cracks to the expensive roofing material. To avoid all these hassles the homeowners resisted any pressure to adopt solar technology despite big incentives from state and federal governments.

The rapid progress in solar panel roofing shingles has made them truly state of art. They can be installed on existing panels or replace the asphalt panels. These are also known as photovoltaic shingles and have been designed to look like commonly used asphalt roofing shingles. The interlocking shingles helps them to be integrate with any roofing system with shingles.

In the market today you will find a variety of solar panel roof shingles. There are solid panels which are shingle sized and can be installed directly on the roof or strips of shingles which can be fit on top of convention shingles. Latest technologies use thin film solar cells which look like regular shingles in terms of flexibility and size. Leading manufacturers of solar shingles include big power companies like Atlantic Energy, General Electric, Power Light and Sharp. All these giants have jumped into the building integrated photovoltaics sector big time. Other non-energy players like Dow Chemicals have also entered the solar shingles market to take advantage of high growth rates in the industry.

The cost of installation of these latest shingles has been reduced drastically. The latest installation techniques are so easy to use that fixing the panels is easy and fast. The number of hours of solar panel roof shingles is now around 10 hours whereas a few years back it used to take around 30 hours. This is a major reduction which also saves on installation costs. As the initial cost is reduced there is more incentive to adopt green technologies like solar panel roofing shingles. Aesthetically also, these solar panels look very pleasing to the eye with their dark purplish-blue hue. It blends in with most roofs and homeowners are no longer reluctant to use them for their roofs.

All aspects of design have undergone a great shift with the wiring for the solar panel roofing shingles running underneath the shingles and are completely concealed by them. The wiring can be connected to the inverters by a trained electrician and the roofer. No ugly looking wiring jutting out from the roof tops. You can decide to either distribute the shingles throughout the roofing or keep it located to one side. The best location is south-facing where it can catch the maximum light to convert to energy. Putting all the shingle in one place also makes the wiring easier. Make sure no trees or building cast shadows on solar shingles for maximum efficiency.

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Aluminum Roof Shingles – Affordable and Durable Roofing Solution

Aluminum roof shingles is one of most popular roofing solutions both because of its affordability and its durability. Roofing as you know is a complex process that needs to consideration of several factors like protection against elements, should be energy-efficient and be leak proof.
There is a wide choice of materials and styles in roofing today. You can pick the roof based on material, color, style, design and durability.

Aluminum fits many of these criteria and hence is a preferred choice. It is good choice for both residences and offices. Big businesses and even conservation experts prefer this for their heritage structures. The reasons why aluminum roof shingles are an attractive option is because they are lighter than steel and yet are quite strong and it has several other advantages that are found only in this metal.
Steel is stronger than aluminum but it easily gets rusted if exposed to elements. Aluminum roof shingles are rust proof and at the same they are much stronger than asphalt shingles which another popular choice because of its lower price. Aluminum shingles are very strong and tough and last you much longer than other laminated shingles. This durability is the reason why manufacturers are able to offer you a life-time guarantee for the aluminum shingles.
Durability is not the only reason why you should opt for aluminum roof shingles. It is just one among the many benefits offer by these shingles. They are several other remarkable reasons for choosing them. These aluminum shingles don’t get damaged by fire. They are fire-proof. They do not dry out. They do not warp, crack, rot or rust. You don’t find mold on aluminum roofs. It’s insect proof so; insects can’t damage your roof. In all probability the aluminum roof will outlast the building it is
But if this alone does not convince you, here are some more amazing reasons to use aluminum roof shingles. Durability is one of the major benefits of these shingles. You do not hear of aluminum shingles burning or drying out. They do not crack or rot or rust. Mold is rare to find on aluminum roofs, and there is little chance of insect damage. Indeed, an aluminum roof shingles will very likely outlast the building it is placed upon.
In addition to the attractive qualities mentioned above it looks attractive too. It comes in different sizes, designs and some of them are made to look asphalt roof shingles. You could get roofs that resemble a wooden roof with similar texture and look. Aluminum roofs are classy and stylish. Add to this their better performance compared to any roofing material and you can’t beat the combination.
One of biggest plus points of this roof in the present world, is its recylability. It’s gets a high environmental rating and that makes even more attractive to homeowners concerned about the impact they are making on the nature around us. In addition to all this other appealing characteristics the aluminum roof shingles come at a very affordable price. It may be a little more expensive than asphalt roof but if you consider its long-life, it’s almost maintenance free performance, and then you will surely opt for this roofing solution.
To sum it all up, the aluminum roofing shingles is one of the best roofing solutions on offer today. You will be happier as you don’t have to spend money on repairing and fixing broken roofs and leakages. It’s a trouble free roofing system that is affordable and environmentally safe option. If you choose the aluminum shingles for your roofing then it is a decision you will not regret.


Architectural Roof Shingles – Different Types and Their Use

Architectural roof shingles are fantastic and unique in their amazing range of roof shingles colors available. These roof shingles types allow homeowners to match the color of the roof shingles to that of their roofs hue scheme without affecting it in any ways.
These days there are a wide range of designs and various types of colors available for architectural roof shingles that offers a wide range of choice to buyers. Architectural roof shingles manufactures are now coming up with different and colorful designs to make sure that every homeowner can satisfy their unique desire to have a colorful and beautiful home.
The major advantage of using these architectural roof shingles is that they can be installed very easily, especially if another type of shingle is used, for instance asphalt. These architectural roof shingles are very conveniently installed and the architectural roof shingles manufactures and contractors are actually trying to form a team and put it in place for getting the correct job done as easily as possible for the team so that it matches up and brings out unique designs. Installation of architectural roof shingles has always been a major hindrance, which has now been eased.
In the earlier times, while installing the architectural roof shingles, people had to work usually from the left hand side to right hand side, to be moved ahead only once. This led to a lot of problems because only limited number of people work on these particular projects, and they also have to check all the lines constantly to ensure that everything has been done well and straight. This increased the architectural roof shingles prices also and led to further confusion.
A wide variety of options are given to users today to choose from an interesting range of architectural roof shingles in the form of cedar, asphalt, mental and solar materials. All that needs to be done is to consider the weather and climatic conditions of the place where the house is built and choose the material for architectural roof shingles accordingly.
Architectural roof shingles are difficult thing to be done; it requires expertise and is expensive too. However, it should be done in such a way so that the homeowners would not have to repeat the entire process once again. This could be expensive, but a job well done.
Not only are the choice of architectural roof shingles material important, but it is also important to take all the additional decisions too. Cost, placing, installation, colors of architectural roof shingles is just a few factors that comes to mind. There might be climatic limitations, repairing issues and others. Repairing architectural roof shingles can be very expensive and that has to be considered at all costs.
Before buying architectural roof shingles, people should do some research over the internet about the climactic conditions, different types of architectural roof shingles for varied climatic conditions and weigh all the advantages and disadvantages to prevent any problem in the near future.


Roof Shingles Types – Popular Ones to Choose For Your Home

Roof shingles types are an important factor when it comes to making choices about your home. If you are asked what the most important part of a house is, what would be your answer? It is definitely the roof as it protects the house against sun, heat, rains and adverse weather conditions. It is also the main protection of a house.
Therefore when roof shingles types are being considered, there is no way that you can choose anything that is not the best. There are several roof shingles brands available today that have been coming up with different types of protections for your homes; all you need t do is just pick up something that will be a protection for life. That is obviously why it is extremely important for every homeowner to take good care of their roof shingles types, and also to buy the best quality.
Before buying, every homeowner should compare roof shingles to make sure that the chosen product meets the quality and other basic requirements to give adequate protection to the home. Roof shingles are known to be the roof covering that consists of individual overlapping things. There are many roof shingles types, usually flat and rectangular in shape that can be laid in the form of rows.
These side edges should not be overlapping; only single fine layers should be used for ensuring water-proof result. That’s the basic idea. There are so many roof shingles brands available these days that it could be bewildering to choose a company. But when security is concerned, all the important factors should be considered.
Based on the roof shingles types, the roof shingles styles also vary. Asphalt shingles, for instance, also called composite shingles are often chosen because these are inexpensive roof shingles types and these can be installed very easily. These roof shingles types can last for 50 years if maintained properly. They require very little maintenance. They are fire resistant as well and they don’t break easily, which makes them the best choice in terms of price and durability. There are organic and fiberglass variety of these roof shingles types.
Laminated shingles have been quite popular as well because these are glossy and look good form outside. However, as laminated roof shingles can be expensive, people with a tight budget want to choose something else. Wood shingles have been very popular as a material. The main reason for using wood shingles is that these are light weight, have fine and smooth finish, can be cut into any size and shape and looks unique. However, maintenance cost is very high.
Metal roof shingles have been popularized f late. However, of all the composition roof shingles, this is probably one of the most expensive roof shingles types. Nonetheless, metal is getting very popular because of its durability and also because of the fact that it can withstand any weather condition- strong wind, snow, hail and rain.
Concrete shingles is the roof shingles types that can make a lot of difference to the overall effect; these are usually made of concrete manufactured using sand and cement. These are definitely more durable and also easier to maintain. These roof shingles types are light weight, cab withstand strong wind and extreme temperature conditions too; these are fire resistant.


Types Of Shingles – Choosing Your Shingle

Choosing a shingle from different types of shingles on offer is easy if you know what your wants and needs are. Pick from cedar shingles, clay tiles, metal shingles, asphalt shingles, wood shingles, slate tiles, cement tiles or solar panel shingles. Choose a color or design that meets your taste. Not all shingles are suitable for all locations and areas. Wood or cedar shingles is a classic choice but it is surely not suited for areas closer to woods or forested areas where fires are an ever present danger. For a modern and contemporary type of house clay tiles or rounded tiles are just not compatible. There will be something jarring about it if you try to combine two clashing styles.

When the home is not finished it is really difficult to judge how the final appearance will be. Trying to pick one from the different types of shingles to suit the final appearance is difficult only if you lack imagination. With a bit of imagination or help from software tools it is easy to figure out the final look of the home. Select the roofing shingle to complement your home’s exteriors and the style of your home.

External Factors To Keep In Mind:

There are types of shingles suited for every need. But, when selecting one you need to keep in mind factors like your home style – whether it is traditional or contemporary, big or small, rural or urban. Next, comes the sidings, depending on color and type of exterior walls sheathing. Not all colors are suited for all homes. Red colored tiles are more suited for traditional homes, lighter shades look good on contemporary homes. So, keep this factor in mind when choosing colors for your shingles. Homes in your neighborhood also matter so does the setting of your home.


Choosing one of the types of shingles on offer should also factor in its durability. A long-lasting, low maintenance and low on trouble roof is hundred times preferable to a roof that is short on life and high on maintenance. Most roofs need some maintenance and care. No care at all could also be disastrous as small cracks widen, small leaks expand and damage the interiors of the home and making the job of fixing them tougher.

Local weather:

The local weather is another deciding factor to pick from the types of shingles. Very hot or very cold conditions need certain type of shingles, while moderate conditions can pick from a variety of options. Adding solar panels to your regular shingles will give you free electricity. Installing the modern solar shingles is fairly easy and simple. Clay tiles and cement tiles are suited for most weather conditions. Wood is not suited for moist and wet conditions.

Building Codes:

There are certain standards that homeowners need to follow for their own safety and the safety of their local community. Installing fire-proof homes that have certain amount of wind resistance and also is resistant to impact are ideal. Different local areas have different requirements. These are arrived at after years of data are collected and analyzed in that area. So, follow them and be safe.


What Are Roof Shingles?

Roofs are usually covered by roofing materials called roof shingles which are generally placed side by side to overlap and cover the whole top of the house. Normally roof shingles referred to wood which was the most commonly used roofing material for a long time. But, now we have a wide array of products used to make roof shingles like asbestos, composite, cement, asphalt and even metals. Wood is just one of the choices. The roofing shingles are rectangular and are placed row-wise starting from the bottom of the roof. As you go up the shingles are always placed with overlap on all sides. A lot of overlap is the most important lesson to be learnt in roof installations. This way misture and water can’t get through the top layer of roof into the underlayment and down into home below.

At the top of the roof, at the ridges roofers used to place metal caps made of copper or zinc. But, this used to stand out and mar the appearance of the homes though they performed an important task of preventing leaks into the home. But, today modified shingles with plastic backing are available which placed in place of metal roof caps perfrom the same task without damaging the homes appearance in any sense.

Asphalt, wood, cement, slate, metal are just a few choices when it comes to roofing shingles choices. Rated for fire resistance, wind resistance and imapct resistance these shingles come with variety of standards. As each state and local area have their own standards and requirements for safety you have a choice to pick the products that comply with your local council requirements. These standards have been arrived at with the safety of the citizens and community in mind. It is best to follow these stands for your own safety and security.

Wood and paper based shingles are largely out of favor now because they pose a serious fire hazard. The risk of accidental fires is high with these materials which can destroy life and property. Some manufacturers do offer wood that has been coated and impregenated with fire proof materials which makes is quite safe to use. If they meet the fire safety standards of your area then you can use this type of shingles.

Wood shingles are protected by natural oils in their cellulose structure. As the years go by and it is constantly exposed to sun, the oils get softened and leach out when it rains. This gradually corrodes the wood. Where this is more water flow there is more erosion which can be seen in valleys and gutters of the roofing area. Eventually, when oils get washed out the wood starts to rot, warp and curl. The nails underneath get exposed and rusted. This causes the water to seep through and leaks are detected on the underside.

While wood has its natural oil, asphalt has long chain hydrocarbons which keeps the asphalt protected. The sun and rain over long period of time cause the breakdown of this bonds and eventual shrinking damage to the asphalt shingles.

In the United States the most popular roof shingles are the asphalt roof shingles which are made by sandwiching asphalt between layers of fiberglass. This is safer when it comes to fire. It is affordable and durable. It is also easy to install. They are many different brands of asphalt roofing shingles to choose from. The wide array of colors, textures and designs make this one of most sought after shingles. Different asphalt based shingles have different

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