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How To Compare Roofing Shingles?

So you’ve decided to install a shingle roof and now it is time to compare roofing shingles. While it’s a good thing to have a wide range of choice to select from, when it comes to crunch time you sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be a good thing if there was only one (or few) options. That way you’d be saved the time and trouble of having to compare roofing shingles. But don’t worry – this short guide will take you step by step through the process of elimination until you end up with the ideal roofing shingles for your home.

There are many different forms, manufacturers and styles when it comes to selecting roofing shingles. Often the first thing you start with when you compare roofing shingles is the price or budget. And there is a wide range of variation between, say, a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof and a slate shingle roof. Then there are regional and geographic factors to keep in mind like the local climatic conditions, architectural style of your roof and the impact of your roofing material on the environment.

With so many variables on which to compare roofing shingles, where does one begin? Let’s start by listing out the different types of roofing shingles, ordered by price.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Asphalt roofing shingles are the most popular kind, and themselves come in a range of variations at different price points. Asphalt shingles are weather resistant, tough and durable, waterproof and easy to install or maintain. 3 tab asphalt shingles are the basic form which come in color choices but are not textured.

Architectural asphalt shingles are laminated and give a range of depth and color which adds to the variegated appearance of your roof. When you compare roofing shingles with similar appearance, such as slate or shake roofing, you’ll find architectural shingles showing up to their advantage. Because they are almost similar in cost to 3-tab shingles but provide a rich and deeper appearance, many home owners who compare roofing shingles end up choosing laminated architectural shingles over others.

When you start to compare roofing shingles of asphalt, you’ll find there are other nuances as well. Some shingles are reinforced with organic materials and others with fiberglass. The organic reinforced shingles are stronger and better insulating because of the felt covering in their structure. Fiberglass variants have a mat into which granules of ceramic and mineral are embedded which makes them better reflectors of solar radiation. If you’re looking for environmental friendly roofing solutions, then you may prefer ones made from recycled materials. Or if you’re looking to cut down your cooling costs, then asphalt shingles which are reflective of radiation will make for a better option.

Metal Roofing Shingles

Another feature to compare roofing shingles on is the material they are made of. Metal panels and shingles are being increasingly used for residential roofing. These shingles can be modeled to mimic other forms of roofing, while providing your roof with a clean and neat appearance. Metal roofing shingles are among the most durable roof materials with typical lifespans running to 50 years or more. For that reason, metal roofing shingles are also more expensive than other options. So a simple attempt to compare roofing shingles without factoring in the lifetime cost of a roof may point to metal roofs as a disadvantage, while actually the overall expense of installing metal shingles is lesser than even asphalt roofing despite the higher upfront cost.

Synthetic Roofing Shingles

When you compare roofing shingles on price, asphalt shingles are the least expensive and others made of synthetic material are more expensive. There are some advantages, however, that you get for the higher price tag. Synthetic shingles can be manufactured to appear identical to other natural roofing material like slate or wood shake. Synthetic shingles come in various color choices and manufacturers claim that they are suitable for various climates and weather conditions. However, being relatively untested and new to the market, these roofing shingles have not yet proven themselves to be durable or color-fast.

Wood Shingles

When you compare roofing shingles in the premium shingle range, too, you will find multiple options to pick from. Wood shingles are usually considered for high end use, with high budgets to match. They are elegant and beautiful, but also need a lot of maintenance work. Wood shingles can be damaged by rot and insects, and are susceptible to fire damage. What stands out when you compare roofing shingles against each other, however, is the much greater expense of wood shingle roofing. If despite this you are keen on installing wooden shingles, check if the manufacturer you use is Forest Steward Council certified to indicate the wood comes from proper forests.

Slate Shingle Roofing

Slate is among the most durable, elegant and tough roofing materials and slate roofing comes out on top in performance indices whenever you compare roofing shingles. Slate shingles are low maintenance and extremely durable. They withstand extremes of weather and temperature. The one major drawback is the weight of the material which requires structural reinforcement if you plan to re-roof using slate. Slate being natural is easy to recycle, giving it environmental advantages over other kinds of roofing.

So when you set out to compare roofing shingles for a new roof or re-roofing project, your best choice will depend upon multiple factors including price. Hopefully this guide has helped highlight the most important things you must compare in roofing shingles before you make your final decision.


Roofing Shingles For Sale – Learn How To Keep Your Roof Problem Free

Roofing shingles for sale help you buy shingles at a lower cost than normal. These are usually available when the retailers or dealers want to get rid of their extra stock or if the particular shingles are not moving fast enough for them. Whatever be the reason if you get them at a discount you will be saving a lot of money.
It is not enough to buy roofing shingles for sale at low prices. It is also important to maintain them in order to prevent small cracks from widening and major leaks from happening. It is not important what roofing materials you use as long as your roof maintenance is timely and effective.
When and how you conduct roof inspections depend on roofing type you have installed. Some roofs need more care than others. Asphalt is designed for 15-20 years and need proper care, metal roofs are long lasting and don’t need that much maintenance but they are proportionately much more expensive. If you have decided to buy roofing shingles for sale then make sure they are not defective or have potential problems. The problems will not be worth the reduced price.
Check the following points to make sure your roofing shingles are always in pristine condition and last a long time without needing replacement.
1. When buying the roofing shingles for sale makes sure that there is no discoloration as this indicates either long storage or presence of mold and fungus. Black or brown streaks indicate wear and tear during storage. This is usually common in humid areas.
2. After installation check for any signs that any of the shingles are damaged. If the roofing shingles for sale are torn or cracked the roof will leak. It is important to replace them immediately.
3. If any shingles are missing then replace them immediately. A missing shingle will be a weak spot in the roofing and lead to water and snow seeping into the surrounding and underlying backing. This is weakening it. In the long term the shingles around the missing one will all be damaged and the repair costs will be higher.
4. Cut down the low lying branches of trees growing close by. Continuous rubbing of the branches against the roofing shingles for sale can damage them. Also, during heavy rain or storm the branches may break and fall over the roof causing significant damage to it.
5. Green roofing shingles for sale are more prone to problems. So, they need more checks and maintenance than regular shingles.
6. Make visual inspections of your home. Are they any wet patches or signs of dampness near the roof? This can mean water seepage. Growth of algae and moss also indicates dampness seeping through either the wall or roof. If it is through the roof then it may be important to get some roofing shingles on sale for replacing older ones.
7. Keep the roof clean of organic matter at all times. Organic matter and dust collected on roofs will encourage the growth of small plants, bugs and mold. This will damage your roof.
8. Get a roofing maintenance company to inspect your roof once in a few years. Experts will be able to spot problems that you might miss.
When you spot a problem don’t just rush to get roofing shingles for sale and try to mend the cracked or damaged area. It is important to find out the underlying cause for the problem and fix it first. Otherwise you will frequently be making those trips to the store for more shingles.


Roofing Shingles Home Depot – Your One Stop Shop

Roofing shingles Home Depot is your one stop shop if your roof is at risk and needs renovation or replacement. The complete, integrated roofing replacement system at Home Depot is among the most attractive solutions for beleagured home owners. Home Depot offers roofing shingles with their unique quality stamp of being cheap, trustworthy and that come in a wide range of options with regard to texture, style and color.
Not only does Home Depot offer the best roofing shingles, they also guide you to making the best choice. A consultant at Home Depot will patiently educate you on the merits of architectural shingles or highlight their advantages over traditional shingles, and tell you if you are better off installing a roof on your own or hiring a professional to help you out. This is invaluable for do it yourself amateurs who may find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, especially with some kinds of specialty shingles.
There are several distinct advantages and benefits to picking a particular kind of shingle over another. Architectural shingles, for instance, can make any building look more elegant and ornate. They will enhance the appeal and value of your home. Architectural roofing shingles Home Depot offers are not only discounted deeply from regular retail pricing, you can also be assured of getting quality products which come with a warranty against performance. The shingles you buy from Home Depot will be tough, durable and usually enhanced in some ways such as by laminating them with an additional layer to resist mold and mildew.
Roofing shingles Home Depot purchases may include accessories like adhesives to hold the shingles together even under extreme climatic conditions such as heavy downpours or deep snowfalls. Traditional roofing shingles Home Depot offers are another alternative to the pre-packaged bundles for roofing a building. They are even less expensive than architectural shingle roofing packs. Asphalt shingles sell side by side with fiberglass roofing materials at Home Depot. They offer diversity by way of color and style, offering an aesthetic appeal not found with metal or other shingles. Roofing material at Home Depot like lowes and trims also come in matching colors to the shingles so that you can select a style that fits the overall theme and color of your home.
Timberline roofing shingles Home Depot deals are also popular because of the premium perception among roofing contractors. As it comes with a lifetime warranty, this not only attracts new customers but leaves many delighted repeat buyers at Home Depot because the shingles perform to standards. That’s why many home owners turn to this trusted brand whenever they think about repairing their roof or having a new one installed.
So what to do as the first step in re-roofing your building? You may become aware of the need to fix your roof when you notice leaks in the attic or dampness in the walls indicating that there is a leak in the lowes or between your roofing shingles. Home Depot offers a simple guide which will help you evaluate the status of your own roof from time to time.
Before you panic and rush out to buy the first available solution, take the time to look up the topic and find answers. The roofing shingles Home Depot website has a lot of expert content that will guide you to making the right choices. And it is important to first understand the nature of your roof, the reasons for the leak, and the ideal solutions available to fix it permanently before you take the next step of going shopping for roof materials.
And another early step to take is to investigate factors like tree branches that might be pressing on the roof, or replacing torn and broken shingles that leave gaps through which leaks can happen. If all these are addressed, then the next step is to visit the  and find the solution to your problem.


Types Of Roofing Shingles – Best Options Available For Homeowners

A wide choice in different types of roofing shingles are on the market today. Choosing one should be based on our requirements and the financial outlay from our overall budget. The types of shingles include the very popular asphalt, a little upscale architectural roofing shingles and the more costly but naturally available wood and slate. There are several others too which are available at various price points. Each has its own advantages and problems associated with it. Pick a product that offers great performance for your area’s weather and local needs.

Ask any person who owns a home about the qualities they are looking for in their roof. Nine times out of ten people will pick inexpensive, free of maintenance and lasts forever as the most wanted characteristics in their roofing shingles. Don’t we all want that? Things don’t work that way. Every 10 years or so you roofing needs replacement. Your best efforts to maintain it and take care of it might extend the life by another 5 years. But, at the end of that you have to get the roof replaced. But, if you research available choices and pick a roof most suitable for your local area and region chances are that the roofing will last 20 years or or whatever the life guaranteed by the manufacturer. You also, help the environment as you don’t have to send discarded roofing material to landfills ever so often.

Proper choice from the various types of roofing shingles save you money on your energy bills. Some types of shingles like wood and slate are naturally insulating type, they allow the air to move freely through their surface material. This keeps the home cool in summers and warm in winters. There are some non-natural options too in this category. Color of the shingles also plays an important role in controlling the heat intake of the material. Darker shades absorb more heat, light shades reflect light. So, for colder regions darker shades are better and warmer regions should opt for lighter shades.

Better quality shingles cost more. That is the general rule of thumb. In a hyper-competitive market like roofing industry pricing is cut-throat. Every company has products at different price points so, they can attract and keep customers. Lower cost shingles are not long lasting. Bad maintenance and extreme variations in temperature can damage the shingles and reduce its life significantly. Remember that different states have different requirements when its comes roofing codes. Fire ratings, impact resistance, wind resistance are some of the standards most areas demand of their residents. This is for your own safety and the safety of your fellow citizens. Make sure you comply will all the standards in order to be compliant to your state’s laws.

We will discuss a little about the most commonly used roofing material the asphalt shingles. This is one of the several types of roofing shingles available. The reason for its popularity is not far to seek. It is cheap and it is low maintenance. It is made by sandwiching asphalt and ceramic granules with fiberglass. It is extremely light and long lasting if installed right and taken care of properly. These are otherwise known as compositional shingles. Several of the top roofing shingles manufacturers make asphalt shingles in a choice of colors and textures. It is easy to install and can be laid on top of earlier layer of shingles. The problem with this type of shingles is that its ripped off in storms and hurricanes, it is prone to damage if exposed to very high temperatures, also great temperatures differences during day and night plays havoc with the shingles materials. You can walk on the shingles with a little care and it won’t get damaged. It is rated for fire resistance and impact. When laying these shingles ventilation should be taken care to get rid of excess heat.

For a more detailed report on types of roofing shingles click here.


Asphalt Shingles – How Innovative Manufacturers Are Revolutionizing an Age-Old Roofing Solution?

Asphalt shingles have been used as a roofing material for ages. And while considering the need to redesign a building or renovate a home, one of the areas that often crops up as needing attention is the roof. Maybe your roof needs some extensive repairs. Or maybe you just need to replace it completely because everything is in disarray. Whatever your needs, the first goal is to identify a good and reliable roofing contractor who specializes in working on residential buildings. The person you choose should be competent and qualified to handle the job, so that you will be spared the anxiety and stress of managing everything on your own.

While looking for a roofer to handle your roof replacement, ask for an estimate for free. This will give you a fair idea of the kind of expenses involved and also allow you to crunch the numbers, run comparisons against other quotes and even get feedback from friends or family members before taking a plunge.

One of the early decisions you’ll need to make with replacing your roof is the kind of roofing material you will use. You can pick from tile, metal, wood shake and asphalt shingles for your roof. Asphalt shingles are often a popular and good choice. This is because they are versatile, available in a broad range of colors and textures, and are easily available in most parts of the country.

Asphalt shingles are also economical and can fit even a tight budget. Asphalt shingle roofs do not require much maintenance and are durable for a long time. Any roofing contractor can install them easily without much advanced training or special equipment being necessary. This in turn lowers the cost of roofing with asphalt shingles. In the unusual event of your shingles needing replacement a a later date, that can be handled without too much trouble or expense as well.

Things have evolved and advanced greatly in the roofing materials niche. Solar shingles that incorporate advanced photovoltaic technology into roofing shingles are just one of many innovations. And asphalt shingles too have come a long way since their first use. In the early days, asphalt roofing systems needed to be installed in strips. Felt backing was used to hold them in place, and granulated rocks were incorporated within the material of the shingles.

Fiberglass has since replaced them, and their added benefits of being fireproof and safer made this composite shingle more attractive to home owners and contractors alike. Asphalt shingles not only have advantages that home owners appreciate, they also have utilitarian benefits. By using granules of varying colors, asphalt shingles can be designed to match any color building. The granules further enhance longevity and durability of the roofing material. Special compounds mixed into the shingles even prevent the growth of moss and algae. And as mentioned before, baking in photovoltaic elements into the material of the shingles makes it easy to have a roof that generates enough electrical power to pay for itself!

Asphalt shingles come in a vast array of colors, styles and textures. Shingles are available in different sizes so you will not need to cut and trim them a lot. This kind of diversity was unheard of even a decade earlier. But today’s roofing systems in the marketplace are versatile and widely adaptable to many different characteristics of your home. Healthy competition between manufacturers has been responsible for this innovation without a corresponding increase in cost.

Replacing your roof with asphalt shingles or any other alternative will let you enjoy once again that sense of pride and comfort that comes from a safe and secure residence. A new roof is not purely an expense. By increasing the value of the asset that is your house, you are actually boosting the resale value of your building, making your new asphalt shingles roof an investment – one that will pay off richly over time.

Combined with the potential to lower your energy costs, provide an aesthetically appealing building, and do it all at affordable cost in a durable and reliable fashion makes asphalt roofing shingles one of the first choices of many home owners today. By conducting your research carefully, finding a good roofing contractor to help with your installation, and taking advantage of the incredible advances and innovations in the shingle roofing market, you can end up with a roof that is far better and reliable than the one you’ve been forced to replace.


Composite Roof Shingles – 3 Reasons Why Composite Roof Shingles Are So Popular and In Demand

So you’ve heard a lot about composite roof shingles and are trying to decide whether or not to use them. First, let’s take a moment to see what makes them so attractive and appealing to home owners and roofing contractors alike. In a nutshell, composite roof shingles are durable, attractive and relatively less expensive. But to stop there would be leaving many things unsaid that matter to you before you decide to get your composition shingle roof.

What are Composite Roof Shingles?

This special type of roofing shingle is made from an amalgamation of many different roofing materials, like slate, asphalt, wood, shake or laminate. The combination of so many different tested and proven materials is what gives composite roofing shingles the durability and stress tolerance it is widely known for.

In recent times, composite roof shingles makers have improved and enhanced the product even further by using additives that inhibit the growth of algae and moss, prevent degradation, and even avoid chipping, cracking, and peeling of the shingles. Making this option more attractive, composite roof shingles come in various stylish designs, including some that closely match the look and feel of more expensive cedar shake shingles.

Why Should You Prefer Composite Roof Shingles?

The foremost reason for composition shingles to garner the popularity they richly deserve is their durability. Composite roof shingles are guaranteed by most manufacturers for 30 to 50 years, which is far beyond the lifetime of traditional shingles which last between 10 and 15 years.

Specially treated composite shingles are resistant to mold, fungi and algae as well as UV radiation, and this is an extra benefit to home owners. Repair or replacement costs of a shingle roof are lower because of the very low incidence of chipping, breakage or peel and warp.

Composite roof shingles come in a wide range of colors and designs to match almost any home or building. They resist extremes of weather well and rarely fade or change in color over time. Their availability in a wide range of colors, taken along with their resistance to fading or weathering over time, have led to a resurgence in the popularity of this type of roofing material.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal of Composite Shingles

With the focus of many home owners shifting to the appearance and appeal of their homes, it becomes a significant market advantage to have roofing products that are available in a wide range of choice by way of design, style and color. On this front, composite roofing shingles score over the competition.

Because they are available in various colors and designs, including some patterns that are more commonly seen only with the far more expensive cedar shake shingles, these composition roof shingles are being widely used in a range of different constructions.

Composite roofing shingles, for all of these reasons, are in popular demand in the roofing industry. Over a lifetime, they may fade only a shade. They are durable, tough and resistant to weather changes. And the use of various different materials in their manufacture further adds to and enhances these benefits. And while you may imagine the price would reflect such complex structure and style, composite shingles are refreshingly affordable and do not significantly alter the overall budget of roofing construction.


Roof Shingles – Wholesale, Aluminum & Solar Panel

Sometimes choosing roofing shingles colors can become one of the hardest, most acrimonious and frustrating parts about constructing your home or re-roofing the building. Many home owners simply aren’t aware that there’s such a vast range of choice when it comes to roofing shingles colors, or realize how much of an impact the color of your roof can have on the way your building will look when it’s done.

What at first glance appears a casual choice of one’s favorite color quickly becomes stressful when you realize that with a wrong choice, your roof may stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood! That’s one reason why selecting the right color for your roof shingles is so important.

If you are not very discerning about color (or have an element of color blindness), then you won’t even notice minor nuances in color and shade. All roofs may look pretty much identical to you. But actually roofing shingle manufacturers come out with a wide range of asphalt shingle colors. You can find shingles in practically any kind of shade or mixture of colors.

When you observe a shingle closely, you’ll see how there are many grains that make up the asphalt covering, and are multi-colored. When you purchase the shingles earlier on, you can pick a paint and color scheme for your building itself based on the shade of your certainteed shingles and lowes.

Your roof is easily the part of your house that will instantly catch the eye of a visitor. Many are visible from a distance. And since it isn’t easy or cheap to have your roof re-done once it is installed, it behooves you to spend some time and effort on deciding on the right roofing shingle manufacturers and the roofing shingle colors you want to use. Remember, you’ll have to live with the consequences of this decision – so choose wisely!

So what roofing shingles colors should you pick? It depends on how the rest of your house will be painted. The shades should match what the house itself will look like. Think about both the trim and the siding, and decide if the one you’re thinking of for your roof will go well with it. For instance, yellow color walls go nicely with black shingles, and green houses might match with brown or gray roofing.

It usually doesn’t work well if you try to be daring with your selection when re-roofing. What you want to aim for there is to ensure your property matches and harmonizes with other houses in the neighborhood. You don’t want your place to look like the odd man out. See what color themes others in your area have used, and go with roofing shingles colors that are similar.

The certainteed shingles and lowes you’ll use are impacted by how the weather is in your area. Light colors help in hotter climes because they lessen the build up of heat. White or very pale colored shingles and lowes reflect light and reduce heat. In cooler climates, dark colored shingles and tiles will absorb heat and reduce your energy needs for warming the building.

You may sometimes require assistance in selecting the right roofing shingles colors. Be sure to ask for help from a specialist. Don’t worry about how much you may have to pay for this service. Considering how big an expense your house is, this will not be significant. Also, if your neighbors are expert at this from their own experience, then you may be able to ask them for help and guidance.

Hopefully all this will help you in pick the right roofing shingles colors for your building. Good luck with finding the right kind of asphalt shingle colors and lowes for your dream home.

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