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Should you Replace Or Repair Your Roof?

Homeowners saddled with a damaged or leaky roof face a very tricky situation.

Should they go for a simple roof repair or replace it entirely?

It’s not a decision that can be made lightly or on the spur of the moment unless the roof has suffered catastrophic damage in which case there is no option but to replace it.

A few factors that should be noted before going for roof repair or replacement include:

1. Are they any shingles missing, damaged, curled or torn?
2. Is the roof deck sagging when inspected from inside the home?
3. Are they any signs of water damage, dark spots, trails or water leak on the ceiling?
4. Is the sky or sunlight visible through the ceiling when looked at from inside the house?
5. Are the roofing materials like shingles and flashing around chimneys, skylights, dormer windows and other vulnerable spots intact?
6. Do the shingles show signs of excessive damage when inspected from outside? Are the gutters filled with more than usual amount of shiny granules?
7. Are they any visible signs of mold, rot, fungus on your roof or ceiling?

In most cases replacing the damaged shingles or tiles will solve the problem. However if the roof has worn out in a number of places or is extensively damaged a replacement of the entire roof may be recommended. It is better not to jump to conclusions and go for a new roof without expert opinion. Ask experienced roofing contractors and get at least 3 opinions and go with the advice that is most logical advice based on long years of experience.

As a general guide cedar wood roofs will last about 20 years. When it’s time for replacement it will just fall apart in dry climates or get mossy and green in wet climate. Tiles and copper roofs will last 100 years. But, they are delicate and walk over them is not recommended. An occasional tile will break or get damaged and can easily be replaced. Same is the case with slate roofs. Concrete roofs don’t need replacement for the lifetime of the house. Asphalt roofs need replacement after 15 years.

In case your home needs a new roof then it is better to choose a roof that suits your local weather and climate. A light-weight metal roof is recommended for areas with extensive snow fall. The snow melts and falls off such roofs and does not pile and cause a roof collapse. Homes situated near woods, forests or dry brush should opt for durable roofs like slate, tile or metal. Asphalt or wood roofs are a fire hazard as they can easily catch fire. Slate, tile and metal roofs are expensive but last 100 years and are good investment. Slate and tile roofs are elegant, aesthetic and have long life but they are heavy and need strong roofing structure to take care of the extra weight.

Roofing is not an easy DIY project. It takes major effort, expert skill and years of experience to do it right. A roof that has been installed properly will a last its life-time without any trouble if routine maintenance and repairs are done on schedule.


Hurricane Damage To Roofs

Hurricane Sandy is just one of the many that strike the United States every year. While hurricanes are common, the ferocity and strength of this particular storm is unlike any other that have hit this country. It’s storm of epic proportions. It’s likely that despite the best efforts of homeowners and civic authorities, there will lot of damage to homes, particularly roofs.

Here’s a look at what a hurricane can do to a roof…

We will be discussing the various aspects of hurricane damage to roofs, temporary fixes for roofs, assessing the roof damage, claiming insurance, finding reliable roofing companies to fix your roof, repair and renovation post a storm and so on. Hope our blog helps you in some way to overcome the devastating effects of nature. Please stay tuned and stay safe.


Storms, Hurricane or Hail Damage to Roof – Steps to Replacing Old Roof or Repairing Damaged Roof

Natural Calamities And Disasters:

Every year hurricanes, strong winds, rains, storms, tornadoes, dust storms, blizzards and hail buffet our roofs causing untold damage to our property. It’s the nightmare that we all wish to avoid but can’t really do much if you are in path of hurricane, tornado or blizzard.

The wind speeds in a hail storm can be as high as 120 miles per hour, in a hurricane it can reach speeds over 150 miles per hour. Blizzards and tornadoes can be similarly devastating. While some of the damage is obvious, most of isn’t as apparent. If not assessed, you would never know the damaged sustained by your roof and can be unpleasantly surprised several months later. If the damaged roof isn’t fixed soon after the damage is sustained, it can worsen over time causing irreparable damage to various aspects of your roof and can be potentially damaging to the contents of your home.

Roof Inspection:

A complete and thorough inspection of the roof is very important and has to be as soon as possible after the damage is sustained. The first step obviously is to make a call to the company that laid your roof. You can also contact other trusted roofing companies in your area if for some reason your previous roofing contractor isn’t available. The roofing company will assess the damage to your roof. The assessment of roof damage is done on a randomly selected 100 square foot area of the roof. The cross-section of the roof is inspected to check the full extent of damage.

They will inspect the roof, gutters, sidings, chimneys, skylights and other roofing features. Most roofing contractors will do this assessment for free and present a quote with what needs to be done to restore and repair your roof. If your roof has suffered hail impact, then these are counted, circled and numbered. This will give an idea about the damage sustained by your entire roof. The gutters, gutter screens and other roofing aspects are checked for dents, cracks and holes. Once all aspects are inspected it is time to present you will a complete report about the state of your home. Most roofing contractors will explain the damaged sustained by the roof and how to fix it. They will give you the recommendations and give you a quote about the costs involved.

Assessing Roof Damage And Filing For Insurance Claims:

Experienced roofing contractors have spent a life-time assessing roof damage and filing for insurance claims. If they are offering that service take their help in filing your insurance claim. An insurance adjuster will fix up a time with your roofing contractor/yourself and will make joint inspection to ensure that the claims about the damages sustained are all in order. After all the parties have reached an agreement about the extent of the storm damage, cost for roof repair/roof replacement will be estimated and numbers arrived at.

Usually, within a couple of weeks you will receive information about the agreement reached between you and the insurance company and a check towards the first payment for your roof replacement. If you will pay a certain part of the roof replacement cost which is the deductible from the total cost. In most cases you will not receive the entire amount of cost of repairs as age of the roof, its condition before replacement; depreciation will be taken into consideration.

Warranty For Installation:

Your final check will be sent in after the roofing company finishes the work and sends in the work completion report. Before that you will need to finalize your roofing material choice, the color and design choice with your roofing contractor. Get all the permits and clearances required to replace and repair your roof. Make sure that the contractor does not damage your existing landscaping and other elements of your home. Damage to decking has to be fixed before new roof goes on it.

Ensure that the roofing contractor follows all the warranty specification and NCRA prescribed standards for your roof repair or replacement. Make sure that they properly dispose of old roofing materials and other debris accumulated during roof installation. A quality controller from the roofing company will make an inspection of the roof and issue a standard 10 year warranty for their roofing installation. They will also make sure that you are satisfied with the work done. A final check from the insurance company will be sent once the work is completed.


Commercial Roof Repairs – How To Efficiently Manage This Complex Issue

Commercial roof repairs are a tough and challenging task, as the roof covering can sometimes span great areas and dealing with huge numbers is basically the difference between residential and commercial roof repairs. Since there are many types of materials used for commercial roofing system, commercial roof repairs are will always be a big job and an ongoing endeavor every commercial and business establishment owners should be ready and prepare for.

Almost all commercial and industrial roofing are built with flat roofs. This is because these types of roofing system are very sturdy, durable, and have a great structural stability. They are likewise very easy to maintain, offer safe access to rooftop AC units, and excellently cost-effective compared to sloped roofs.

However, even with these good features and qualities of roofing system cannot endure weathering, degradation, and deterioration in the long run, which is why proper commercial roof repairs or industrial roof repairs and maintenance are necessary and essential. Commercial roof leaks, coating deterioration, rust or corrosion, small holes, cracks, to name a few are among the types of commercial roofing problems that requires commercial roof repairs.

However tough and durable commercial or industrial roofing systems are, it is not impervious against the onslaught of the elements, the expansion and contraction, weathering and acidity over time. An example of these commercial establishments is a restaurant with flat roofing, as it is likewise very susceptible to weathering and significant roofing damage, since most of these commercial structures are located mostly out in the open and are always at the mercy of the elements and various weather conditions.

Significant damage and wear-and-tear will occur eventually, and to address this issue appropriately will require the expertise of reliable and professional commercial roofers to do the restaurant roof repairs.

There are many commercial roof repairs options to choose from out on the market, especially for flat roofs such as EPDM coating, TPO commercial roof repairs, metal coatings, gravel foam system, silicone, acrylic, polyurethane and butyl, rubber membrane and shingles roof coatings, asphalt, and more. These commercial roof repairs options are very efficient and effective in providing the appropriate commercial roof repairs and protection for any commercial and industrial roofs. Applying coatings on roofs whether flat or metal roof can enhance the life and performance of commercial roofs, as commercial roof repairs coatings serve as an effective barrier of protection against various weather conditions and the elements.

Regular maintenance and inspection should be done for commercial roofing system in order to improve the roof life span and minimize the need for costly commercial roof repairs. Hiring reliable commercial roofing experts to provide maintenance on the commercial roof can avoid any unnecessary and expensive replacement and commercial roof repairs. These roofing experts will thoroughly inspect and check very possible location of roof damage and wear-and-tear, and will recommend possible solutions and commercial roof repairs.

Only when these professionals have completed their commercial roof repairs will any building owner relax, secure in the knowledge that their roofing problems have been solved.


Metal Roof Repair & Maintenance Tips

Metal roof repair and maintenance is very essential in order to extend and restore the life of roof. Metal roofs are well recognized and renowned for their cost efficiency, durability, sturdiness, fire resistance, structural stability and strength. Although metal roofs are long-lasting and hard-wearing, they are not entirely resistant to wear-and-tear or roof damage cause by the constant onslaught of extreme weather conditions and the elements, deterioration, and lack of proper roof maintenance, which is why an appropriate metal roof repair is very important.

Even if metal roofing with its original factory coating applied is not impervious to wear-and-tear and metal roof coating degradation cause by weathering and time. As in order to preserve and properly maintain the structural stability, durability, and life of the roof, appropriate metal roof repair like utilizing good quality metal roof coating is important.

As after the metal roof restoration or metal roof repair, these metal roofs are recoated with the proper maintenance roof coating material to restore and be able to last much longer, as metal roofing system with proper maintenance and care can able to last for several decades.

Tiny holes in metal roofs and patches of rust or corrosion can allow and lead to water leak. It is essential make metal roof leak repair immediately on these rust patches and small holes in order to preserve the structural integrity, stability, and appearance of the metal roofing system. In addition, metal roofs thermally contracts and expands, as this type of contractions and expansions can lead to the elongation of screw holes.

Metal roof repair and maintenance can address this issue by employing a good metal roof coating system. Usually when new, metal roofs have pre-applied coating and some have already good metal roof paint on them. However, this original coating and even the roof paint can wear out and deteriorate over time that exposes the metal roof to corrosion or rusting.

Employing a good quality roof coating in every metal roof repair and maintenance is always important. As when employed to metal roofing, these coatings can provide great benefits and advantages such as weatherproofing, rust or corrosion resistant, energy saving, structural augmentation, just to name a few.

These coating materials for metal roof repair and maintenance offer an array of choices from color, type of protection, moisture and corrosion intrusion, and so much more all at a price that is mostly affordable. In addition, these metal roof repair coatings provide a long-term, sustainable solution to the final replacement of corroded or deteriorated, leaky metal roofs.

The importance and necessity of roof coating in various metal roof repair and maintenance is unquestionable, as these coatings can extend the life of an existing metal roofing system in nearly any location and environment. Aside from a great metal roof repair and maintenance option, these roof coatings can serve significant energy savings in warmer climates. As in every roof metal repair and maintenance, good roof coating is very crucial and imperative, since they provide the first line of defense against any weather conditions and the elements.


Roof Repair Costs – Simple Tips To Slash Your Expense

Roof repair costs can snowball and expand out of control really fast. Finding out how much will be your roof repair costs is sometimes dreadful and unnerving, especially if you are on a very tight budget, as roof repair costs most of the time are very expensive. However, almost all roof repair contractors only charges you for their labor costs in repairing you roof. This means that if you have the know-how or you can accomplish the roof repair yourself, your roof repair costs will certainly be a lot less.

Having a specific problem with your home roofing does not mean that you immediately call the first roofing contractor that come into mind and have them repair your roofing problems. Only to be disappointed and shock about how much they charge at the end, which is more than you’ve expected. When face in this kind of situation and want to reduce your roof costs repair as much as possible, good estimates for your home roof repair is what you need. As even if you’re roofing problems are urgent, estimates is very important since it will provide you the precise roof repair costs that you may incur with your roofing problem.

When asking for a work or repair estimates from a roofing contractor, make certain that all the work to be done are listed, which includes the materials to be use, the clean-up costs, roof maintenance costs if possible, and more. In addition, ask specific and significant questions that concerns to the work to be done by the contractor. These things are essential and crucial considerations in order to prevent and avoid any inconvenience and problems later.

Roof repair costs can vary significantly depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the needed roof repair, as it is wise and recommended to acquire a roof repair estimates from a reliable roofing contractor in order to find out the exact roof repair costs.

Another way to minimize your expenses for the roof repair costs that you need is by hiring a skilled handyman to do the roof repair job, as these skilled handyman charges much lower than professional roofing contractors. In addition, if your home roof repair is not that extensive and only needs simple and easy repairs, a skilled handyman is much more convenient to hire for the job. As it will surely reduce the expenses in your roof repair costs.

Roof repair costs can significantly be less expensive if you do the work yourself, as you can definitely have great savings on labor alone. However, many people or homeowners are not to keen on doing the work themselves, as this is due to reasons that they are not sure if they can take or handle the roof repair work. For some major roof repairs, hiring professional roofers or skilled handyman are recommended.

As for small and easy roof repairs, you can greatly reduce your roof repair costs by doing the work yourself. Just make certain that you read and understand all instructions provided by the manufacturer for any products or material you procure.


Asphalt Roofing – Problems and Pitfalls Home Owners Must Know About

Asphalt roofing is the most frequently used roofing material in many parts of the country. Asphalt shingles are usually composed of a base of fiberglass in which other granules are embedded, and a coating layer superimposed. The base material is what gives asphalt roofing its strength and durability. The asphalt component helps resist wear and tear due to extremes of weather. Granules in the tiles protect the roof against radiant heat and preserve the shingle colors from fading over time.

Asphalt roofing has a long durability, with typical lifespans being 15 to 20 years. There are many factors that determine how long your asphalt roofing will last, including the thickness of your shingle layer (thicker shingles last longer) and shingle color (lighter shades will reflect more heat). This is the reason many home owners prefer light colored asphalt shingles that are thicker and stronger.

When it comes to longevity of asphalt roofing, there are other factors at play as well.

Roof slope

When you have a steep roof, asphalt shingles are likely to last longer. This is because water and snow do not remain on the roof for long periods, sliding off the roof. There isn’t any pooling which could make the material leak or loosen the shingles. Flat roofing systems, on the other hand, accumulate damp for a longer period, making it more likely that they will get damaged.


Ultraviolet light rays damage roofing shingles. In brighter areas where more UV radiation strikes the roof covering, wear and tear of the asphalt roofing is more likely. The portions of the roof that are relatively protected against the direct rays of the sun are likely to be less damaged.


Roofs that receive excellent air flow and are quicker to dry out are often better maintained over time and last longer. Ventilation permits cooling of the undersurface of your asphalt roofing, which in turn prolongs the longevity. The intelligent use of gable vents, ridge vents and attic vents can help aerate your roof well.

Defective Shingles

Asphalt roofing that utilizes faulty shingles is more prone to early damage. Just because shingles are on sale, don’t compromise on quality. Heat splitting is the most frequent manufacturing defect that affects asphalt shingles.

Extreme Weather

Harsh extremes of heat and cold will cause your asphalt roofing to wear away faster. Cold and damp climates are particularly damaging. Make sure to select the right kind of roofing material to match local weather conditions.

Asphalt Roofing Shingle Problems

While the other problems mentioned above affect all asphalt roofing, there are specific problems related to asphalt shingles including:

Heat cracking – Thin fiberglass layers in the shingle causes it to crack and split easily, or tear off the roof. Changes in climate conditions worsen this effect.

Thinning out – Sometimes asphalt roofing shingles thin out in the middle, becoming somewhat bent out of shape. It happens in older roofs, and makes the shingles very brittle and prone to snapping if someone walks on them.

Loss of granules – The granules embedded within the shingles can fall out over time. This causes exposing the interior of shingles which are then subject to further damage from the elements.

Curling – As your asphalt roofing ages, another sign of wear and tear may be the edges becoming curled. Again, the shingles are very brittle at this stage and need to be replaced promptly.

Fish mouth changes – When shingle tabs separate and move apart, they may open up between layers, giving the impression of an open mouth of a fish. It is more often seen in moist climates and in roofs without adequate venting. This is a problem that goes beyond just shingle faults and needs more comprehensive repairs.

Asphalt roofing is a stable, economical and reliable roof solution. But at the same time, there are some inevitable risks and dangers with using them. Home owners should be aware of these drawbacks and be watchful to institute corrective measures at the earliest sign of faults.

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