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How Much Do Metal Roofs Cost?

Home owners curious about installing metal roofs are also obsessed about this question. They know all about how metal roofs are better, longer lasting and resistant – but worry about the expense being higher than their budget will allow. For sure, metal roofs cost almost thrice as much as conventional asphalt shingle roofs. This price differential is due to the more expensive materials as well as the higher complexity of installing a metal roof, which requires more skill and experience on the part of contractors. Installation of metal roofs is a time consuming and difficult task, which means professionals charge more money to do it.

But despite the higher cost of metal roofs when contrasted against asphalt shingles, they are not much different in cost when you compare them against alternatives like wood shake and tile. Metal roofs are far more durable and sturdy than roofs made of shake or tile, which makes them higher value for money. And there are many other benefits. You’ll save money by way of energy costs because metal roofs are cooler due to heat reflection, and can save up to 20% in heating and cooling costs for the average building.

New metal roofs also enhance the asset value of your building. They are a bit more costly to install, but in the course of time metal roofs will earn you back a multiple of this by way of energy savings and lack of repairs. You won’t need to spend any money on repairs or replacements with well installed metal roofs. They also provide excellent protection against elements, lowering the risk of needing repairs or replacement.

So what makes metal roofs so costly? The initial premium is because the materials used in metal roofs are more expensive. Despite this, metal roofs are an attractive option for home owners. We must compare this in the context of other premium roofing solutions like expensive wood, tile, or cedar shake. Natural slate roofs cost twice as much (or more) than even metal roofing. Copper roofs are the most expensive metal roofing solutions, and even those are cheaper than slate roofing.

When you ignore the most extreme highs and lows for roofing costs, the more common metal roofs are made of galvalume, aluminum and steel, which cost almost as much as cedar shake roofing systems.

To learn more about metal roofs and why they cost so much (yet are worth the price), make sure to read our detailed report here.


Metal Roof Shingles – Expensive But Worth The Price

Metal roof shingles are costly and are considered a premium roofing solution, as they offer style, class, elegance, looks, functionality, durability and energy-efficiency. These high-end roofing providers have found loyal and dependable support because of their superior products that offer lasting solution to roofing needs. These roofs offer more than just protection against the elements. They offer a green solution to those concerned about the environmental impact of frequently replacing their roofs. The roofs are also energy efficient and help keep homes cool due to their high reflectivity.

Kynar 500 is a reflective pigment that is generally coated on most metal roofs. This offers superior reflection properties to the roof. Most of the direct and ambient sunlight are deflected back leaving the room much cooler and pleasanter. The energy costs saved due to the installation of metal roof shingles are substantial and price of the roof is recovered by the savings in energy costs.

Metal shingles were not generally a roof of choice till some years ago. Generally associated with roofing for sheds and barns, they were shunned as they were considered noisy and ugly. As metal roof shingles improved in looks and performance homemakers started taking notice. They are not taking up metal roofing in a big convinced about its long-term value and its trouble free service. There are so many benefits to metal roof shingles that it would be unwise not to adopt them if the budget permits.

AstonWood Steel Shingles

Metal roof shingles are very similar to wood shake shingles. But, in terms of function they are head and shoulders above a galvanized steel roof. They are much better when compared to wood roofs. In appearance too they have a better impact than wood. So, if you are planning on wood shake shingles then Astonwood steel shingles may be better option as they last longer and they do not have any problems associated with wood shake shingles like rot, curl and mold. They also save lot of energy in cooling costs because of their better reflection of sun’s radiation.

The shingles are sold with a 50 year manufacturer warranty which also covers the finish of the product. As the warranty is transferable to any new homeowner of your house it is asset to you home as it increases the resale value. The roof is light-weight and easily installed by trained and skilled roof contractors. They are strong and tough providing good protection for your home against the vagaries of nature.

StoneCrest Tile Shingles

Another roofing option in metal roof shingles is the StoneCrest tile shingles which offers a classic appearance and sophisticated air to your home. These come with 50 years warranty including against wind damage. A special coating prevents dirt from sticking to the roof and the aging process is slowed down.


How To Structure Metal Roof Insulation

Metal roof insulation aids in getting rid of common problems with roofs like condensation and heat loss. Metals conduct heat well, and metal roofs help in heat transfer whenever there is a difference in temperature between inside and outside the roof. In a similar fashion, when there is a sudden cooling, water may condense upon metal panels. Insulation prevents this from happening. There are various options when it comes to metal roof insulation.

Fiberglass As Metal Roof Insulation

Fiberglass batts or glass mineral wool insulation is commonly used for metal roof insulation. The fiberglass batts act as a barrier between the roof and interiors of your building. These batts, when placed side by side on the rafters, don’t form a solid and continuous barrier allowing air to flow freely through the gaps and leading to heat loss.

Insulation batts themselves leak heat, albeit a bit slowly. Batts also require a vapor barrier. Batts cannot be positioned under metal roofing because condensation that results will seep through the metal roof insulation material and damage the roofing material.

Water transmits heat and when it seeps through into the batts, you may need to replace it. That’s why the gap of 15 cm. between the roof and the insulation barrier can help prevent water from condensing.

Still, there will be some heat loss. This option is therefore not ideal for metal roofing systems, because both the major problems with this kind of roof – condensation and heat loss. Such an intricate woven fiberglass metal roof insulation system will be expensive and stretch your budget for construction or repairs.

Barrier Spray for Metal Roof Insulation

Polyurethane spray form is another type of metal roof insulation. When you spray the bottom of the metal roofing material with a layer of polyurethane foam, it prevents problems of very cold interior temperature during winter, and hot summers inside the building.

Polyurethane foam is a spray and not a physical barrier like the batts. It gets into crevices and gaps, forming a total heat seal so that thermal leakage is no longer an issue. It is better for metal roof insulation than batts. How thick the foam you spray in determines the U rating of the roofing insulation. This indicates the thermal value of your roof, with thicker layers providing better insulation.

If you’d like to learn more about metal roof insulation, don’t miss out on this article.


Can Metal Roof Shingles Go Over Regular Roofing?

A question I get asked often is whether metal roof shingles can be installed over regular roofs? Here’s the answer, from an authority blog on the subject:

“Did you know that metal roofing over shingles that are existing can be done? That’s right you can leave your present roofing as it is and add a metal roof over it. This will save you money as you don’t have to remove the earlier roof and cart it away. It can simply stay where it is with a new roof over it.

Installation is simple and easy and relatively fast. Metal roof shingles are good way to save money on your heating and cooling. They can save upto 20 percent on your energy bills. If you are concerned about the environment, buy shingles made from recycled metals. Metals will never lose their properties, so they are 100 percent recyclable.”

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Metal Roof Estimate – How To Profit From Getting Them Right

Knowing the correct method to do a metal roof estimate can give you a comfortable lifestyle as a roof estimator, pulling in a five- or six-figure income annually. But what’s shocking is that some of these so-called professionals are not doing a good job of it. It is important to learn the essentials about doing a metal roof estimate in order to appreciate and evaluate whether other estimates you get from contractors are right. It often helps to run some calculations on your own. The fundamentals of a metal roof estimate are simple and easy to understand. Once you have learned how to assess roof difficulty and computer the area to be roofed in squares, you’ll quickly be able to arrive at a fair estimate.

Why Take The Trouble of Doing a Metal Roof Estimate?

Roof repair and replacement is expensive and budgets typically run to a few thousand dollars. Making mistakes in the estimate can cause serious overspends. Just making a wrong estimate by a few squares can leave a dent in your pocketbook from your roofing budget. That’s one of the major reasons you are better off seeking professional help.

But that’s where things become disappointing. When the supposedly expert pros are really unskilled folks who simply go through the motions, the consequences are unpleasant and costly for the helpless home owner. If you do not grasp the essential facts of a metal roof estimate, then you are letting yourself be led by unscrupulous manipulators who will cost you dearly. Talk to any experienced roof estimator who does metal roof estimate work as a job and you’ll no doubt hear some horror stories. Some instances of rival estimators making an incorrect assessment about basics like area to be roofed has ended up costing the home owner a few extra thousand dollars – because the roof estimate didn’t count squares correctly.

In Metal Roof Estimates, Mistakes Cost Money

Where the estimate of roofing costs depends so intimately upon the area that needs to be covered, a mistake in computing this area is almost criminal. And costly, often very costly, to the home owner. In some cases, the overrun may be several thousand dollars. With metal roof estimates, this risk is higher because the upfront expense of installing a metal roof is higher than that of other types of roofing. As compared with asphalt shingle roofing an error in metal roof estimate can lead to up to spending thrice as much on your project.

But even that isn’t as important as the basic premise of needing accuracy in measuring roof area. No matter what kind of roof type you install, precise measurements are compulsory. Professional who know how costly this can be should be doubly cautious. Being off in your metal roof estimate by a mere 5 squares can lead to the home owner paying $5,000 more for a new metal roof. Uninformed home owners can be led astray. That’s why every owner should learn the basics of doing a metal roof estimate – and needs to read this article.


Metal Roof Insulation – Making Energy Efficient Homes

Metal roofs are prone to condensation and thermal loss and so metal roof insulation is a must to prevent too much energy loss from the roofs. Metals are great conductors of heat and when the temperature gradient between the outside environment and the home interiors is high the transfer of heat takes place.

Similarly, if the temperature drops suddenly the metal cools down fast and the water vapor that comes in contact with the cool metal condenses. When insulation is added to the metal roof it controls or overcomes this problem and helps keep the home insulated.

Fiberglass Batts & Metal Roof Insulation

Fiberglass batts were the most commonly used insulation till a few years ago. The metal roof and the interiors are separated by a layer of fiberglass insulation.

These batts which come in rolls are placed side by side under the metal roof. This does not form a continuous layer and the gaps between the batts allow for the air to escape between them causing the heat transfer to take place.

The batts themselves are not airtight and allow a small amount of air flow through which is again another source of thermal loss from the building. The batts need a vapor barrier in order to effective.

Batts need to be placed around 150 mm below the metal sheets. This prevents the condensation formed under the metal roof from entering the fiberglass batts and ruining them. Water is good conductor of heat and if it gets into the batts then you can forget about any insulation function that the batts perform.

The gap between the batts and the roof allows the airflow which prevents condensation. The batts are not the best solution for metal roof insulation as they are not able to address either the problem of condensation or thermal loss completely. Also, their very nature adds to the cost of roofing construction.

Polyurethane Spray Foam For Metal Roof Insulation

A more effective solution to the problem of thermal loss and condensation in metal roofs are addressed by spraying a thick layer of polyurethane spray under the metal roofing. This solves both the problems of water condensation and thermal loss from the roof in one stroke and keeps the building warm in winters cool in summer.

There are no gaps or crevices through which heat/cold escapes from the building. The foam can be sprayed into all the nooks and crevices and completely seal off all gaps. It is directly applied to the roofing metal.

Even a minimum layer of about an inch will eliminate the problem of condensation from occurring. It is simple to apply the foam to either the underside or on the upper side the metal roof. A suitably thick layer does not get damaged even if there is foot traffic over it.

Applying the spray foam can be done on new roofing or older roofs. The thickness of the foam applied will determine the U value of it. For the same amount of thickness polyurethane spray foam offers better insulation capacity than fiberglass batts.

For more about metal roof insulation, check out this free report.


Standing Seam Metal Roof Shingles Colors

Are standing seam metal roof shingles always in the same drab and dull colors?

Frankly, I’m not surprised at the question – because the impression one gets is that metal roofing must be, well, metallic. But the reality is refreshingly vibrant.

The standing seam metal roof is a commonly used roofing system for residential homes, commercial establishments and in industrial units. The name of roofing originates in the seam that forms when the sheet metal panels are laid side by side. The panels are then joined together at the seam by different methods.

Methods of Fastening In Standing Seam Metal Roof

Some use concealed fasterners, others use metal clamps that go over the seam, snap on systems, lock and seam systems and so on.

Field Locking System

When laying the metal panels, a special locking tool is used to join the panels by forming a seam in the field. This is a commonly used fastening method in metal roofs.

Snap Lock

In the snap lock system, when the adjoining metal panels are placed side by side, one panel snaps onto the next locking it into place over the fasterners and clips. This way the fastenings and clips are hidden from view.

Postive Locking Seam

With the positive locking system of the panels there are no extra caps, strips or clips to install. One panel is hooked on to the next and joined by metal fastners that go throught pre-punched holes. The panels go over the fasteners concealing them.

Continuous Standing Seam

The lock and seam are integral part of the panels and no extra caps are needed. The standing seam metal roof panels can be prefabricated and shipped or bent on site or at sheet metal fabrication shops.

Pitch Requirement For Metal Roofs With Continuous Standing Seam

The standing seam metal roofs are usually used for sloping roofs where a pitch is evident. Metal roofs can be installed even for small pitch difference. These metals roofs have been installed for a pitch of 2:12. So, it is not at all tough to have metal roofs for even small sloping roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roof – Metals Used

Curious about the metals used for roofing? Copper, Zinc, Galvanized steel, Galvalume, Aluminum are usual metals used in roofing. Copper metal roofs last several decades for upto 150 years. In the first few decades after they are laid the metal roof goes from bright copper color to dull copper green to full green green.

It acquires a patina due to exposure to the elements. This lovely green color gives the home a nice aged look and is unique to copper. Standing seam metal roof lasts for a long time. The sloping roofs shed ice and snow fast. This keeps the roof light and well ventilated.

There is not much problem of snow or ice buildup frequently seen with other types of roofs. Standing seam metal roofs are both modern and versatile offering homeowners a fabulous choice in roofs when building stylish homes.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors Choice:

The standing seam metal roofs are available in range of colors. Each company selling the roofs has its own color palette to choose from. Apart from guarantees for the roof panels and water tightness of the roof, most companies also offer standard guarantees for the roofing colors too.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost:

Standing seam metal roof prices may seem initially high say, when compared to asphalt roofing shingles. But, the life span of the asphalt shingles is 15-30 years. At the end of this period they need replacement. On the other hand metal roofs last typically for 50 years or more. Copper roofs can last upto 150 years. So, even if the initial costs are high as a standing seam metal roof last longer they save you money in the long term.

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