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Metal Roofing – What Makes It So Desirable?

Metal roofing has become very popular in recent times. There are good reasons for this, which we will explore in this article. But still many home owners don’t understand enough about metal roofing price, metal shingles and metal roofing installation to be able to make reasoned choices. Metal roofing is advantageous over many other conventional forms of roofing, especially by way of being durable, with extended longevity. It is also more economical to install metal roofing, and the protective effect on your building is good.

Metal roofing price has always been a bugbear for both contractors and home owners alike. While it is true that the initial installation of metal roofing may cost more, it will end up cheaper than asphalt shingles roofing over the long term. Also, the light weight and ease of installation are reasons why metal shingles and standing seam metal roofing are gaining popularity lately.

Typically metal roofing will be more durable and last longer than other forms of roofing. Twenty years is a reasonable estimate for how long you can go without needing expensive repairs or even a complete overhaul. Not only does this save you money, but the presence of a metal roof may boost the value of your property as well. What’s more, metal roofing may even lower homeowner’s insurance premiums – a point that’s well highlighted in the brochures of metal roofing manufacturers.

When it comes to design and style, metal roofing and shingles are versatile. Metal roofing colors match the exterior of your building and will match any style or architecture. Corrugated metal roofing is especially sturdy and can withstand heat and cold alike. Little or no maintenance is required, with the metal roofing being resistant to fungus, mildew or insects. Also, it hardly ever degenerates the way asphalt shingle roofing will, and so you won’t need any repairs done for quite a long time.

There are some bizarre myths and untruths surrounding metal roofing which had led to their delayed adoption for many years. One of them is that the metal attracts lightning. Reality is that metal roofs are no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other kind of roofing. Also, as metal will conduct electricity, and is non-flammable, even in the event of a lightning strike, most of the energy will be conducted through it to the earth, making metal roofing safer in the case of lightning or fire.

One more fear is that exposure to water, snow and moisture will lead to rusting. Most metal roofing manufacturers take care to coat the metal shingles in a way that they don’t rust. This is how metal roofs can stand up to harsh weather and elements for many long years.

In many ways, metal roofing is a fantastic investment in your home. When measured over the lifetime of your building, metal roofing may well turn out far more economical than any other alternative, not to mention the aesthetics and energy efficiency will save you a small fortune in the same period.


Metal Roofing Manufacturers – How To Find The Best & Get Great Deals?

Metal roofing manufacturers are plentiful – but good ones aren’t quite as common. Roofing is that part of each house which actually completes the structure. It is hence, and also for other reasons, considered as an indispensably important part in getting a house to stand up.

It takes care of the security of the residents and their belongings and possessions. A house refers to shelter and without a roof it does not make much sense. Embellishing the house as per requirements after the necessary part is done is extra though.

The house has to endure months of rough weather and harsh environmental conditions to sustain through time and still stay strong, protecting the residents in it. It is primarily required to have a strong roofing for ensuring that durability and safety. And when people talk about safety and durability, metals cannot escape being mentioned about. Metal roofing manufacturers are contacted the most to install the best of metal roofing in the best possible ways.

Roofing can be possible in many ways but metal roofing manufacturers are expected to have the best of knowledge about how to get it done the best. There are ample variations in the ways things can be done to make a metal roofing successful. Choosing out of them is the greatest job which requires the maximum efficiency.

Metal shingles are another sort of high-quality roofing material. There are many kinds of these available in the market however; the ones of fiberglass are mainly used and chosen over by Metal roofing manufacturers. The traditional asphalt ones are chosen for their great looking characteristic and superb durability. They are awesome radiators and also add up to make the house look great with that extra glossy effect.

Metal roofing manufacturers would be suggesting too many things for the best outcome of the same, for the customer. Metal roofing colors might be quite a many of them to choose from. Choosing the color depends on how it would look on the house surface, how much would it radiate enough to keep the house cooler, and also how it would complement the colors used indoors.

Metal roofing manufacturers also take care of one more thing and that invariably is the most important thing, which is the money involved. Metal roofing prices are generally customizable for different categories of people. People looking out for cheap metal roofing prices need to specify that matter to their respectively concerned Metal roofing manufacturers.

There are different categorizations for the paints used, the materials used, and everything actually. Choosing the ranges required for each can maintain the rough estimated budget for the same. All things taken into account can make a successful installation. Metal roofing manufacturers are the best to suggest which combination to take for which roofing.

It is the job of the Metal roofing manufacturers to make sure the enhanced durability is maintained and the increased value of the house and its longer warranties are enjoyed to the fullest. Low maintenance is always demanded for and at the same time the roofing should serve its purpose well.

The elements used to make the roofing should also be user friendly as in environment friendly and should not include harmful chemicals etc. the Metal roofing manufacturers need to take care of that too. A Metal roofing manufacturer basically would be responsible for choosing the right elements to fix and set up the most important part of a house. Last but not least, Lowes website will assist you in getting better quotes for all metal roofing manufacturers’ need.


Metal Roofing Systems – FAQ On Metal Roofs

When it comes to metal roofing systems have lots of queries. Traditionally metal roofs have been used in commercial establishments and businesses. Most homes used metal to mainly cover sheds and barns. Over the last few decades with the development of beautiful roofing options in metal, many homeowners have been exploring options to buy metal roofing for their homes. Metals are long-lasting, maintenance free and are easy to install. So, the interest is natural. Here are answers by experts to questions posed by interested homeowners.

1. Will metal roofing systems be stuck by lightning in a thunder storm?

Metal is a good conductor of electricity. But, that does not mean it attracts lightning during a storm. In a thunder storm the lightning will strike the tallest structure in the area regardless of the material it is made of. The metal roofing system does not by itself have any additional risk when lightning strikes. So, you can opt for metal roofs with no fear about this aspect.

2. When it rains, will it be very noisy if we have metal roofs?

No, metal roofing systems are now designed to with deep folds and other design elements to prevent the loud pinging sound that is heard when rain hits flat metal sheets. Also, the layer of felt, underlying materials, the attic airspace and air vents for ventilation also play an important role in dissipating the noise. So, inside your home you will hear just about the same amount of sound as in any other type of roofing. If you feel that metal roofs might make more noise, you can always add a layer of foam inserts behind the metal shingles to cut out the sound.

3. What about hail and wind?

These roofs are designed to withstand all kinds of assaults from nature. Wind resistance and impact resistance are important aspects that have been successfully dealt with by the makers of metal roofing systems. They have added extra strength and protection against all kinds of natural disasters. The finish of the roofing is also covered under warranties. So, if your metal roof finish gets damaged just get the company to replace the damaged shingles. Actually, because of the higher impact resistance rating of many metal roofs, you will need to pay lesser for your homeowner’s insurance policy. Unlike other type of roofing systems, metal does not get damaged as the years go by.

4. Does fire cause problems with metal roofs?

A metal roofing system is safe in case of fire as it non-combustible. Even if there is a fire inside the home the roof being extremely lightweight does not cave in. Metals have high fire resistance standards.

5. Does metal roof support walking?

Yes, metal roofs are strong enough to support people walking to repair or replace shingles and for cleaning gutters and drain pipes. It is also safe to walk on metal roofing systems several years after they have been laid. However, you need to follow instructions laid out in the manual about how to walk safely on metal roofs without damaging them. If you fear that there will heavy foot traffic on the metal roof in certain areas then you can opt to lay some foam inserts to protect the metal shingles from damage.

6. Are metal roofing systems more expensive compared to other roofing materials?

Yes, metal roofing systems are lot more expensive than say, asphalt shingles. But, they have a longer life of 30 years or more. This makes them a very attractive as a long term investment. If you are planning on living in the same home for long period of time, then this roof is surely the best option to go for.

7. How long do metal roofs last?

Metal roofs can last a long time. Copper shingles are known to last for even 100 years. But, most homeowners are looking for around 30 years or more and metal roofing systems will last a long time beyond that.

8. Are metal roofing systems environmentally-friendly?

Also, metal roofs are environmentally better as they are 100 percent recyclable. Another advantage is there is no dangerous roofing materials like asphalt to be sent to the landfills. As it has long life it is environmentally sustainable. Also, as the roof can be installed over existing roof there is no need to dispose of the older roofing materials. Other roofing materials like asphalt are using up precious natural resources in their manufacture and as their life-span is short they have to be frequently replaced and the old materials sent to landfills polluting the earth.

Which metal roofing system is best for my needs?

Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of choices. The recent technologies make shingles look like wood and other classic tile patterns. They are available in shingles form or in panels. The standing seam metal roofs are another option. The choice of metals is also varied. Cooper, Aluminum, Zinc, steel and other alloys are some of metal widely used in roofing. Depending on where you live and the local weather conditions suitable metal roofs have to be decided on.


Metal Roof Types – The Different Types Of Metal Roofs

When choosing a metal roof for their homes it is natural to be curious about the metal roof types that are available. Metal roofs are mainly of two types. One is the concealed fasterner look and the other is the exposed fasterner type. Depending on the desired look and feel you want, your roofing contractor will help you choose between exposed and concealed fasterners roofing. The concealed fasterners are more widely used in residential buildings than the exposed ones.

Apart from these two basic types there are other differences in standing seam metal roof like how the two panels are joined together. There are several different ways metal sheet panels are joined together. The fastenings and clips are the concealed by adjoining panels. The cost is variable for the different metal roof types. Usually, the exposed fasteners metal roofing is less expensive than the concealed fasterner type.

The metal used for different metal roof types include steel, copper, zinc, aluminum are basic metal used. In addition galvanized steel is steel coated with zinc, galvalume is steel coated aluminum alloy. Both these coating protect the steel from corrosion and also give it added strength. There are different grades of available in galvalume and galvanized steel. Depending on the thickness of the coating applied the grades vary. For roofing G-60 for galvanized steel and AZ55 is the recommended minimum grade if they are to be painted. Else, higher grades with thicker alloy coatings are recommended depending on the area where you live. Highly corrosive environments, humid weather, damp regions will needed higher grades with thicker alloy coatings.

A Brief History Of Metal Roof Types

Metal roofing has a long history and has been around for hundreds of years. Ancient buildings had beautiful metal roofs that served many puposes. Being light weight and strong they were useful in earthquake prone areas and could also withstand strong tropical storms. These metal roof types were not only aesthetically appealing but also resistant to fire, hail and ice. They are also extremely durable lasting much longer than other roofing shingles and clay tiles. The water run off from metal roofs could be stored in containers for later use. There a wide variety of metallic roof styles, colors, designs and patterns to choose from. The many benefits of metal roofs have always made them a popular choice in roofing. In older barns you would have seen corrugated metal roofing.

Metal roof types are energy efficient. They save you money on heating and cooling costs and also because it is longer-lasting and attractive looking roofing, it raises the resale value of your home. Metal roofs require very little maintenance and also need less insurance because they are fire resistant. Metals are also versatile lending themselves to a variety of styles and colors. The choice of colors in metal roofs is vast. As metal roof types have many benefits like durability, attractiveness, resistance to fire, hail, snow and ice, does not bend, warp or curl it has become a preferred choice in roofs for residential homes, business houses and industrial units. The above reasons explain why metals are considered an attractive option for metal roofs.


Metal Roofing Over Shingles – Why Is This a Good Choice?

Metal roofing over shingles, as the name suggests, is a type of roof structure made of metal for house and commercial buildings that goes on top of the existing shingles roof which may have been damaged. Many of us now a day choose metal roofing over shingles as there are a good many advantages to it.

There are roof patterns of asphalt, rubber, timber, slate etc. but preference is given to metal roofing over shingles. Metal roofing residential are getting common with time.

Many of us might be wondering why to choose metal roofing over shingles. Well, asphalt which are mainly of two types organic and fiber glass were very popular. They have got stones glued to them which with time wear off or starts getting depleted. Thus, this is one of the reasons to choose metal roofing over shingles.

Shingles of timber do give a defined and aristocratic look but it is hard to maintain. The timber polish wear off with change of weather, rainy seasons are a hindrance as water slowly decays wood. It is another reason to opt for metal roofing over shingles.

Rubber shingles are easy to install shingles but they too are hard to maintain and have every possibility to get leaked. Because of maintenance too people choose metal roofing over shingles as metals are not a big factor to maintain. Thus, among many roofing options metal roofing is found to be popular.

Metal roofs are made of metals like aluminum, steel which are easy to get and molded to the required shape and design. It is also a reason for growing demands of metal roofing over shingles. Metal roofing colors too are available with wide range of variety. Metal roofing costs vary from state to state and place to place.

Though the cost is high but it is always better to spend more just once and enjoy the effect for a life time. Thus, it can be anticipated as to why metal roofing over shingles are preferred. Metal roofing over shingles are now even opted by government buildings, offices, and commercial houses. Its growing popularity is vivid. Metal roofing over shingles have found popularity mostly in United States and are spreading with pace in the other parts of the world too.

Though is of high price yet its hassle free maintenance and durability is of high demand which is gradually making people to go for metal roofing over shingles.

Now, the question arises of how to install metal roofing. Well, in that case a few tips are easily available. One of the foremost things to be kept in mind is that to ensure the ventilating options of the building or house in reference.

Before installing metal roof a house needs to have well ventilated options as metals do not have gaps for passage of air through it. Guides to install metal roofing over shingles of asphalt, slate etc. are easily got in nets and in booklets with the retailers dealing in the types of shingles. The instructions are easy to follow and anyone can try and install it.


Metal Roofing Materials – An Ideal Choice For Many Homes

Everyone is talking about metal roofing materials. Engineers and building contractors favor metal roofing materials, as they are eco friendly. Thus, its popularity is increasing and more and more people opt for metal roofing over shingles.

Metal roofing materials are used for all sorts of constructions. Its benefits are obvious from its growing popularity. Several kinds of metal roofing materials are on hand. One can able to select form wide range of metal roofing materials from simple corrugated metal roof depending on the durability, resistance standards and metal roofing cost. Every person can able to select the best roofing material that suits his need easily from its wide range of products.

Benefits of metal roofing materials are many. They are strong against wind. Metal roofing materials can even withstand strong winds. They are more durable and ever lasting. Metal roofing materials can have life of more than 50 years. They can relax and contract according to the weather condition and so it can be used in places of extreme weather conditions. It can withstand strong winds, storm, heat and even hurricane. Thus, engineers prefer metal roofing materials more.

Lightweight is an added advantage of metal roofing materials. It doesn’t require or require minimum structural support. Its light weight helps to install them easily. Metal roofing materials come in sheets and so it can be installed easily and quickly.

Energy efficiency is another great advantage of metal roofing materials. In the contrary to the solar radiation absorption by asphalt roof, metal roofing materials reflect sunrays. Moreover, it cools down easily and makes the building under its roof also cool down quickly. Thus, owing to this reflecting nature, metal roofing materials are more energy efficient and thus by installing such metal roofing materials, one can save cooling costs of the building during summer effectively. Thus, it helps to save bucks too.

Metal roofing materials are eco friendly, can be recycled, and can be reused again. They are fire resistant and non combustible. Many people have misconception that metal roofing materials are not useful in lightning prone areas. But, it is not affected by lightning as well.

Metal roofing materials can be installed quickly and easily. Because if its lightweight, transportation is easy and thus it helps to save money too. It requires minimum maintenance and has more life. Metal roofing materials are of several kinds and one can choose in accordance to his requirement.

Metal roofing materials are gaining more importance now because of its numerous benefits. Its environment friendly nature and cooling effects make the green enthusiasts to turn to this. Owing to it’s flexibility, durability makes it as a favorite choice among other popular roofing materials.

High quality roofing like galvalume roofing sheets is very important. One can trust Lowe’s for such quality metal roofing materials. Yellow pages give more details on metal roofing manufacturers.

Even though it is little bit expensive, its maintenance free, long life term and easy installation provide it as a great choice. It is resistant to fire, storm, earthquake and even hurricanes. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. In brief, metal roofing materials are the need of the hour and every one should make use of this eco friendly roofing material in order to save our planet.


Aluminum Roof Shingles – Permanent Roofing Solutions

Roofing today is a complex subject, not least because of the wide range of material and styles available to roof new buildings. You have choice when it comes to material and color, design and durability. One of the most durable kinds of roofing are aluminum roof shingles.

Aluminum shingles can be the perfect choice for your home or office building, and even other constructions such as a building you are erecting for heritage purposes. What makes aluminum roof shingles attractive is that they are lighter than steel while coming with some unique advantages.

Aluminum is rust proof, while being stronger than asphalt or other laminated shingles. Aluminum shingles are exceptionally strong and tough, and last for a very long time. That’s the reason many vendors can afford to give you lifetime durability guarantees, and will tout the superior performance of these roofing materials over the long term.

But if this alone does not convince you, here are some more amazing reasons to use aluminum roof shingles. Durability is one of the major benefits of these shingles. You do not hear of aluminum shinges burning or drying out. They do not crack or rot or rust. Mold is rare to find on aluminum roofs, and there is little chance of insect damage. Indeed, an aluminum roof will very likely outlast the building it is placed upon.

Aluminum roof shingles have a longer life. Asphalt itself is durable, with roofs typically lasting 25 years. Designer asphalt shingles, though, are even better. They have a manufacturer rating of 10 and are considered a lifetime roofing solution for all kinds of buildings.

These shingles also look attractive. They are manufactured in different types of material, sizes and designs, and sometimes the products are made to resemble the external view of an asphalt roof, or a wooden roof made of cedar. They lend a look of elegance, class and style to any building. Combined with their superior performance as a roofing material, there is little wonder why aluminum shingles are so popular among contractors and home owners.

Aluminum roof shingles and sheets can be recycled, giving this kind of roof a high environmental rating. With the trend towards green energy and conservation, this huge plus point makes aluminum roofing a highly attractive option to home owners. Best of all, all these advantages come at a very affordable price. It is true that aluminum shingles are more expensive than, say, Red Cedar shakes. But when you factor in the longevity of a roof constructed from aluminum shingles and consider that you will rarely need to repair or replace it during the lifetime of the building, you’ll see that the real price is low.

In other words, aluminum shingles are one of the best systems for roofing a new building today. If you’re looking to spare yourself the recurring cost of repairing a broken roof, and want a trouble-free way to design your roof at affordable expense, then using aluminum roof shingles may be the best decision you make in your home construction.

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