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Garden Tiller: The Most Useful Garden Tool For Cultivating

One of the most commonly used tools in gardening is the garden tiller or cultivator. There are different types of garden tillers, and it is hard to choose which one is better.

In choosing the correct size tiller you should decide based on the area you are planning to till in your garden. Therefore, if you have a large area, of course you want a maximum tilling width and depth which will enable you to finish the job more quickly – in this case you should prefer large tillers. However, if your area has a small size then, go for the small ones.

What are the features of small garden cultivator?

o It is powered by gas which usually has two horsepower engine.
o It has a changeable cultivator depth which is about 5 inches.
o It has a changeable tine width which is about t to 9 inches. This will be applicable for tight spots.
o It has a folding handles. This is great especially for easy storing of the equipment.

What are the advantages of these excellent garden tools?


o They are usually light weighted which make them easier to handle.
o They have changeable tine depth and width which allow simple maneuvering.
o A garden tiller is an ideal tool used for pre-planting soil preparation. It is also used in other tasks all through the garden season like cultivating among garden rows.

Types of Tillers:

There are three major types such as front tine, mini-cultivators and rear tine. You may wonder about tine? A tine is a projecting metal blade which performs the real digging. Both of the rear and front tine tillers have a depth tine that adjusts the earth’s level that you plan to work.

o Front Tine Garden Tillers

This has forward turning tines which are situated in the front side of the device underneath the motor. The wheels which are rear-mounted make it simpler to push the device from one area to the other. However, in the true tilling procedure, the tines should pull the device forward. Hard soil or untilled grounds are harder to till using a front tine garden tiller. This is because the tines are likely to bounce over the soil, rather than go through.

o Mini-cultivators Tillers

This is the small version of the front tine garden tillers. It is usually light-weighted and portable. This type of garden tillers is best applicable for tilling the smaller spaces of the ground.

o Rear Tine Tillers

This garden tillers have tines placed at the rear part of the device. The motor controls the wheels in the front pulling the tiller forward. The tines of the rear tine garden tillers can be:

  • 1. Standard Rotating Tines – also known as the SRT or the forward rotating. The tines rotate in similar direction like the wheels.
  • 2. Counter Rotating Tines – also called as CRT, which rotates on the way to the back. Tines rotate in counter direction which allows the pulling of the wheels forward. In this way, it would be easier to till tough soil. This tiller is best applicable for tilling new grounds.

Some of the garden tiller types are available in a changeable tine direction like for instance from SRT change to CRT. This provides the finest of both tasks. One secret a gardener should know is to be always informed. Know the tools and equipment used for gardening. Also, know the latest information about how to keep a garden beautiful and appealing.
There are other advantages of going for solar energy: It can be stored in battery backup systems to provide lighting during power outages. They never need fuel. Many people would rate reducing the carbon footprint as an important advantage as well.

So, from the above discussion it is quite clear that solar energy is the way to go to save our planet from an uncertain and polluted future. Let’s make an effort to change over to a clean, green alternative. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Many people are doing this for $200 dollars or less by building the solar panels themselves. You can do it. It’s simple and easy and hardly takes 6 hours to complete enough panels to generate enough power for solar lighting system for your home.

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Outdoor Water Features : Garden Fountains

Outdoor water features make your front yard or backyard enticing and inviting. The water brings down the temperature of the surroundings and makes the spot an ideal area for friends and family to hang-out. There are several different water features you can create in your home depending on availability of space and your budget. Ponds, waterfalls, small streams, birdbaths and fountains are a few options to choose from as far as water features are concerned. Garden fountains can transform your backyard into serene and soothing setting for get together parties.

Why integrate art into your home garden?

The garden must be endowed with a refreshing atmosphere. More so, the garden should be a place that will enchant you! The art that you put into your garden is the mirror of your personality, fashion, taste, and lifestyle. As you take a glimpse of your garden, you will see your own reflection. Outdoor water features will make a refreshing addition to any garden as make all your senses come alive with the sounds, sights and freshness that they add to the environment.

What are the three basic types of art?

The Formal Art

Formal art follows suit the classical tradition. In a garden crafted in formal art, the conventional figures of stone angels, mythological figures, birdbaths, carved fountains, garden accessories like sundials and obelisks as part of the landscape style, and other ornaments related to classical architectural designs are commonly found.

The Semi Formal Art

The semi-formal art in a garden is much lax and refreshing. The theme employed here is more decorative and evocative. The familiar ornaments used are wholesome sculptures of children or animals made in bronze or resin, metal sculpture of insects or flowers, painted pots, wind chimes, ornately decorated birdhouses, and stepping stones made of stained glass.

The Informal Art

The informal art makes use of a wild imagination. In this kind of garden, things may be in various forms. The person is able to freely express whatever ideals he or she has. Items such as rubber boots printed with flowers or butterflies, old window frame, charming china plates, and other antique stuff can be added.

What can the garden fountain do to your backyard?

Having a garden fountain right in your backyard brings nature closer to you. Your home backyard is a sanctuary from where you can derive tranquility. After such a tiring day, all you wish to do is stretch your legs, sit back, and relax while reading a good book or newspaper, sip your favorite drink, or simply just close your eyes and feel the breeze in the garden. The tinkling of the water that comes from the garden fountain can add up to the relaxing atmosphere you will be privileged to enjoy.

Garden fountains have without one of the best outdoor water features and also the simplest to install and maintain. Home decorators have in fact attested to the need to put some desirable garden fountains both indoors and outdoors. Tracing back the development of many cultures all over the world, the garden fountains have remarkably contributed to the beautification of the homes. Both the local stores and the chain of internet websites can prove to everyone that garden fountains are always among the most sought-after items by a lot of people.

The garden fountains sold in the market come in many different forms and types that are sure to suit the garden art design and themes integrated in every backyard. Where you put your garden fountain matters. It is one thing that will automatically catch the attention of anybody. The area wherein you put the garden fountain should be a focal point that will enhance the overall appeal of your backyard. For that matter location matters for any of the outdoor water features that you might plan to put in your garden.

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Solar Lighting System For Homes – Understanding solar energy To Harness It’s Unlimited Power To Run Our Homes

Solar power systems take the sun’s energy and change it over into electrical power. And once that solar power system is hooked up to your home, the energy it provides will power most of your needs. Solar lighting system for your home translates to savings in your energy bills. You could build your own solar panel today, and make your home a green energy home.

Burning Fossil fuels produces harmful by-products and generates harmful gases that pollute the Earth and leads to global warming same is the case with nuclear fuels which generate dangerous byproducts that are hard to dispose off. Water is a limited resource and energy that can be tapped is also limited. Moreover huge dams cause their own problems by displacing people and destroying large amounts of fertile land. With our indiscriminate use of conventional fuels we are slowly but surely destroying our Earth’s eco-system and many species have vanished into oblivion because of our thoughtless acts. More and more are joining the list. Tough action is needed and needed now.

These doomsday scenarios are not some work of science fiction. It is what is slated to happen if the we continue to burn fossil fuels and the resultant pollutions continues unchecked.

Mainly due to the fact technology to tap the sun was not advanced enough to commercially exploit and also due to the high cost of tapping solar power there was this misconception that sun’s energy is exotic and its practical use is a business model of the remote future. It is not so. Sun’s energy is a serious alternative to traditional energy even at this present moment.

Using this energy source is our best option to cut our dependence on fossil fuels. Experts believe that solar power will be the main renewable energy source in the future, if not for anything else then because of gigantic energy potential that our Sun has. Solar power is an outstanding green energy source because it is replenish-able, and it does not lead to any damage to the environment. Solar energy can be used in different ways – passive, active, and by harnessing solar power by using photovoltaic or PV cells.

Solar power is low maintenance. The solar lighting systems are easy to maintain. They do not involve high costs or too much effort, thus letting you reap the benefits of the solar power without too much effort.

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How Using Solar Spotlight Can Save Money On Your Energy Bills?

You can power your garden using solar power. Solar spotlight, solar lanterns, solar lamps, solar heaters, solar water heating systems and many other options make moving over to solar power that much more easy and convenient.

Solar energy is the energy that comes from the Sun. The same power that helps water to evaporate from our vast oceans and clouds to form and give us rain can be used to generate electricity and power our homes. Solar energy helps our plants and food crops to grow. The very reason for life on earth is solar energy.

Life on earth has adapted to efficiently use solar power to thrive and grow and expand. Solar energy is available to us in unlimited quantities. But we humans have been as yet unable to tap it to generate large scale power plants. This is mainly because we lacked the technology to tap sun’s heat cheaply and convert it to useable electricity. This high initial cost made solar energy prohibitive for most uses.

Fossil fuels offered a cheap alternative. It was thought that huge reserves of Earth’s fossil fuels were almost inexhaustible. But, the exponential growth of nations and recent joining of many under developed countries to the growing club of energy hungry nations has suddenly woken up governments to the knowledge that these reserves are limited and sky-rocketing prices have suddenly made alternate renewable energies more attractive.

Also, the burning of these fossil fuels is creating a dangerous build-up of toxic gases and carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming and climate change. Governments, non-profits and many research organizations are racing against time to find better ways to tap into cleaner sources of energy like water, sun and wind energy.

Recent advances in technology have made tapping solar power more cost-effective. So, it makes sense to exploit solar energy. The advantage of solar energy is many. It is freely available and also in large quantities. You can install solar panels anywhere and tap into solar power. Your terrace or your farms with vast open areas are ideal places to place the panels to trap sun’s heat.

Solar power unlike coal or gas-based power plants can be generated right in our homes and used and stored to power our various needs. Yes, many households have now installed solar panels to trap sun’s heat and transform it into electricity. This is then fed into the mains of the household electric supply to power the various electronic and electrical items at home.

With your own solar energy system in place you will never have to pay another energy utility bill. The savings over the long term is huge as you will be insured against any price hikes or power cuts due to ever increasing demand and skyrocketing prices. If you don’t want to go the whole way you can still make a small beginning by lighting up your outdoors using solar spotlight to illuminate your waterfalls or trees. You can solar lanterns to brighten your pathways.

There are so many options to make use of solar energy and you will not need to dig up your lawns and pathways to lay the wires for transmitting electricity. Your solar spotlight or lantern comes with its own solar panel and battery hook up that will generate enough power to make it work and you won’t have to pay for the electricity usage.

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Outdoor Solar Lamps: Cut Your Energy Costs, Enhance The Beauty Of Your Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor solar lamps can be installed to tap into Sun’s limitless energy supply to power your outdoors without having to spend hundreds of dollars in energy expenses to light up your exteriors. Your gardens, pathways, patios, decks and gazebo can all tap into the bountiful energy source which is both renewable and also a green energy with no polluting gases produced in its manufacture.

If you are concerned about how much you are paying for your energy needs and the ever increasing prices of gas and electricity then you should adopt solar energy to help offset at least part of those costs. Solar energy is becoming increasingly important renewable energy option in United States as many experts believe that this energy source is our best option to cut our dependence on costly fossil fuels. As more and more nations join the clamor for scarce resources the prices for oil and gas will only sky-rocket in the next few decades.

Do you know that by installing solar energy system in your homes you instantly increase its investment value? Energy independence in the form of a solar energy system puts a greater price tag on the resale value of a home and is increasingly preferred by buyers.

Solar Energy is a freely available power source because it is derived from the sun. People in the know believe that solar power will be the main renewable energy source in the future, if not for anything else then because of gigantic energy potential that our Sun has. It is an outstanding green energy source because it is replenish-able, and it does not lead to any damage to the environment.

Harnessing solar power by using photovoltaic or PV cells is a simple DIY project. Outdoor solar lamps come with their solar panel kits that you need to assemble and install outdoors. Electricity generated from solar power is completely free. So you don’t have to pay your energy bills ever again if you decide to install solar panels to cover all your energy needs. Solar power can be generated on your rooftop, in your garden or in your farm. Where ever there is plenty of sunshine you can install your panels and start tapping the sun for your energy needs.

When buying the outdoor lamps choose designs that go with the area you want to light. Try to match the particular area with the lamps design and accents. Buying solar lamps doesn’t mean you have to ignore the aesthetics. New and modern, as well as charming old-world designs are available. There are special lamps available for each of your outdoor areas like gazebos, decks, patio, arbors, arches and sit-outs.

Buy appropriate designs. Advances continue to bring equipment costs down and the cost of the fuel for the systems will always be free, so there’s good news on that front. Outdoor solar lamps cost about $20 to $50 dollars each depending on what type of design you choose. Once installed you don’t have to worry about energy usage. Also, you save on costly installation charges for outdoor wiring as you will be directly tapping into sun’s energy.

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Buying Solar Garden Lights To Make The Lawns And Trees Come Alive

Are you curious about solar garden lights or do you want to buy them to light up your lawns and your garden? Whatever the reason it is a great idea to have bright solar lights for your garden and outdoor spaces like patios and decks, gazebos and arbors, arches and sit-outs, lawns and pathways. The reason for lighting up using solar lights is that they use energy from the sun which is completely free. You don’t have to pay a penny in energy costs to light up your exteriors. That’s a great saving for any household as the amount saved in energy bills will pay for itself in the extra money you will for the solar fittings.

Solar garden lights come with their own built-in energy supply in the form of solar panels, solar cell and solar light. The solar garden lights will use extra capacity in panels and cell to generate more electricity and store it in the cell. This will be used to power your lights. Let’s learn a little bit about solar power that is used to power your garden lights.

Solar power unlike coal or gas-based power plants can be generated right in our homes and used and stored to power our various needs. Yes, many households have now installed solar panels to trap sun’s heat and transform it into electricity. This is then fed into the mains of the household electric supply to power the various electronic and electrical items at home. The technology is simple and can be assembled at home with guidance from DIY guide or video tutorial.

Solar power is a workable alternative to conventional energy to power your home. So, yes, it is possible, it is easy, it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think and you can save money on bills just like countless other people. You can even do it yourself.

The main component of solar energy in the home is solar panels. However, there are also some other things needed, such as solar batteries to hold the energy, and provide constant power. In the last one decade we see that prices for solar panels have fallen steeply, and you can get solar energy in your home for cheap. Many stores are opening up with solar panels for sale, and the good news is that the price is often cheaper online, allowing you to buy solar power panels for really low prices.

Having different options is good, and they include:

1. Buying the solar power panels, and then the rest of the solar equipment.

2. Buying a solar kit with everything you need.

3. Buying solar cells, and making up the panels, then going through and getting the solar equipment.

Building solar panels is not rocket science. You don’t need any specialized skills or technical know-how. You don’t need any training. Just about anyone can do it. A few tools, a step-by-step instruction guide and a few hours of your time are all it will take. Do not worry – you don’t have to be an energy-specialized engineer to succeed.

If you intend on buying solar panels then buy branded panels from reputed energy companies. Buying cheaper, unbranded goods could mean you are being taken for a ride. The solar cells and panels may be made with inferior quality materials which might not work as intended. With branded goods you can be assured of quality at all times else you can ask for a refund.

Many rural households that are too far from any electric grid have been using solar power for many years now. The power generated by your solar panels is absolutely free whether it is used to power your solar garden lights or just to heat water for your household needs.

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Outdoor Home Lighting – What Are Your Best Options?

Home lighting is a broad term covering interior lights and fixtures as well as garden lighting, patio illumination or deck decoration. Outdoor deck lighting once meant just plugging in a few extra naked bulbs with some rudimentary fixtures and turning the garden brighter.

Not any longer. Home lighting ideas are getting ever more creative, daring and elaborate. Home lighting design is a subject some interior decorators are specializing in, and home owners love it because this is a simple way to turn their home into something unique and special without spending a fortune.

There is a vast range of outdoor home lighting products that you can use to create an attractive, elegant and functional area anywhere in your home or garden. Home lighting factor outlet stores are cropping up in every major suburb and neighborhood to match the growing demand for material that illuminates the building and backyard.

Home lighting can transform the way your house looks as well as they way you use it. By making the area brighter, it adds to the safety and security allowing you the freedom to sit outdoors or enjoy relaxing on the porch without fear or worry. It can lead to outdoor parties or gatherings with friends and neighbours after they return from a busy day at work, making the night a friendly and warm time to gather around with friends.

Choices for Home Lighting

Modern home lighting fixtures are all designed to operate on low voltages making them very safe to install. The light from them is not harsh and glaring. Instead, a soft and gentle hue tinges the area, turning it just bright enough to see things around you without being a strain on the eyes. Your home lighting can be powered by the mains, or sometimes solar garden lights can generate their own power from solar energy stored in batteries through the day.

Here are some home lighting tips. Place these solar powered lights in areas where there is a lot of sunlight during the day. Direct sunlight provides energy that is stored in the batteries for use in the night. Also, whatever home lighting appliances you choose, be sure to place them away from any water sources such as pools or sprinklers to avoid any risk of electrical short circuits.

Another alternative is to select a model that is specifically designed to be resistant to water and avoid leaks into it from rain. Some LED home lighting fixtures are capable of being fitting onto walls near a deck, or planted into the ground, or even mounted on deck railings. Recessed lights are suitable for specific areas like a bar or on decks to create a more private fairy-world effect.

Whatever home lighting fixtures you buy, make sure they are safe by looking at the ratings and reviews. Ensure that you order all the components needed for installation, unless you are having them put in by a professional who will handle all this for you. Home lighting can be an exciting and fun filled activity to set up. Be sure you enjoy doing a good job, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come.

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