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Radiant Barrier Spray Review: Effective Room Insulation with Radiant Barrier Spray

This radiant barrier spray review will help you find out how you can cut your energy bills. When you are troubled with your rising electricity bills and need to slash them down, Radiant Barrier Paint is what can help you solve your problem. Use Radiant Barrier Paint on the base of attic roofs, walls and crawl space floors for an energy efficient house. It prevents heat transfer as much as possible. Tests have proved that this paint can reflect up to 3/4th of heat that is incident on it. This indicates that only 25% of energy is required to keep your house warm or cool as long as all sources of heat flow are jammed.

Radiant Barrier Spray Review: How does Radiant Barrier Spray Paint work?

Radiant Barrier Paint consists of powder and latex paint. The main agent in blocking the heat is the powder. It is composed of microscopic pellets of porcelain and tiny chips of aluminum. These are the components that reflect infrared radiation, thus preventing them from flowing across walls and roofs. Latex paint is used for the porcelain and aluminum as a solvent base, and helps in easy application. Stability to the paint is provided by latex. Also, it prevents the paint from chipping off.

Radiant Barrier Spray Review: Advantages of the Radiant Barrier Spray

Radiant Barrier Paint can be easily applied on attic roofs and walls. It is inexpensive, and is one of the best tradeoffs while choosing the best R-value at an affordable rate. The latex contained in the paint guarantees that it stays in place. Use a spray instead of a roller because a roller can be hard to use due to the shingles of the roof. You can also rent a paint rig, which another good option.

Radiant Barrier Spray Review: Common Radiant Barrier Spray

Plenty of brands manufacture Radiant Barrier Paints. Some of the commonly known are Ebarrier (by Sherwin Williams), Heat Bloc-75 (by STS Coatings) Radiance E-0.25(by Chemrex), etc. You can order most of them online. Otherwise, you can go to a paint shop that is nearby and work out which one is more suitable for your requirements. The paints are graded as E-value or R-value which are emissivity and reflectivity respectively. A Radiant Barrier Paint which has high R-value and low E-value offers better insulation.

Ample research has been done to find out the differences between radiant barrier paint and radiant barrier foil. Although several consumers feel that sprays and paints are better than foils, they are mistaken. The spray might sound good, and may also bear the name “radiant barrier”, but it does not have even standard level reflective quality. There are a few reasons why a foil is superior to paint and spray, and each should be taken into account by consumers in order to make a choice.

Despite the wild claims by advertisers of sprays and paints, the results of the radiant barrier spray review shows modest benefits to homeowners. Radiant insulation foil barrier is superior to the sprays and paints in many ways, and helps to save money.

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DIY Home Décor Made Easy

Have you been thinking of decorating your home? Well, staying in a home where décor is always the same is pretty dull and boring. And redecorating your home doesn’t need to be handed over to experts. In fact, doing so can be expensive as most professionals charge ridiculously high prices.

This is why anyone should consider DIY home décor. There are many benefits that come from redecorating your home on your own including these:

1. You can have the very best time planning and changing your home decor with your loved ones and family members to help out.

2. You’ll learn new decorating tips and also explore many decorative options, giving free reign to your creativity.

3. There is a bond created between you and your partners in crime – and just modifying your home decor can bring you closer together.

4. You’ll learn how to shop for home décor material and also how to select quality décor for your home.

DIY (do it yourself) has always been popular among folks looking to spend as much time as they can doing what they love to do – without the help of a professional. Money that would otherwise be earmarked for the expert can be used to buy more items to decorate the home, or just be counted among your savings.

If you can invest in high quality materials and tools, then you should get the best. Before you decide to remodel your home, it is important to consider the following:

1. Make sure you have a budget that you can afford comfortably. With the right budget, you can buy appropriate stuff and also have an enjoyable remodeling experience. Remodeling on a budget will save you money and also help to give your home the best outlook.

2. Do you know that you can use wallpaper instead of paint to change the color of your walls? Well, this is the best way to bring some variety into your home and modify your home decor.

3. You can add some elegance and variety of colors into your space.

4. You can buy slightly used furnishings to replace all damaged or old furniture. They are inexpensive and usually offer quality and longevity.

5. Make use of the internet if you want to buy any furnishings or DIY home décor items. When you buy things online, you will have a vast selection of the very best options to choose from, and can get these items at an affordable price.

6. Remember that you do not need designer furniture in your home to achieve the quality you deserve with your DIY home décor.

DIY home décor ideas can be obtained from the internet. All you need is to type “DIY home décor ideas” into a search engine and you will be provided with the very best plans and steps to tackle any process.

There are many different DIY home décor ideas that are available online for different home types and sizes. The satisfaction that comes with remodeling your home on your own is the best prize you can give yourself. Start planning your remodeling today and you will find the end result worthwhile.


5 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Boost Your Property’s Value

Home improvement projects can enhance the value of your property. The real estate market is in a perpetual boom and bust cycle. At times, it’s up and then there are other times when it is in a slump. Many homeowners opt not to sell their homes when the market is down. They wait until things turn around and they can sell their homes at a good price.

But not everyone is prepared to wait. There are some homeowners who proactively set out to implement home improvement projects that add value to their property before selling it for a handsome price. Home improvement can boost the value of your home even during phases when the market is down. This will increase the selling price of your home, and until you find a suitable buyer, it will make the home more comfortable to live in.

Here are some home improvement ideas you can use to improve the value of your property.

1. Add a deck

You can add value to your home by adding a deck. This will make the outdoors space more attractive and desirable. When the deck is attractively designed and matches a well planned backyard, the aesthetic appeal of your house will increase. Construction of a deck can however be an expensive proposition. It’s no surprise, then, that adding a deck will raise the value of your house.

2. Install energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows will save you money on heating and cooling costs. Any potential buyer will be attracted to a house is energy efficient. With the cost of electricity and alternate power going steadily up, cost savings generated through better insulation of the home will add value to the building. That’s why, when taking up any home remodeling work, it is wise to consider installing energy efficient windows in your home.

3. Improve your kitchen

Your kitchen is an important part of the home, and needs to be spacious and safe. Ensure that all the old appliances in the kitchen are replaced with modern energy-efficient models that will help you save energy. Make sure all the appliances are in good condition, well maintained and safe to operate. This helps avoid any accidents. You should also consider painting the kitchen to give it a fresh and clean look.

4. Constructing additional rooms

When remodeling your home, you should have the needs, requirements and dreams of your potential buyer in mind. Consider adding more rooms if you have enough space and the budget for construction work. If you have one bathroom, you might add an extra bathroom. Additional bedrooms or store rooms can enhance the appeal of your building to a specific kind of buyer.

5. Basic insulation

Make sure that all the cracks in the building are well sealed to prevent air leaks of hot or cold air in and out of the home. Areas around the doors and windows are notorious for such leaks, and you can seal these crack securely and save money on wasted energy. Fix the electrical sockets and light switches, making sure none are broken or poorly insulated. Replace worn out equipment with better, more energy efficient appliances.

The main goal of your home improvement project is to enhance its value so that potential buyers are willing to pay a higher price than they otherwise would. Painting the home afresh and fixing a defective roof to avoid leaks are other home improvement projects that serve the same purpose.

With a clear focus and a reasonable budget, you could easily boost the asking price of your home by 10% to 75% just by choosing the right type of home improvement projects.


Home Decorators – What You Must Know About Working With Them

Looking for professional home decorators? You’ll first have to make sure that you find a decorator who shares your vision of what your home can be. Regardless of how large or small your home is, or how elaborate or simple your plans for decorating it are, it can be hard work to plan, design and create an interior that reflects your true personality and taste.

That’s where home decorators come in. A good interior designer can conceive and plan a project that embodies your fond wishes for how your home should look, while carrying it out within your budget and the constraints imposed by space, materials and more. To make sure that you get the best results, you’ll have to meet with the decorator and explain your plans and dreams in a way the decorator understands, including any budget limitations you have to meet.

Your ideal home decorators will do their best to make sure that they are clear about your ideas and preferences for the home decorating project. This is only way to ensure that you get the home improvement project that you have dreamed about.

There are home decorating projects that you can carry out by yourself without relying on professional home decorators. Depending upon your skills and other resources, you may however wish to outsource the job to a professional.

Trust, communication and respect are important within the relationship of home decorators and home owners. Communication is essential between decorators and home owners. Your decorators should be able to explain any substitution of materials or reasons that the job may not go exactly according to plan. If cost overruns are a factor, you would prefer to know about it early on and directly from the professional concerned.

You must also look for an interior decorator who is well trained. Trained home decorators are certified by a licensed authority, and such accreditation is often important to get a quality job done. Most decorators will be able to back up their quote with the right certificates and endorsements by past clients, making it easier for you to choose a qualified and skilled contractor.

Obviously, a trained decorator does not mean that they are automatically the best decorators for you. It however does show that they have studied techniques and have a certain level of training in interior or home decorating, making it more likely that they will be able to perform a quality job. A trained decorator typically has a bachelors degree in the field. The American Society of Interior decorators has a certified database of decorators for you to choose from.

Being able to maintain trust with your home decorators is very important. Home decorators vary widely in their training, expertise and vision. So it is up to you, as a home owner, to make sure that you take the time to discuss details with them and share your vision for how your home should look at the end of the project.

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