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Solar Energy – How To Quickly and Easily Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Switching to Solar Energy Can Make A Difference:

Are you worried about global warming, climate change, burning fossil fuels and carbon footprint you are leaving behind due to your various activities? You have every reason to be concerned about the well-being of the planet and you should take every effort to make the Earth a cleaner and greener place.

It is your duty to leave behind the Earth a better place for your future generations. We inherited a green, clean and beautiful earth from our forefathers and our children and their children deserve to enjoy it as it was before all the pollution destroyed it.

How can we use Solar Energy To Make Difference?

Instead of conventional(read polluting) energy sources go for green and abundant clean energies like solar energy, wind energy or geo-thermal energy. There are several solar energy companies today generating solar power in large scale. Here we will share a few solar energy facts and some simple but effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make your home environment friendly.


    1. Install a solar water heater to get hot water supply for free. In just 3 years time you will recover the initial set-up cost and save hundreds of dollars and energy every year after that.


    1. If you have a swimming pool then a solar heated pool will save you a ton of money in heating costs over the years and also you can have a longer swimming season. You don’t have to worry about using costly electricity to heat your pool. You will be using natural sunlight to heat it with the help of solar panels.


    1. Reduce your power usage by switching off unnecessary lights and fans. Switch off TV, music systems, computers, laptops, battery chargers and electronic items not in use at the plug point. Power saved is money saved and you also reduce your carbon footprint.


    1. If powering your entire home with solar power is not an option then use it for small parts of your home like the drive, the garage, the porch or outside lighting. If you have a farm or garden then use creative ways to use solar energy to operate the sprinklers and water the lawns, use farm machinery and lighting the barn.


    1. You can install solar panels and generate your own electricity and gradually replace using conventional energy from the your town’s power grid. You can do the solar panels yourself if you are handy with tools and get a professional to help connect the panels wiring with your mains. This whole project can be finished over a couple of weekends. Once installed the solar energy cost of generating electricity is nil.


    1. Reduce your thermostat setting by one or two degree, wear an extra layer of warm clothing, reduce your air conditioning usage when the weather is good, just open the windows and let the natural cool air to cool your home. During day time use the natural light of the sun instead of switching on the lights.


    1. Look for hybrid options where you can switch between conventional and renewable energy sources which will considerably lessen your dependence on fossil fuels.


Armed with the above solar energy information you can reduce your carbon footprint. Changing over to solar energy has several advantages not to just to the environment but also to your wallet in the long run.

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Residential Solar Panels And The Benefits Of Using Solar Power

Residential solar panels are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and also to cut your energy consumption both at the same time. Using solar panels and solar heater is a good point to start.

At homes to warm water and for outdoor lighting residential solar panels are used . These solar water heating systems use solar panels called flat plate collectors, which is placed on the roof of the building. A boiler can be used when these panels do not heat up the water to the expected level.

Current technology in solar electricity allows homes to have a steady source of electricity to power home equipment and appliances. It is a fact that the cost of solar energy harnessing is coming down as technology matures. Also, the federal government and many states are giving tax rebates, credits and grants to help offset initial cost and encourage the use of residential solar panel installation for domestic use. In fact even the solar power used for commercial purposes is subsidized.

Residential Solar Panels Has Other Obvious Benefits

1. Homes that use home solar panels to generate solar power can eliminate their need to get energy from conventional power grids. This means no monthly electric bills. Those getting power from power grids that use gas and oil will find solar power cheaper over time.

2. This is also great investment for the future as the rates of electricity are constantly on the rise.

3. A great side benefit in using residential solar panel kits or solar shingles to generate solar power is its positive impact on the environment. As solar power harnesses sun’s inexhaustible energy there is no need to burn polluting fossil fuels that cause global warming and climate change.

4. Solar energy is free once you residential solar panel system is set up. You don’t need to pay a penny towards electric charges once your whole home is hooked to solar panels

5. Governments around the world are encouraging the use of such un-coventional sources for power purposes. You will be eligible for many subsidies and tax cuts if you install residential solar panels and tap electricity from the sun.

6. Residential solar power is environment friendly. By minimizing carbon dioxide emission you will in your small way contribute to and allow the environment to recover. Trimming down on the usage of fossil fuels like petroleum, gases and coal can best be achieved by using solar energy. For this reason, using solar electricity is not only cost-effective but environment-friendly option as well.

7. Solar power from residential solar panels can be stored in batteries and used later during nights or when there is no sunlight for a few days. Solar power is useful during blackouts or other emergencies.

8. Solar power is reliable and efficient use of nature’s abundance without any side effects.

Due to its many benefits the residential solar panels kits industry is one the fast growing areas in the field of renewable energies. Technology has improved leaps and bounds and new innovations to tap solar power are being found every day. Governments are also encouraging the use of residential solar panels as everyone needs a cheap alternative source of energy before the planets supply of coal, gas and crude runs out.

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Building A Solar Panel

Building A Solar Panel In The Most Cost Effective Way

It’s easy to build a solar panel if you have the required step-by-step guide and the tools and materials. It takes about 6 hours to complete this entire project and will cost you less than 200 bucks and can lead to massive savings in your energy bills. Start using solar power in just a few days after installing the solar panel. Another option you can explore is putting up solar shingles if you are planning to replace your roof. The solar panel roof can help power your lighting fixtures or provide hot water for your family’s needs.

Before you start the building process research solar panels, their types, efficiencies, wattage ratings and buy materials suitable for your use. Buy good quality mounts. There are mainly three types – thin film solar panel, mono-crystalline panel and polycrystalline panel.

solar panel are highly resilient and tough. They are low maintenance and last for two to three decades. They will continue to work efficiently for much longer if there is no damage due to accident or extreme weather conditions.

The technology behind a solar panel has improved drastically over the years, the price of a solar cell has fallen steeply. This becomes more attractive when you consider the fact that the price of other energy sources have risen proportionately in the last few decades.

Some Money Saving Tips For Buying A Solar Panel

Efficiency – A solar panel has different efficiency ratings. A higher efficiency panel converts same amount of sun light into more energy compared to a lower efficiency solar panel. Well, since sunlight is absolutely free we don’t have to really make efficient use of it unlike fossil fuels, crude or gas. You can put up more number of low-cost low-efficiency solar panels and get the solar energy you need.

But, if you have limited amount of space in which to put up the solar panel then in that case you will have to go for the more efficient and lesser number of panels. High efficiency solar panels cost higher than others.

Buy materials for solar panel at a wholesaler or at a reputed solar panel manufacturer. With newer models coming in every week they will be in a hurry to get rid of the older models which you can grab for lower prices.

You can generate your own electricity using a solar panel and gradually replace using conventional energy from your town’s power grid. As energy prices rise and the cost of panels and other equipment decreases, solar energy systems look better as an investment.

You can install the solar panel anywhere and tap into solar power. Your terrace or your farm or open spaces are ideal to place the panels to trap sun’s heat. As mentioned earlier in the article if you know how to make a solar panel then you save quite a bit of money and you can recover the whole cost in just a few months when you start seeing massive savings in your energy bills.

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Solar Panels Cost – An Overview Of Cost Of Installing Solar Panels At Home

Why Solar Panels Cost Is No Longer A Major Factor?

Solar panels cost was high a few decades ago. The technology was in the nascent stages and not widely adopted. As technology advanced and more people adopted this technology the costs have steadily come down for the various components used to generate solar power for home use.

Solar power and wind power unlike coal or gas-based power plants can be generated right in our homes and stored in batteries to be used when needed. A solar panel trap’s sun’s light and transforms it into electricity. A series of panels are used to generate enough energy. This is then fed into the mains of the household electric supply to power the various electronic and electrical items at home.

Solar energy is available to us in unlimited quantities from the Sun but is a vastly under utilized resource as a power source. This is mainly because we lacked the technology to tap sun’s heat cheaply and convert it to usable electricity. This prohibitive initial high solar panels cost made solar power highly expensive for most uses. Until now, that is.

Solar energy is no longer expensive. Installing solar energy system to generate electricity at home is expensive only if you go to a professional. It can cost you more than $20,000 dollars to buy the solar panels and for a professional installation. At such high costs you will naturally take several years to recoup the initial investment.

Go DIY To Reduce Solar Panels Cost

But, that need not deter you. The same type of solar panels for home use can be done at one tenth of that cost and you won’t lose out on the quality or the efficiency. All you need is a DIY guide or a step-by-step video tutorial to build solar panels. Solar panels cost for home use can be bought for less $200 dollars.

A home solar energy system needs solar panels, batteries to store power and allow uninterrupted supply and a inverter, which takes that power and makes it more suitable for our home needs. Inverter and batteries are pretty standard and available in the market for standard prices. Inverter converts solar power to voltage that can be used in your home and the batteries are used to store excess energy. When the sun is down or the day is cloudy your batteries will provide you the power backup. So buy enough battery bank to last a few days in case of bad weather.

Just browse through the Internet for solar panels or go through renewable energy magazines and you will find the various options open to you. Look for solar cells for sale or clearance sales for solar panels. Many stores online and offline have solar panels for sale at certain times of the year. Solar panels prices will be pretty cheap at these sales. Keep looking for such opportunities as your solar panels cost will come down drastically.

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Rubbermaid Garage Storage Cabinets – Elegant Garage Storage Solutions

Have you ever thought of purchasing custom Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets? If so, then you probably realize the benefits that can be derived from having a clean, neat, and organized garage area.

There is an epidemic taking place right now were by a lot of people simply allow their garage area to fall into disrepair. This is problematic for a variety of reasons. So let’s spend some time talking about ways to you can dramatically improve the situation without necessarily having to put yourself in a position of having to spend a lot of money on a solution or waste a lot of time.

The very first thing for you to understand is the fact that most garages were originally designed and built to store cars. The reason why this is so important to understand is because you want to find yourself in a situation where you are asking for more from your garage.

In modern times, the garage has become a place to store a lot of different things beyond just your vehicle. That is why Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets make so much sense. They provide you with an opportunity to put everything away so that’s neat and organized. Best of all, it will cost you a lot of money to get set up with the system.

The hearts of many people make the assumption that purchasing Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets will cost them a lot of money. However, what they fail to appreciate is the fact that not having any kind of wood or steel shelving garage storage cabinets system will usually result in a lot of frustration and embarrassment because their garage will simply not look very nice.

It is ultimately up to you to make a decision as to whether or not doing your garage to be presentable to other people or if you want to be a mess with sports items, tools and hooks littering the floor and area forever.

The very first thing you should do is go through everything that you have in your garage and make a decision as to what should be gotten rid of. If you are open and honest about the situation, you will probably come to the realization that there are many things that you no longer have a use for.

The dilemma a lot of us have is that we don’t know where to begin. Therefore, it makes sense to just pick one side of your garage and figure out what can be gotten rid of. On a subsequent day and then move to the other parts of your garage into the same process.

In the final analysis, purchasing a Rubbermaid provides storage cabinet system lift is a fantastic idea that will enable you to quickly and easily organize your garage so that it looks lovely and presentable to others.

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Solar Energy Savings – A Few Facts To Set Matters Straight

How do explain solar energy savings? There are so many misconceptions about solar energy that it’s time we set some things straight.

Here are some misconceptions you would have heard of:

– Solar energy is expensive.
– Solar power can be generated only in deserts and hot countries
– Only the scientific community knows how to produce electricity from sunlight and that it’s only application is in space to power the satellites and space stations

Those are just a few of the myths about solar energy. Now for the facts and the truth.

Misconception No. 1 : Solar Energy Is Expensive

Your solar energy savings can start right at the installation stage. Solar panels are expensive if you buy the top of the line panels but that isn’t necessary. Also, if you want to buy off the shelf/customized systems that will be installed by solar power professionals you costs will work out to $20,000 dollars or more. At those prices you will take years to recoup your investment in solar energy savings on electricity bills.

You could do this at one tenth of that cost and you won’t lose out on the quality or the efficiency of producing electricity. A simple DIY guide or a step-by-step video tutorial to build solar panels is a sufficient starting point. You can install solar panels for your home’s energy needs for about $200 dollars or less with one day’s labor thrown in. With that investment you will recoup your initial investment in less than 3 months time and your solar energy savings will accumulate and give you free power for many years to come.

Your home solar energy project will pay for itself many times over in the course of its useful life 25 years or more. Many utility companies will even allow a resident connection to the grid and can pull some of your excess energy units from the cheap solar panels you built, netting you a small energy credit or even a bit of a profit from your solar installation. This system is called net metering and is available in many states. Your solar energy savings will be substantial if you are able to sell excess power back to the grid.

Misconception No. 2 : Only Deserts And Hot Places Can Generate Solar Power

The photovolataic cells convert sunlight into tiny amounts of electricity. All you need is sunlight however weak it might be to generate solar power and solar energy savings. Yes, you can generate more power in the deserts and countries with more sunlight hours. The technology that uses solar heat to generate power is different from photovolatic cells using sunlight. So, there is absolutely no credibility to the statement that you need hot sunlight such as what you see in deserts to generate electric power.

Misconception No. 3 : Solar Energy Is The Domain Of The Scientific Community And That It’s Only Application Is In Space To Power The Satellites And Space Stations

Building solar panels is not rocket science. You don’t need any skills or technical know-how. You don’t need any training. Just about anyone can do it. A few tools, a step-by-step instruction guide and a few hours of your time is all it will take. Yes, they are widely used in space because the solar panels are long-lasting and light weight and this keeps the satellites running for several years. No expensive or bulky energy packs needed from earth.

Solar Energy Savings Through Hundreds Of Applications:

On earth there are hundreds of applications for solar power including the most important for heating water and to power your homes.

For example simple solar power DIY kits are available which include the panel, the electronics, instructions, and all the wiring you need to get started. The kit could power a little stereo, light, and charging your phone down at the boathouse or out in the bars, You’ll need a screwdriver, the ability to follow instructions, and a sunny place for the panel. Many of the kits start at less than $100 and for $500 you can get a nice little system and expand it later.

Other examples include solar garden lights, security lights, and area lights which now come completely integrated with panel, battery, electronic eye, and lights for less than $50. Installation is easy too. So whether you are trying to put some accent lights in your garden, shed some light in your tool shed, or trying to brighten those dark steps, lights powered by the sun are a great alternative. Solar energy savings from each of these applications will add up and give you nice saving over the course of a year. These systems once installed last for several years so, your solar energy savings will be ongoing.

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Gladiator Garage Cabinets – A Simple, Yet Effective System For Garage Storage

Are you familiar with Gladiator garage cabinets? If not, then you may very well want to learn more about these units given the fact that they can dramatically improve your ability to maintain a neat and organized garage area.

Needless to say, many people oftentimes struggle to figure out an effective strategy for maintaining a clean and professional looking garage space. The challenge is that nobody really has the time to go in there and spend inordinate amounts of time cleaning, hanging and organizing. That is why gladiator garage cabinets are so incredibly popular — they provide you with the means to keep everything organized.

Far too many people get stuck thinking that DIY gladiator garage cabinets are expensive and cumbersome. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most people who have chosen to try this plastic cabinet system will tell you that it can be incredibly effective.

Just imagine being able to walk into a garage area and put everything away quickly and easily because you have Rubbermaid cabinets within very easy reach and that can store all of your items. To the extent this is something that sounds interesting to you, then you really owe it to yourself to do some research and figure out if gladiator garage cabinets makes sense for you.

Some people actually believe that if they get cabinets for their barrage, that it will only encourage them to be more messy. This is faulty logic for a variety of reasons. The reason why it is faulty logic is because adding garage cabinets actually gives you more reasons to become organized. Very few people ever understand this principle.

They think of the cabinets will create a situation whereby they simply accumulate more stuff for somehow fail to organize what’s already there. However, the problem with this analysis is the fact that it doesn’t take into consideration the reality that most people actually do better having gladiator garage cabinets than having nothing at all.

If you are worried about the cost, then you need to stop and think about how much stress and anxiety having a messy garage is causing you already. This is something a lot of people don’t understand and take for granted. You ultimately need to have a system and plan in place whereby you can put things away after you use them to keep everything organized. If you don’t have that, you’re simply to find yourself in a situation where you are repeatedly dealing with a mess at all times.

Given the fact that nobody likes having to deal with the mess, it especially makes sense for you to make a decision right now that you are going to purchase gladiator garage cabinets so that you can dramatically improve the condition of your garage with a minimum amount of effort – and stow away that bicycle easily.

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