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Residential Home Solar Panels – 6 Crucial Points To Consider Before Buying Residential Solar Panel Kits

Want to know how to buy residential solar panels to generate electricity?

Then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss important points to be considered before buying solar panels and how much they will cost.

Residential solar panel installation cost is largely dependent on the size and design of the residential solar power system you build. Naturally, bigger panels will require more materials to make them. Rooftop panels will take more resources to install than simple backyard solar panels. Either way, the cost of building your own residential solar panels will be only a fraction of the money it would take to buy them ready made and getting them installed using professionals.

As you know there are great benefits to generating solar energy for your domestic, farm or industrial needs as the residential solar power generated is completely free. Some people are using a combination of solar power and residential wind power for all their energy needs. Wind turbines are needed to generate wind power and to generate solar power you will need solar panels or solar shingles. These panels or shingles contain a series of solar cells which traps sun’s heat and convert it to tiny amounts of electricity. A number of solar cells are connected in a series in a solar panel. When a number of panels are connected together you get enough energy to power many of our residential power needs.

While shopping for residential solar panels consider these:


Solar panels have different efficiency rates. Better efficient panels convert more light into energy but they are more expensive. If space is a constraint then go for the more efficient panels as then you will need lesser number of panels. For this the highly-efficient mono-crystalline solar cells are suggested.

Efficiency is not a big factor as far solar power is concerned. Solar energy is a freely available resource and you don’t have to pay more money just for increased efficiency if you have the space. Complete residential solar panel kits are available both online and offline.


The thin film solar panels are flexible and adaptable. They are useful because they can be molded into shapes. If flexibility is important then you can opt for these panels and forego efficiency. Use thin-film amorphous cells for areas with partial shading.

Strong And Sturdy Mounts

Look for mounts that are certified to withstand cyclones and wind storms. The residential solar panels will be mounted on these mounts.

Efficient Converter

Buy a sine wave converter to prevent the wastage of DC electricity and ensure full efficiency of the residential solar power.

DIY Guide

You can build your own solar panels with some handy tools and a few spare hours. Get a dIY guide or or a video tutorial. With the step-by-step instructions you can have your solar panels ready in one weekend or two if you want to it more leisurely. Many people have built their own solar power panels over a weekend and save many thousand dollars in the process. A professional can charge $20000 dollars or more for this. You can build your solar panels for as little as $200.

Only word of caution get a professional to connect the final wiring from the solar panels to the mains. Don’t do this yourself unless you are certified electrician. You don’t want to damage yourself or your current electrical system by doing this yourself.


Your home made solar energy panel can be just as effective as a branded panels like first solar bought from a store like home depot or ordered online. Also, you can get them for a fraction of the cost of professionally installed system. The cost of residential solar panels is easily offset by electricity savings within a few months.

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Residential Solar Power – 10 Tips To Get Quality Solar Panels Without Getting Ripped Off!

For residential solar power your need solar power panels, batteries to store power and allow uninterrupted supply and the the inverter, which takes that power and makes it more suitable for our home needs.

Inverter and batteries are standard and available in the market for standard prices. Inverter converts solar power to voltage that can be used in your home and the batteries are used to store excess energy. When the sun is down or the day is cloudy your batteries will provide power using the battery backup. So buy enough battery bank to last a few days in case of bad weather for your residential solar power.

1. Calculate you monthly consumption of power from your old energy bills. With this information you know how much residential solar power you need to generate from the panels. The more energy you need the more solar panels you need to install.

2. If you have lots of space then you buy the low cost solar panels with low efficiency ratings and install more panels to get the residential solar power you need. On the other hand if space is a real problem then you will need efficient but expensive solar panels that will occupy lesser space. As solar power is generated from sunlight and that is totally free efficiency is not a big deal.

3. Look at the wattage or amperage of a solar panel. This shows the power that each of the home solar panels can generate. With this information and the information about the need for residential solar power you can calculate the number of solar panels you will need. As explained earlier you can go for the cheaper variants with low efficiency as solar energy is absolutely free.

4. Before you buy visit local hardware stores and supermarkets. When new models arrive stores usually want to move out the older space occupying models. So, they offers deals on residential solar power panels. You can get them for a lower than marked price and the quality will not be much different. There are different types of panels like monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV cells. The monocrystalline panels are expensive as they are more efficient.

5. Solar technology is evolving so fast that newer models are always coming out. Browse through home improvement magazines to get offers on any new models for your residential solar power. You can browse the internet too to find the best deals.

6. Better to buy your solar panels from a reputed maker for making residential solar power. They should have proper energy certification and energy star ratings and you will be safe from spurious stuff or goods which fall apart after a few months of use. Branded panels will be little more expensive option but in return you will get quality goods.

7. Home solar panels produce a tiny amount of voltage which is not important as the inverter will convert that right up to the voltage used in our homes. So, buy panels that are of reasonable quality but low-priced for your residential solar power.

8. Solar technology is constantly improving as developed countries focus more on building alternative energy. They offer several tax benefits for citizens going in for residential solar power.

9. Cheap and best way to save on solar energy is to build your own solar energy panels. The cost of building solar panels generally ranges between $100 and $200. Homemade solar panels have nearly the same efficiency as store-bought panels for a fraction of the price. Just buy good quality raw materials to build panels for the residential solar power project.

Those tips can save you ton of money when shopping for quality solar panels.

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How To Install High Quality Solar Power Systems Without Busting The Bank?

Solar power systems for home are both easy and quick to build. To build your own home solar power system you will need solar power panels, batteries, wiring and inverter. Solar Panels are for generating electricity, the batteries for storing power for uninterrupted power and the inverter is to increase the voltage to that required by your electrical gadgets and electronic stuff.

Get enough battery backup to allow for a few days uninterrupted power supply even if there is bad weather. That should help you tide over cloudy days or cyclones.

If you know how much power you consume in your household it would be really easy to calculate how many solar panels you need to install for your home. Solar panels come with wattage rating. So, it is easy to calculate the number of panels you will need. When buying the panels don’t go for the most expensive or the most efficient both are unecessary for solar power.

If your limited amount of space in which to install your solar panels then you will need the more efficient and expensive panels. But again, strike a balance between space constraints, power efficiency and your budget limitations.

Solar power is free, no need to go for the most efficient or the most expensive fancy solar panels.

Use your car and your fingers to good purpose. Look for deals online and offline on solar panels. Solar technology is a fast evolving field. New models are being introduced every day. As new models come in old models need to be pushed out. You can just grab those models which usually sell for a discount. Because all you need is solar panels that output solar power.

If you intend on buying solar panels then buy branded panels from reputed power companies. Buying cheaper, unbranded goods could mean you are being taken for a ride. The solar cells and panels may be made with inferior quality materials which might not work as intended. With branded goods you can be assured of quality at all times else you can ask for a refund.

Don’t get too much hung up on solar panel voltage or efficiency. Inverters will convert the voltage to the required amount and with solar power freely available to us we need not bother about the most efficient solar panels.

People may be moving out, construction companies may be replacing old, chipped but perfectly working solar panels. If you browse the local newspapers you might just get a good deal. But, be sure that they are in good working condition before you buy.

Good deals can be had at the wholesalers of solar panels. Solar technology is constantly improving as developed countries focus more on building alternative power. As a result, wholesale companies will often sell solar power panels for lower prices to make room for newer models. This allows you to get great deals on the existing and previous models when compared to buying brand new solar power panels.

The cheapest and usually the best way to get solar panels is to build them yourself. They are easy to assemble and you can use quality raw materials for your solar panels and all it will cost are couple of hundred dollars and maximum of 8 hours to get your solar power system up and running. Homemade solar panels have nearly the same efficiency as store-bought panels for a fraction of the price.

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Solar Power Electricity – Applications of Solar Energy

Governments, non-profits and many research agencies are all racing against time to find better ways to use solar energy and generate solar power electricity. Sun is the only resource that is universally available and can be used to power our entire homes by using solar panels.

Various applications for solar power electricity have been found and increasingly people are turning to these environment friendly options. So, it makes sense to exploit Solar energy.

Today, technology has made it possible to extract solar power electricity at a much lower cost than was possible earlier. Also, as the demand for more and more energy is steadily rising around the world the cost of these raw materials like coal, crude and gas are also proportionately going up. This has made the exploitation of solar energy a more attractive option for everyone.

There are many areas in a normal home that can benefit from solar power electricity and one in particular is the heating of water. Water heating is one area that consumes most energy in any household and this can cost you quite a lot of money.

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating systems comprise of a water storage tank, heat transfer fluid (HTF), and solar thermal collectors. Solar heaters work by using a solar collector to heat up water directly or using a “working” fluid. The solar collector itself is filled with a conductive fluid that takes heat from the sun and warms the water. Depending on where you live and the amount of sunlight your collectors receive can provide up to 80% of your home’s annual water heating needs. This application does not exactly use solar power electricity but solar heat. Solar cookers are another application of this technology.

Solar Powered Refrigerator

Ever think that the sun can make things cold, and cut costs at the same time. Solar powered refrigerators are thermostat controlled which allows you to set the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer. There is minimal noise as it runs because the power source to it is flowing naturally and constantly. They also come in a variety of sizes as well as colors in order to fit into any solar powered kitchen using solar power electricity. The same principle can be used with other appliances.

Solar power electricity can light up homes. You could use it to light up gardens, walkways, gazebos and driveways. Solar powered emergency lamps are another application. Solar electricity has also found many industrial applications. Large amounts of steam and heat are generated with heat collectors and used to generate heat and electricity which in turn are put to many uses.

We have paid the price for not using clean energies like sunlight and wind. Our uninhibited burning of fossil fuels for our energy needs has lead to a situation where if we don’t stop further exploitation of our planet we all stand to make irreversible damage to Earth which threatens our very survival. You must have read about climate change and global warming due the buildup of carbon-di-oxide in the upper atmosphere.

We have mentioned a few environment friendly solar options for your day-to-day use. There are a lot more available and a lot more are coming into the market everyday. It is left to us to make use of these to make difference to our world.

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Solar Power : Save Money On Electricity Every Month

Do you want to invest in solar power in your home? Do you want to know the basics, before you invest? In this short article, you will discover the information you need, to be able to get started right with solar power in your home.

A solar electricity generation system is the solution, in order to cut those bills and use renewable power that’s all around you just merely waiting to be tapped anytime. Home solar power systems provide the best way to get the most complete financial freedom on household energy.

With just a small amount of sunlight, you are able to get far more electric power. With only a few solar electric panels, it is possible to produce the needed electrical energy for your home. Even should you live in a small house, it is possible to install a solar panel.

State and federal government also provides incentives for homeowners who choose to implement home solar power systems. It is possible to avail of loans or grants so that you can set up the solar electrical power system soon. Take advantage of these special programs so that you can begin benefiting from an effective and clean electrical technique.

It is predicted that the technological know-how development will take down the price significantly in the near future as well as make the solar electric panels smaller and more powerful. This can enable consumers to make use of these panels not just for their residential solar electrical systems but also for their cars, boats, gardens and so on.

Solar power is not a mystery; it is in fact a very straight forward function. The sunlight provides energy which is then converted into electricity. This electricity can be used to power our lights and appliances in our homes. Solar power is used in one appliance most of us use every day; our calculators.

The utility companies presently use solar power too. If you covert you home electricity to solar power you will receive free power directly from the sun. Imagine a freebie from Mother Nature.

Also, the more people who invest into solar energy, the more the prices for solar panels and solar cells will come down.

Already we have seen a steep decline in the prices for solar panels, and you can get solar energy in your home for cheap if you install it yourself – about $200. If you would like a professional to install the panels it will cost you a lot more. In fact it can cost you $20,000 dollars or more.

Once you have the estimates you can ask your contractor what he would charge to install the unit if you purchased all the equipment and furnished the materials. Keep in mind in most cases your contractor should receive some sort of discount for either buying in bulk or simply just for being licensed.

Get 3 or more bids from different contractors. Then decide on the best bid based on your requirements. Also, get an estimate from contractors for the materials and equipment. If they are able to get it at a lower price then you may want to give the whole contract to them.

With Solar energy system installed and working in your home you can get free energy to run your home and all the appliances in it for free for the rest of your life. You don’t have to pay another electricity bill in your life.

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Solar Panels Prices – Is It Worth Switching Over To Solar Power

Solar panels prices make home owners wonder if it is worth switching over to solar power. As they want to know the time frame involved before they can break even on their investment in a solar energy system for their home.

It is well-known that by building solar panels for your home you will be saving energy, money and valuable resources of the earth. The main advantage is that solar energy is free and can be easily generated at home. Solar panels prices can range in from very inexpensive systems to light your driveway to thousands of dollars to power your whole home. But the solar panels installation prices we are talking about is for systems manufactured and installed by professionals.

Are High Solar Panels Prices Intimidating?

If powering your entire home with solar power is not an option then use it for small parts of your home like the driveway, the garage, the porch or use it for outside lighting. If you have a farm or garden then use creative ways to use solar power to water the plants, use farm machinery and lighting.

The solar panels prices are largely dependent on the size and design of the system you want to build. Naturally, bigger panels will require more materials to make them. Roof top panels will take more resources to install than simple backyard solar panels. Either way, the cost of building your own solar energy panels will be only a fraction of the money it would take to buy them.

Solar Panel Prices – DIY Panels Beats Ready made Panels

When you build solar panels for your home using kits or by buying the easily available materials from the hardware store, the costs work out to fraction of what it would cost to buy them. It’s worth building them as a solar panels price comparison between the two will show. Building solar panels will cost about $200 dollars for a average sized home buying and installing the same sized unit will cost around $20000 dollars.

When looking at home solar panels, you will find that they have certain differences. Each panel will produce a small amount of voltage. Different panels have different voltage ratings. A panel that generates more voltage is generally more expensive than a panel that produces less voltage. If you are looking at cutting costs than buy more of the low voltage panels as it is not important in this case, as the inverter will convert that right up to the voltage used in our homes.

Up to 90% of the the installation cost and solar panels prices can be recouped in the reduction of monthly electrical expense. Going completely off the grid can be made possible with the installation of multiple DIY solar panels. A noticeable reduction in electrical consumption can been seen on your monthly bill, starting the first week of installation. Moving to solar power is worth it as the solar energy prices are nearly nil once the initial installation is done.

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Solar Panels For Sale: Tips To Buy Solar Panels

When looking at solar panels for sale, you will find that they have certain differences. Solar panels prices are higher for more efficient panels. But efficiency is not critical for solar energy. After all sunlight is completely free, so even the less efficient solar panels will do if you have enough space to mount all your solar panels. If your budget allows for it you can go for the most efficient photovoltaic panels but this is not an important criteria.

Why Buy Solar Panels For Sale To Generate Solar Power?

One of the best renewable alternatives to fossil fuels that we have is solar energy, because sunshine is abundant and the sun and its light will always be with us. Solar energy is a great alternative to conventional sources of power. Conventional power plants use either fossil fuels like coal or gas to produce power. Nuclear power plants use nuclear fuels. The by-products from running these power plants result in harmful by-products that are difficult to dispose. Also, the increase in demand for power and energy has lead to prices of raw materials to sky-rocket also, coal, gas and nuclear fuels are in limited supply. All these factors make solar panels for sale to generate solar power an attractive option.

Pointers to buying solar panels for sale for your home use:

The cost of building solar panels is largely dependent on the size and design of the system you build. The larger panels require more materials to build them.

If you wish to install roof top panels then that needs specialized mounts. Ground mounted panels are more simple to install.

What ever the type of mount your choose building and installing solar panels for your home on your own is the best option as cost differential is so high.

Buy from a reputed maker with proper energy certification and you will be safe. This will a little more expensive option but in return you will get quality goods.

Buy a book or a DVD on for more ideas to learn how to build and install panels. The point of DIY solar panels is to save money. So you have to expect trial and error in order for you to learn. Expect a few problems to crop up but they won’t be insurmountable.

There are also ready made panels where in all you have to do is install it. You can pick small solar panels for sale if your needs are simple or used solar panels for sale if your running on a tight budget.

Depending on how integrated you want your system to be with the rest of your household you can hook up the solar panels to power just a few power points in your home or plug it into the mains to power your whole home.

Sunlight is an inexhaustible resource and it produces renewable energy. It makes sense to exploit this readily available energy resource which is also a cheap alternative to the conventional energy sources. It makes good economic sense to pick up solar panels for sale or buy them wholesale.

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