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Kitchen Themes – Ideas For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Themes

Kitchen themes help design kitchen around a central idea. Instead of just putting together a non-descript kitchen which is just functional you can make use of theme or concept to make it more cohesive and upscale. A designer Italian kitchen, an asian kitchen, European style kitchen, sports based kitchen, a kitchen with flower motif as the central theme are just a few ideas that pop into mind when we think about it.

As we travel around the world and visit homes of people from different cultures we are introduced to new concepts and ideas in kitchens and homes. Some of these excite us enough to want to design our kitchen themes around one of these.

A kitchen with coffee as the theme? Interesting isn’t it?

Decorating Your Kitchen with a Coffee Theme

Decorating Your Kitchen with a Coffee ThemeIndulge in the romance and excitement of the authentic Parisian caf� bistro in your very own kitchen! Coffee themes have become extremely popular; understandably as this theme is filled with charm and art! In fact, some of the most interesting coffee themes, our Coffee House Collection for example, bring the history of art deco into the kitchen. An intriguing and growing design movement from the 1920�s and 30�s, Art Deco exudes modernism and futurism, lending elegance and functionality to interior design. In our day in age, we are constantly on the run and a coffee theme creates a perfect mood for the busy decorator; simplicity with unique style!


Artistic, modern, stimulating and soothing.


You will find a mix of warm and cool colors in a coffee theme.

Warm = Browns, reds, burgundies, and oranges.
Cool = Blues and greens.


Many coffee themes are designed with a style derived from the modernism and minimalism of Art Deco. The designs tend to be abstract and simple and the graphics provide a 1920�s mood.

When choosing from kitchen themes be sure that it is what you want for a long time. Redecorating kitchens can be done but it might be a lot more expensive if you don’t like the theme you selected. Choose an evergreen idea if possible. But, if you are heart is set on a Tuscan theme then go for it by all means.

Here are some general kitchen design and decor ideas that work for any kitchen theme.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Choose vibrant, “healthy” colors.
You don’t have to remodel your kitchen to give it a new look. Paint is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to update your kitchen. Bright, cheerful colors convey a sense of health, happiness and vitality. When choosing colors for your kitchen, keep in mind that not only is the kitchen a place to prepare and enjoy meals, it is a wonderful place to connect with your family. To stimulate conversation and openness, choose warm and “appetizing” colors like reds, yellows, oranges, and earth tones like gold, terra cotta, or coral. Read more about the meaning of colors.Keep it clean and clutter free.
Make the kitchen a place you want to be in. It should radiate a sense of health and vitality.

Organization is key.
Your kitchen design should be functional and easy to cook in with lots of storage. You will be much more inclined to prepare wholesome homemade meals if you enjoy cooking in your kitchen. A general rule of thumb is if you don’t use it every day then store it out of sight.

There are millions of ways to do up your kitchen. If you see no two kitchens are alike. Every individual has is own tastes and likes. They dress up the kitchen in the way that is most appealing to them. Kitchens are were families gather and to make it more fun choose beautiful and creative decorating ideas.

Decorating Your Kitchen

Vintage or country: For a warm, country kitchen, give your kitchen an old-fashioned feel with vintage-inspired kitchen linens, decor and appliances. For a dramatically new look, invest in some new large appliances and kitchen furniture with an old-fashioned aesthetic. A stylized new oven and range with a vintage design makes a statement in any kitchen. A farmhouse sink is another major purchase that can become the focal point of the room. Continue the country kitchen theme with a lodge-pole pine table or kitchen island with a hanging pot rack above it. Display your great grandmother’s fine china in a china hutch. Finish the look with the right kitchen accessories: from dishtowels, tablecloths and kitchen rugs decorated in vintage themes to old-fashioned dinnerware and rustic cabinet hardware.

Kitchen themes help make your kitchen unique. With an out-of-box theme your kitchen will stand-out and make people notice. A football or baseball themed kitchen would convey to the people your love for those sports. A formula one theme shows that you loving racing. You can choose a simple rustic style or a country style kitchen to convey your love for simple. Internalize your themes and make your dreams of truly spectacular kitchen come true.

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Kitchen Decor – Dress Up Your Kitchen In A Style Of Your Choice

Kitchen decor is entirely a matter of the person’s taste and choice. Each homeowner has a different idea when it comes to doing up the kitchen. Some like rustic styles, some like the cosmopolitan look and still others like a simple and attractive style that is functional. If kitchens are meant to be used as kitchen then they should be practical and functional.

You might have the best looking kitchen in the world but when you set out to cook a meal you have to really struggle to reach for the ingredients which are attractively stacked in a corner of the kitchen or have to go digging for pots and pans that are stored in the deep recesses of cupboards then that isn’t the best of kitchen designs. Inefficiently planned kitchen leads to lot of wasted effort and a very frustrated chef. The needs of the cook need to be kept in mind for maximum efficiency. Kitchen decor is more about how you dress up the kitchen once it designed and the basic framework is put in place.

Decor Based On Style:

Sophisticated And Modern

Kitchen decor can be elegant, formal and sophisticated reflecting your modern sensibilities. This sophisticated kitchen will be all clean lines and contoured edges. Clear glass and stainless steel are two favorite materials preferred in such kitchens. The appliances and the cabinets and countertops will be all reflect a quiet elegance no unnecessary flamboyance. There is not much color in such kitchens which are all business-like. Looking at them you often wonder whether meals are ever cooked in these places. But, it need not be only about looks. Such kitchens are also highly functional and easy to maintain. Even though the kitchen looks cold and edgy, it in fact can be a very nice place for your family to gather and have fun. Add a dash of color by putting some flower in a vase and your children’s crayons work on the fridge. Add a colorful picture or mural on one wall and you have added a personal touch to the kitchen.


Kitchen decor can be all rustic charm with the bells and whistles of a rural farmhouse kitchen. Of course your kitchen will be equipped with the all latest gadgets and appliances only the decor will reflect the simple style of the past. This kitchen decor style is all exaggerated with bold colors, ruffles and curves. If any piece can be dressed up with some designs and curves then this kitchen will not miss them. Flowers in vases will bring outdoors into your kitchen. This style is warm, sunny and ideal for families with young and growing children. If you want to keep the fuss of maintaining the kitchen to a minimum then avoid too many decorative elements. Instead opt for an underprepared look like an unpainted center table. This takes the focus away from a bit of clutter in the kitchen.


Traditional kitchens have wooden cabinets in teak finish or the classic white finish. The counter tops are stone or granite or marble. Some have wooden counter tops. These kitchens are homely and inviting. The decor is traditional nothing over the top or flamboyant. The windows are large and framed by lace curtains. Bathed in soft and warm earthy tones, this type of kitchen is found in most homes. The classic white or off-white kitchens are simple and beautiful.

Match your appliances and storage containers to your kitchen style. There are several stores selling handmade and
unique products that enhance your kitchen’s appeal. Pick a variety of serving dishes, cutlery, plates and china in either style that matches your kitchen or offers a deep contrast to the room around you.

The kitchen windows can be dressed in blinds, shades or curtains. Else, just leave it bare. Window dressing should be fire proof and should be safe to use in the kitchen. A window placed far away from the stove top works best if you plan to have window dressing. Buy beautiful handles and knobs for your kitchen cabinets and drawers to make an immediate impression. Sometimes, just replacing this gives the kitchen a new improved look.

Keep your best china and plates in open shelves or cabinets with glass doors in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen look attractive and at the same time draws the eyes of the visitors to the better parts of the kitchen. An eye-catching picture is a valuable addition to the kitchen decor. The painting or picture can be part of a kitchen cabinet door if you don’t have a wall to spare for art.

Decor Based On Color

The kitchen is the place where memories are made. It is the place where a mom lovingly makes meals for her family and where families eat and share their stories after a day at office or school. This is the one room to which children naturally gravitate to. So, dress up your kitchen in the color you love. If dark navy blue and warm sunshine yellow are your colors then go for it. Paints your walls in blue and yellow, go for a dark blue backsplash, choose your cabinets in bright yellows and all your serving bowls and other kitchen stuff in suitable bright colors like reds and greens. There is absolutely no restriction on the color to choose for your kitchen. Greens, blues, oranges, reds and greys all look good in kitchen. Just keep in mind to match the kitchen decor with the rest of the house too.

Having a kitchen that opens out into dining and entertaining area with physical barriers makes it one continuous space and it’s a challenge to match all these parts into a seamless whole at the same time by subtle differences mark out the different areas as kitchen, dining and living area. The arrangements of the furniture, carpeting differences, the placement of pictures on the walls all help define the rooms. Kitchen decor need to be restricted to the kitchen you can carry the theme to your dining and living room too.

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Armless Sofa Slipcover – The Easy Interior Decoration Solution

Protecting your furniture with blankets and covers, including an armless sofa slipcover, is sensible while cutting down on costs from expensive upholstering and replacement. When you’ve spent a fortune on a set of elegant furniture for your living room, the last thing you want is for it to get spoiled by spilling food or drink on them, or having your pet clamber all over it.

Putting on a slipcover is a simple solution. Vinyl and plastic slipcovers were once popular, but are rarely used these days. Now an armless sofa slipcover comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and fabrics. You’ll definitely find something you like. You’ll be able to protect your furniture with these slip covers, and maintain the rich look for the long run, while matching your covers with the rest of the room’s decor.

What type of sofa slipcover should you get? Well, it depends upon the stress it will have to bear from visitors or users. If there are many children jumping all over the chair or sofa, then you’ll need a tougher fabric like denim than if the piece is used by adults and not very often.

Fabric choices range from cotton to denim, leather to damask. Make sure you visit many home furnishing shops in your locality to see the fabric types available and see which ones you want. Also browse the Web for online stores which display samples.

Ready made armless sofa slipcover models come in many different colors. It is unlikely that you won’t find exactly what you want. But if you don’t run across it in your local stores, you’ll almost certainly find it from a web search. And getting just the right kind matters because you’re keen on having your slipcovers match the room’s interior.

You don’t necessarily have to leave your armless sofa slipcover on all the time. They are made to be removable, and so you can take them off and store them safely while the furniture is not in use. During the times when you expect them to be visible and used, such as during parties or meetings, dust off the slipcover and put it on. That way you’ll protect your furniture from the worst wear and tear.

Slipcovers can be easily washed. Before you put it into the washing machine, though, check the care label inside for instructions. Remove the slipcover from the washing machine immediately after a spin cycle. Leaving it for long will lead to deep wrinkling. Hang out to dry or dry it on the least heat setting – otherwise it may shrink.

Smooth the armless chair slipcover over your furniture, pulling the seams and cording into place, and then tuck in the extra fabric into crevices. You can iron your slipcover after washing for a fresh pressed look.

The best slipcovers are constructed to very high standards, and is made to order to fit your measurements. You can also select your preferred color and fabric type. If you want to make sure, ask for samples before you order. Most manufacturers will guarantee your satisfaction, and allow you to return defective slipcovers within 30 days.

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Parson Chair Slipcovers – Get Your Choice At A Discount

Parson chair slipcovers are available at never before bargains – and you have a wide range of choices to pick from, if you know how to look. Parson chairs have become popular with American families lately. A Parson chair, a product of the Parsons Italian school of design, is a regular dining chair with a straight back and no arm rests.

Usually a part of dining room furniture, they come in double sets of 2, 4 or 6 chairs along with straight corner wooden dining tables. The seats are padded while the back may or may not, like pillows for nursing chairs. They are versatile, come in different designs and fit the interior decor of different kinds of rooms, extending their use to beyond just the dining area.

And when used this way, parson chair slipcovers become a necessity to preserve the longevity of your sofas and furniture, or to give older things a facelift. There are many designs to pick from online. Do some research and you’ll find some fantastic deals.

Standard Parson chair slipcovers come in a range of colors – red, black, suede and white being the most common – and you can choose from a set of pre-selected fabrics. Some stores will offer custom slipcovers. You choose the material you prefer, provide measurements, and they will manufacture the slip covers to your needs. There may be an extra price for the sewing, but it’s still cheap and usually well worth paying.

Parson chairs are hardwood, and durable. The seat cushions, however, will experience wear and tear from daily use. Damaged upholstery or stained seat cushions can detract from the overall look of your room. You can give it a new look by using parson chair slipcovers.

And the range is truly extensive. If you’re a fan of vintage covers, you can select a retro cover that takes you back in time to the 1920’s and an era you long for. Ballard designs are popular, many buyers like it, and the prices are attractively affordable too. The nice thing about shopping online for Parson chair slipcovers is that you can now review what others are saying about it. Go through product ratings, user feedback and comments on forums and you’ll quickly identify the very best designs, models and stores to buy from.

Another benefit from buying online is the availability of discount coupons for your slip cover purchases. Not all items come with deals, but you may get lucky. Shop around and you’ll find them. But when you order online, be sure to get your measurements right. Otherwise you may end up with Parson chair slip covers that are too loose or too tight.

A good quality dining table and chair will last a lifetime. Your kids will grow out of them, and still they won’t crack or wear out. The only thing that will reveal their age is the cushions and worn out seating. That can be covered up with a slipcover, returning your prized possessions back to near-new status. You could even get new slipcovers every year, it’s like buying new furniture each season!

Most slipcovers are inexpensive, and you’ll be able to give your room a facelift at a discount by getting good quality slip covers for your aging furniture.

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Custom Slip Cover – Tips To Create Your Oversized Chair Slipcover

Are you the sort of person who goes ballistic if someone dirties your furniture or custom slip cover – and so you’d rather prefer to have an unused room that no one used because you don’t want anyone to ruin the antique sofa by sitting on it?

Fitting an oversized chair slipcover over your best overstuffed chair and settling down on it with a favorite book and a nice, long drink can be an experience that’s deeply satisfying and enjoyable. The custom slip cover is also a brilliantly economical way to turn around the look and feel of your room, adding grandeur and elegance at a tiny cost.

Everyone takes pride in the way their room and home look. We’d like to be able to invite our friends and family home, and bask in their awed expressions and exclamations of delight as they see how posh and neat your living quarters are. But at the same time, we’re torn between multiple commitments and the business of our daily routine. And furniture is costly, making frequent replacement of worn out pieces a day dream.

Oversized chair slipcovers are a quick and easy solution to this vexing problem. They can be fitted over your exsiting upholstery very quickly, and almost instantly your decade-old sofa got a face-lift, appearing modern and chic. Custom slip covers are inexpensive, and you can transform your living room – or indeed your entire home – at a fraction of the cost it will take to refurnish the household.

Your favorite sofa probably sees a lot of wear and tear. Maybe you love to watch TV or read a book on it. And what’s most used often gets stuff spilled on it, like drinks or food. And it can be annoying to clean it up and remove stains from upholstery. With an oversized chair slipcover, this no longer is a problem. Just slip off the cover and pop it into a washing machine for cleaning.

There are many different brands of oversized chair custom slipcovers like the Solid Smoke Oversized Slipcover. Made of hard-wearing fabric, this slipcover resists wear and tear. It also feels good to sit on, being soft and comfortable. If you’ve got kids of pets clambering up on chairs, then using an oversized chair slipcover can be your best solution to troublesome cleaning chores.

The trouble often is in finding a custom slipcover that fit the oversized chairs that are bigger than a regular armchair, but not quite large enough to merit being called a loveseat. What size of slipcover will fit this one? Readymade slipcovers aren’t large enough, and loveseat covers are too big.

Oversized chair slipcovers are manufactured and sold by only a small, exclusive group of vendors like Slipcover Shop whose Twill Sky design is a bestseller. You can get a choice of colors and fabric to match your furniture and decor, and the material is durable and resistant to many kinds of wear and tear. Another favorite is the Savanna floral slipcover which has a flowery pattern.

Whichever oversized chair slipcover you choose, be sure that it fits your furniture well and matches the design of your room. And by picking the right material and going with a quality vendor, your slipcovers might just end up being the best investment in furnishing your home.

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Why Fitted Sofa Slipcovers Are A Great Choice For Chic Homes?

Do you want your home to be a shrine to your beautiful sense of style? Then make sure that every piece of furniture in every room; every table and chair is selected with care to go with the overall theme of the house. The curtains, the drapes, the wallpaper, pictures on the wall, fitted sofa slipcovers, side tables and every vase and knick-knack on the mantle should speak volumes about your innate sense for creating chic interiors.

You usually have several pieces of furniture – a beautiful sofa set, ottomans, loveseats, rocking chair, a futon and dining room furniture made of different materials like leather, cast iron, wicker, rattan and in varying colors. These diverse pieces need to be coordinated so they fit a general theme and yet retain their special characteristics. Replacing all of them or even a few could cost you ton of money. And you really don’t want to replace them as each has been selected with care over several years to serve different purposes. You love your old furniture. How to make them fit in with your home’s contemporary look? The answer slipcovers.

The readymade loose and droopy slipcovers sold in stores can mar the look of your furniture and destroy the carefully cultivated image of sophistication your home exudes. If you find the exact fit for your beautiful furniture then go ahead and buy it. If not custom made fitted covers is the way to go.

This custom made fitted slipcovers will take many weeks to make. You will need the help of seamstress or do it your self if you are good with sewing machines, cutting and sewing. Else, fabric and labor will set you back by several hundred dollars. But the result will be well worth it. They will look great on your furniture and also protect it from dirt and stains.

Custom fitted slipcovers have several advantages over the readymade ones. Find a furniture or fabric store or warehouse near you. They will stock a range of beautiful materials, designs and patterns. You will be spoilt for choice. Choose denims or silks or fur in yellows or browns or blues. Brightly colored flower patterns or demure and muted designs, bold stripes or elegant checks. Buy color-coordinated throws and cushion covers. The choice is unlimited.

Best of all your custom slipcovers can fit even unusual shaped furniture like chaises and ottomans. Throw in a few interesting cushions with designs that suit that particular room and you will have elegant and unique decor for every room.

Fitted slipcovers will give an upholstered look to old and tired furniture without having to replace them. With fitted covers even damaged furniture with stains and tears can expect to add several years to their lifespan. They will look new and freshly minted. This is also a great way to protect your prized furniture while the children are growing up.

Fitted sofa slipcovers are a great alternative to buying new furniture when you move houses. You don’t need a fortune to change every bit of furniture. Changing a few pillows and cushions, adding a slipcover will give your home the chic look without the added expenditure.

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Make Your Old Furniture Come Alive With Sofa And Loveseat Slipcovers

The sofa and loveseat in front of your TV is often the most used piece of furniture. Most people literally spend hours reclining on it, watching their favorite soap or sports telecast, eating and spilling food and drink. Over the years the furniture covering becomes dirty and stained. By dressing it up in beautiful sofa and loveseat slipcovers you can transform your old rattan, redwood or wicker furniture into a new, chic avatar of their former selves.

Furniture in households with children will become dirty quickly if they don’t have slipcovers to protect them from the assault of the little ones. Jam stains and paint stains will compete with the pattern of the furniture fabric. The slipcover will help in extending the life span of your luxury furniture if you cover them in durable materials.

Your faded old furniture may not look great but is sturdy and comfortable. You are loath to replace it just because it doesn’t meet current fashion standards of style. Yet, you don’t want to be known as the fashion retard in your neighborhood or friend’s circle. Try out some colorful sofa and loveseat slipcovers on your old, weather beaten furniture. It will immediately jazz up your room, make your old sofa or loveseat look like new. Just add a few color-coordinated or brightly designed cushions to instantly upgrade your home from fashion-challenged to suitably fashionable one.

There is absolutely no limit to what you can do with old sofas and loveseats with the aid of new slipcovers and a few throws. You can change it from contemporary chic to classical or whatever your taste. What you can do and change are limited only by your imagination and your budget. You don’t even have to it at one go. You can pick and choose pieces as you go adding more color and variety to your redwood, cane or wicker sofa. You can do the same to your rattan patio furniture.

There is yet another advantage to putting on those slipcovers. You can protect your luxury leather sofa from getting damaged by little grimy hands and greasy fingers or Telescope deck chairs from the sun. Your cast iron or redwood furniture can also benefit from floral patterned slipcovers. You can’t stop kids from being kids nor stop the sun from damaging your poolside deck chairs. The next best thing you can do is protecting them with barriers like slipcovers.

Slipcovers are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colors. You can choose from hundreds of patterns in the size you want. Stores like Amazon, JCPenny, Target stock a variety of options for you to choose from. Offline you are sure to find what you are looking for in any fabric store or outlet whether you live US or Canada. Be sure to take the correct measurement of your sofa or loveseat. Depending on whether you want a fitted upholstery look or more casual draped loose-fit look, choose suitable sofa and loveseat slipcovers. Many stores have annual clearing-out sales to make room for new arrivals. Buy cushion covers, pillows, slipcovers at discounted rates and have fun throwing them together and giving a new look to your home.

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