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Armless Chair Slipcovers – Choosing The Best Covers

Armless chair slipcovers can turn around the look and feel of your living room by giving it a facelift at very little expense. When your armless chair looks frayed and worn, or gets stained with food and drink spills or a careless pet scratching up the upholstery, don’t panic or worry. You won’t have to spend a fortune in having it replaced or repaired. Just slap on a slipcover and you’re back to nearly new.

Today you can get a range of colors and fabric and patterns for your armless chair slipcovers. These will help color co-ordinate your furniture with the interior decor of your room, even if you repaint or re-decorate often. Just go shopping for a matching slipcover and then pull it over your furniture. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s cheap.

And your armless chair slipcovers will be durable and sturdy. If made of waterproof fabric, they will help guard your sofa or chair from water or liquids and keep away stains. All this increases the longevity of your prized purchases. You’ll have your chair looking good for many years after you buy it.

If you own a piece of furniture like an armless chair that is odd-shaped or a non-regulation size, don’t fret about finding a slipcover that will fit. You can get custom chair slipcovers designed specially for your needs. Just measure your chair carefully, hop over to the website of a slipcover maker, and place your order after selecting a pattern of fabric that you like. Your slipcover will be tailored to specifications and even home-delivered right to your doorstep.

In case you are a lover of vintage collections, you can now get retro slipcovers for your armless chairs. They’ll help you step back in time to the 1930s. Ballard has some choice designs that you may want to take a look at. And there are many other options, which you can find easily when you do a search online.

And it will not be as expensive as a re-upholstering job or even replacement of your frayed old chair with a brand new one. In fact, you could simply buy a set of different slipcovers to use in rotation, one for each season or occasion – and still save a lot over the cost of replacing an armless chair.

Most often when you furnish a room, you are looking for comfort and style. When you find a comfortable sofa or chaise longue or chair, you want to keep it with you for as long as possible instead of having to change it frequently just because the cushions are dirty or there are some light scratches. That’s where armless chair slipcovers come into play, adding to the look of your curved modular two seater or chair without breaking your budget.

So don’t waste any more time on this easy decision. Get yourself a set of slipcovers for your armless chairs and enjoy the bright, warm look in your living room today.

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Living Room Furniture Stores

Your living room is special. It welcomes you to a new day every morning, and comforts you in the evening when you return after a long day at work. And the furniture you buy for it reflects your inner world. Everyone likes to have attractive and stylish living room furniture, and stores stock some elegant pieces. The only problem is finding ones that are affordable and yet offer good quality.

Budget conscious buying does not automatically mean a compromise on quality. In this day, it is easy to find living room furniture stores that stock affordable material that’s suitable for any budget or taste. The options range from designer furniture imported from exotic locales to simple yet tasteful pieces crafted by local artisans. Readymade furniture is one option while do-it-yourself assembly sets are also popular among those who like to build their own living room sofas and chairs.

Choice is wide. IKEA offers basic items at affordable cost. Other luxury brands are more upscale, and have product offerings that match their promise of comfort and style. Generic Freedom range of couches and chairs compete in living room furniture stores with Balinese and Burmese wooden pieces imported from faraway lands.

You can get anything – and in any combination. Whether you want a suite or a chaise longue, a sofa or an ottoman, a set of chairs to match your table or a T cushion sofa, you are literally spoiled for choice. And trends will differ from time to time. At one period, sleek looking sofas or chairs may be more in demand than traditional rounded arm-chairs or antique wooden furniture.

Color ranges too are vast. Where there was once only black or white options when it came to buying a wicker-chair, you can now get your couch, bed or chair in red, black, brown, beige or even more unusual shades like blue or green. And to add further to this variety, you can use sofa slip covers which are perfect matches to your living room decor.

No longer is the cost quoted by living room furniture stores exorbitant or scary. It’s like a piece of string – and the price you pay depends upon what you want and like. If you have pets or kids, the buying decision is weighted by that, more than the actual price a piece of furniture is marked with.

You can find quality living room furniture stores everywhere, including online by searching on the Web. IKEA, the Swedish retail giant, dominates this space. But what will amaze you is how affordable some pieces from even designer brands can be. Popular looks are usually priced attractively, and by searching online for living room furniture stores you will be able to pick up some excellent deals.

The most common purchase of living room furniture is a set of two sofas. They may be 2 or 3 seaters, and you’ll get great value in some deals. Elaborate arrangements like a two-seater couch or an armchair with ottoman can also be ordered, though the price may be a little higher. Most living room furniture stores have buyer-friendly policies about shipping and returns too, so be sure to take advantage and decorate your living room in style, and for a low cost.

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How To Find A Great Furniture Outlet Online

If you’ve been looking to buy sofas, a bed and mattress or chairs, and have very specific requirements when it comes to sizes, fabric and color (like looking for a sectional sofa with brown leather covers) then you’ll be far better off looking for a furniture outlet online. But how to find the good ones?

You will figure out pretty fast if you go on the World Wide Web searching for furniture outlets that there is a humungous range to pick from. Finding the right one (or even a set of good ones) can often appear impossible, especially when you consider how many different options exist. But don’t lose hope. It’s possible to find a high quality furniture outlet online with some patience and by following some simple tips.

First, think about the criteria that will identify a furniture store as being credible, legitimate and trust-worthy. Is it the professional website design? Or is the size of the catalog or inventory, where more products are stocked by the better class of store? Or is it seals of approval by various licencing and quality-control agencies? Do you trust testimonials from buyers and celebrities more?

You should try and exhaust all options while you’re searching, instead of just jumping on the first option that pops up at you. Scoure as many sites as you can for furniture outlets. And don’t stop there. If you find a site that you like and it has a branch office nearby, make the trip to the local stores to see the actual items of furniture that you are interested in.

Online furniture outlets have their advantages. But there are also some risks. You have to carefully evaluate both before you take the plunge. For instance, you may not have the time to visit multiple stores offline and evaluate their merchandise. Here, a search for a furniture outlet online is suitable because of your constraints.

But while you may certainly use this option to do your initial research, don’t forget that you won’t be able to see the actual model of furniture like you would in a physical store. So it’s hard to know if the picture matches the quality of the real thing. Also, it’s impossible to say if the picture is even real – or just a representation of a product that’s significantly different.

Most online furniture stores will do all they can to establish credibility. The ones with an established brand will often have many such elements, and you will be able to easily assess that they are genuine. Another option for you may be to go directly to the manufacturer’s website in case you are planning to buy a specific brand or range of products.

At the end of it all, once you’ve found a great furniture outlet online, don’t forget to ask commonsense questions such as how long their warranty lasts, how much will you pay for shipping and handling charges, and what policy they have on returns. If goods are delivered to you in damaged or soiled condition, check to see if you will be able to get it replaced at no extra charge.

Keeping all of this in mind, you should be able to locate a great furniture outlet online and meet all your furniture needs without ever leaving your house. But remember – forewarned is forearmed!

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T Cushion Chair Slipcover – Re-Do Your Living Room On Budget

T cushion chair slipcover choices are extensive and wide. And that’s one of the reasons so many people are using them to re-do a living room without breaking the bank. A good quality slipcover costs only a fraction of what it would to replace or re-upholster even a mediocre T cushion sofa, making the choice of covering up old, worn, and frayed furniture with one of them a no-brainer decision.

T cushion chair slipcover colors and fabric choices are diverse. You can find a good match to just about any kind of interior. You do not even have to leave the comfort of your home, as you can easily search for patterns and designs on the many online slipcover stores. Just be sure you use the correct specifications and measurements to avoid being saddled with covers of the wrong size or shape.

A T cushion sofa has short arms that don’t quite reach the edge, giving a sitting area that’s shaped like a ‘T’. The cushions cover the rough edges, and because of their odd shape, it’s hard to find a good fit by way of slipcovers. But that deficiency has now been solved by the availability of many custom T cushion chair slipcover stores which will even handcraft a piece suitable to your needs – albeit at a slightly higher cost.

So why should you even consider using a T cushion chair slipcover? Well, a good slipcover can cover up your expensive sofa or chair, protecting it from accidental spills of food or drink. If you have pets, then you’ve surely experienced the agony of having to clean up after an accident. And kids can be pretty destructive to quality furniture too when they are having fun while running wild!

Not only does a T cushion chair slipcover keep your furniture pristine and new for longer and protect it from wear and tear, it also adds to the appearance and style of your living room. Matching the interior design, and available in many different shades, patterns and styles, the only limiting factor is your own imagination. Floral or psychedelic patterns can liven up your living area. Bright colors can add energy and joy to your stay at home. Bold and geometric designs can lend an air of authority and class to your house.

And all of this won’t cost you a fortune. One of the biggest advantages of a T cushion chair slipcover is that they are economical. You can even afford to replace them often, or get many different styles and use one for each occasion.

Use vinyl or plastic slipcovers when you’re having little kids or careless young adults over for a party. Impress your boss or clients with stylish tassels and silk or damask slipcover. And cuddle up with your spouse or partner on comfortable denim covers to watch a movie or just enjoy the warm fireplace on a cold winter evening.

A T cushion chair slipcover will not only help you re-decorate your living room without spending much money… it will also enhance your experience of enjoying your favorite furniture in a way you never imagined before!

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T Cushion Sofa Slip Covers – Form, Style & Durability

There are two things we look for when furnishing a new home or room. One of them is comfort, which is why we take time to choose the best kind of chair or sofa to sit in. Enjoying a relaxing drink, reading a favorite book, or curling up in front of the TV in a comfortable T cushion sofa or lazy boy can be luxurious and fun.

The other thing we want is style. Classy good looks in a living room is every home owner’s ideal… one that is destroyed by pets clawing at the cushions, kids jumping all over them, and accidental spills staining the covers. And all of a sudden, one is facing the daunting (and expensive) prospect of replacement of the furniture – or re-upholstery and repair work.

But wait. There’s another option. One involving T cushion sofa slip covers. Yes, that’s the magic solution many households are moving towards – because it is simple, yet elegant… while being inexpensive too. T cushion sofa slip covers can turn your worn out, frayed or stained seat into a posh, stylish showpiece that you hoped it would always be.

T cushion sofa slip covers come in a wide range of color and fabric. You can get slip covers in denim or tassel, silk and damask, and in such an assorted range of color and pattern that you will be hard pressed to find a room that cannot be perfectly matched. Even the most discerning interior decorations will find the kind of T cushion sofa slip covers that they want to use – if only you know where to look, and how to go about it. Places like SureFit will guide you well.

Your sofa slipcovers will protect your furniture, keeping it clean, avoiding scratches and other damage, and making them last longer. You can also replace T cushion sofa slip covers as often as you like, to match any changes in your home’s decor, or even if you want to match the look and feel to the seasons or to the scenery outside the windows. Bright floral designs may match the flowering garden in spring, while a light shade of pastel color may lighten the gloom of a cloudy or snowy winter exterior.

What makes T cushion sofa slip covers even more attractive is that they can be easily swapped, and cleaned by popping them into a washing machine. Just take the clean covers, zip them around your sofa, and you’re looking at a brand new living room!

And with the amount of customization possible today, your T cushion sofa slip covers will retain all the design elements of a T cushion sofa, and not sacrifice any of the value that you paid top dollar for. So you can now enjoy the rich, luxurious style you love, without having to worry about damaging your furniture or having to replace it often.

All you have to do when you want to make your living room spiffy and spruced up is to unzip the existing cover, replace it with another that you like better, and voila… you have a new look. Do it before throwing parties or inviting guests over and you may soon become the talk of the neighborhood!

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Home Maintenance Guide – Master The Art Of Home Maintenance

Homes are not something that you build and forget about. They need continuous and regular maintenance for that spic and span look. A home maintenance guide will help you go through the process of caring of your home step-by-step. Home maintenance is not a one time job. It needs to be done every day, every week, every month and every year.

Home Maintenance Guide

Buying a home is the biggest investment that most American families will make. Smart homeowners know that maintaining their home in good shape protects their investment and enhances the enjoyment of their home. In addition, the terms of the mortgage may require the homeowners to “adequately maintain the property.”

Home maintenance, however, can cover a wide range of activities. They can be categorized into interior or exterior tasks or by home system, such as plumbing, heating & cooling, electrical, and landscaping/grounds maintenance. Certain maintenance tasks should be performed monthly, seasonally, or annually. How do you know what to do when? Here are some guidelines.
Important Basic Home Maintenance Activities
Once a month

* Check the filters on your heating/cooling unit. If you have humidifiers and electronic air cleaners, their filters should also be checked. Change or clean on the recommended schedule.
* Check faucets for drips and the rest of the plumbing for leaks. Repairing minor drips and leaks can prevent major water damage in the future. It also will help with conservation and keep down your water bill.

Every season brings it owns challenges as far as home maintenance goes. The home maintenance guide helps in the homeowner to perform all the important steps each season. As the season changes from summer to fall leaves need to be raked and gutters cleaned. Snow during winters can block driveways so that need to be shovelled.

Follow the guidelines mentioned for your local area when carrying out regular maintenance. Some areas need more care than others depending on the local weather and other conditions. Some area have more snow, some have more rain, some have storms so, the steps to follow vary. Follow your local home maintenance guide and you should do fine. Here is one such guide.

A Seasonal Guide To Home Maintenance

By Kate AshfordFebruary 10, 2010: 4:48 PM ET

(Money Magazine) — You know that your house needs regular upkeep in order to stay in good condition. Not only can little maintenance issues become expensive and turn into major repairs, but nowadays problems that boom-time buyers might have overlooked can be huge liabilities when it comes time to sell, says James Carey, author of “Home Maintenance for Dummies.” Good thing that most crucial maintenance tasks can be done just once a year at a certain time. Read on for the right dates to mark in your calendar.
WinterClean the vents behind your dryer in the beginning of winter; you’re drying heavier clothes now, and they generate more lint. Clean vents will help your machine dry clothes more quickly, last longer, and you’ll lower the risk of fires. Hardware stores carry kits that can help…

Cost: $15 to $45.

The Home Maintenance and Repair Guide

Every house requires some sort of maintenance at some point in time. Whether it�s the interior, exterior, home systems or landscaping, proper maintenance adds value and comfort to the house. When a �house� is well-maintained, it becomes a �home�. The interior of the house is the place where people usually spend most of their time. This is why the interior is important and people hire designers to create the best interior solutions for their purposes. Homeowners also have to keep the house clean because it helps to prolong the life of fittings and building, which is an important part of home maintenance. In the case where some parts of the building or fittings are broken, it�s best to repair them as soon as possible. Let�s look at different aspects of home maintenance in more detail.

Interior Maintenance

A main area of concern in home maintenance is the interior. The interior reflects a lot about homeowners because it�s the area which reflects their personality and preferences. The interior includes the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, study, bathrooms, and all other areas which are indoors. In this sense, it should be safe and comfortable. Also, the interior is usually the part of the home which requires the most maintenance. Here�s a short guide on interior maintenance.

Floors, doors, windows, and other like fixtures should be properly cleaned, and maintained. Even the ceiling should be cleaned, if not regularly, then at least once a month. Dusting should be done daily to keep your house clean and healthy to live in. Try to choose furniture which is suitable for your requirements. Remember not to overdo anything. Light bulbs should be cleaned regularly and replaced from time to time. Efficient and green appliances should be installed in the home to promote sustainable housing.

A home maintenance guide is just that, it is guide. It is there to help you. As you follow the steps outlined you will realize that certain steps are more important than others for your home conditions and some are not required. So, over time you will evolve your own home maintenance guide.

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Seasonal Home Maintenance – Home Maintenance Tips For All Seasons

As the seasons change different tasks for home maintenance become apparent. Seasonal home maintenance is a must to help us traverse through different seasons without a catastrophe. Unclogging the drains before the rains saves us from water logging on the roofs, keeping the vents cleans helps keep the air flowing for heating and cooling and so on. These seasonal tasks take on more importance in different types of the year and so a seasonal checklists helps a lot to keep the home running smoothly.

Here’s a checklist for home maintenance tasks for every summer.

Seasonal Home Maintenance

Monitor basement humidity and avoid relative humidity levels above 60 per cent. Use a dehumidifier to maintain relative humidity below 60 per cent.
Clean or replace air-conditioning filter, and clean or replace ventilation system filters if necessary.
Check basement pipes for condensation or dripping and, if necessary, take corrective action; for example, reduce humidity and/or insulate cold water pipes.
Check the basement floor drain to ensure the trap contains water; refill with water if necessary.
If you have a plumbing fixture that is not used frequently, for example, a laundry tub or spare bathroom sink, tub or shower stall, run some water briefly to keep water in the trap.
Deep clean carpets and rugs.
Vacuum bathroom fan grille.
Disconnect the duct connected to your clothes dryer, and vacuum lint from duct, the areas surrounding your dryer and your dryer�s vent hood outside.
Check security of all guardrails and handrails.
Check smooth functioning of all windows, and lubricate as required.
Inspect window putty on outside of glass panes of older houses, and replace if needed.
Sand and touch up paint on windows and doors.
Lubricate door hinges, and tighten screws as needed.
Check for and replace damaged caulking and weatherstripping around mechanical and electrical services, windows and doorways, including the doorway between the garage and the house. See the About Your House fact sheet Attached Garages and Indoor Air Quality for more information on preventing garage-to-house air transfer.
Lubricate garage door hardware, and ensure it is operating properly.
Lubricate automatic garage door opener motor, chain and other moving parts, and ensure that the auto-reverse mechanism is properly adjusted.
Inspect electrical service lines for secure attachment where they enter your house, and make sure there is no water leakage into the house along the electrical conduit. Check for overhanging tree branches that may need to be removed.
Check exterior wood siding and trim for signs of deterioration; clean, replace or refinish as needed.
Remove any plants that contact � and roots that penetrate � the siding or brick.
From the ground, check the general condition of the roof and note any sagging that could indicate structural problems requiring further investigation from inside the attic. Note the condition of shingles for possible repair or replacement, and examine roof flashings, such as at chimney and roof joints, for any signs of cracking or leakage.
Check the chimney cap and the caulking between the cap and the chimney.
Repair driveway and walkways as needed.
Repair any damaged steps.

As the seaons change the maintenance tasks change too. Sometimes we forget and realize too late our mistakes which are hard to fix sometimes or cause us a lot of misery or some sort of damage because we were too lazy to correct a problem at the right time before the start of a season.

Here’s a seasonal home maintenance checklist for spring.

Spring Checklist

2. Clean windows and repair any ripped screens. If a screen has a large hole in it, it’s time to replace it.
3. Check gutters for clogs. Clean out any debris and make sure gutters and downspouts are secure (You can hire someone to do this if you’d rather not get up on the ladder yourself.).
4. Check the ground around the foundation of your house and re-grade it if necessary. (The ground around the foundation should slope away from the house.).
5. If you have a sump pump, test it to make sure it’s working properly. There are several ways to do this, including taking off the lid and pouring in water to see if the pump kicks on.
6. If you have an attic fan, make sure it’s working properly before the heat of summer arrives.
7. Test any GFCI outlets: plug in a lamp, hit the test button and then the reset button to see if it turns the light off and then on again (GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. These types of outlets are designed to protect you from severe or fatal electric shocks. They’re often found in the kitchen and bathroom, or any place near a water source.).
8. Check for cracks in asphalt or concrete driveways and walkways. Repair or reseal them before winter, when water can freeze and expand in the cracks, creating more damage.
9. Check trees around the house to make sure they’re not threatening wires or power lines. If they are, call a tree service to safely trim back branches.
10. Check the roof. If you find holes, crumbling, blistering or rotting roofing, repair or replace it (Again, this may be a job for an expert.).

The peak of winter is the worst time to discover you have left a task on your seasonal maintenance checklist for winters. When your buried under several feet of snow is not the right time to figure that a vent is blocked or there is leak in the attic.

Winter Checklist

    * Check the attic for leaks or blocked vents, inspect the insulation, and make sure there is no daylight coming in through the roof or around chimneys (which can indicate a leak or hole).
* Replace furnace filters.
* Have a technician check the furnace fan belt and lubricate the motor if needed
* Clean and test all smoke alarms, and check or replace the batteries.
* Test all ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and all panel breakers.
* Remove ice and snow from porches and concrete stairs as soon as possible � avoid salts or other melting chemicals that can damage the concrete.
* Never pile snow against the side of your home.
* In freezing or snow conditions, check for ice dams on the overhangs of your roof.
* Avoid overloading circuits with heaters, appliances or seasonal lights.
* If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, make sure it is properly drained and winterized before freezing temperatures arrive.
* Check your faucets and make sure they�re not leaking � a simple solution that can save you money!
* Inspect all carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they�re in good working order.

Taking care of the home by following the various seasonal home maintenance checklists keeps the home running smoothly and without any major problems or trouble.

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