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Quoizel Ribbons Foyer Piece Crystal Chandeliers Lighting

“I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.”

The remark is typical of many people upon first seeing the Quoizel Ribbons Foyer Crystal Chandelier. It’s fine representative of the company’s line of home lighting products that embodies the long history of glass artisanship.

Not only will you illuminate your living room, you’ll also greatly enhance the appearance and appeal of your home with this lovely crystal chandelier. The crystal chrome finish adds a touch of pizazz and class to your decor.

Unique design, steel structure and 12 lights combine into an artistic and attractive lighting accessory. The arrangement measures 23 x 23 x 23 inches and weighs 18 pounds. Its 12 lamps feature 40 watt xenon or krypton bulbs.

Lake G loves the Quoizel Ribbons Crystal Chandelier, saying:

“The chandelier lighting fixture gets a wow out of me – every time! It is playful, pretty, yet very modern. It casts a bright light, so I even had a dimmer switch added.”

Jennifer R agrees. She said: “I love this fixture! Easy to assemble and it looks beautiful over my dining table.”

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Crystorama Lighting Crystal Chandelier

I am in love with this chandelier!

The Crystorama crystal chandelier, made in the USA, is a contemporary 5-light accessory that’s finished in English bronze. One of an exceptional line of home lighting products from Crystorama Lighting, this model is sure to please even the most discerning consumer.

It displays quality in every aspect, from the dual-coated English bronze finish, to a versatility that permits use in diverse settings. Not only is this crystal chandelier durable (you get a 1 year warranty to back it) and tasteful, it will be an elegant showpiece anywhere in your home – kitchen, living room, dining room or foyer.

The chandelier uses 5 medium base 60 watt incandescent bulbs and weighs 15 pounds. It’s no surprise that buyers are delighted with their choice.

Says proud owner Matcha: “In a word – Beautiful! This crystal chandelier is a fabulous mix of traditional and modern. It will add a sophisticated touch to any room.”

Caren R agrees: “Extremely gorgeous. Completely transforms the tone of any room, making it look so elegant. Highly recommended!”

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A Crystal Chandelier To Die For

Just be sure you’re sitting down before you click the link below to see how much this crystal chandelier costs!

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Larmes Mini Blown Glass Round Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Stunning! Great look, great price

This polished chrome crystal chandelier gives home lighting a modern twist. It’s a hanging light fixture with a difference. Made of 24 pendants enclosed within a clear teardrop-shaped glass case, each one hangs gently from aircraft cables to lend a unique appeal to your room.

The rectangular base is easy to fix onto your ceiling and the mounting box fits smoothly onto it. The 10-watt G4 xenon bulbs are included in the pack. The wire for each globe can be adjusted to your taste.

ET2 Lighting has come up with a winner in this Larmes Mini Low Volt Blown Glass Round Pendant crystal chandelier.

Owners are uniformly delighted. Anoush says:  “We got many complements from our guests. It added extra touch to our place. We Love it.”

Maria is just as happy with her choice. “I have had it for about 5 months, and just love it. It is beautiful lighted or without light.”

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Choosing The Perfect Custom Sofa Slipcovers

When redecorating a living room or den, one of the most costly furnishings to replace is a sofa or couch. Choosing a new sofa to coordinate with existing furniture or home decor is not always a practical option. For many people who choose to go with a brand new look and interior design, custom sofa slipcovers can be the answer.

Custom sofa slipcovers can be made especially to the customer’s specifications. This means the size, style and materials used for the slipcover is virtually limitless. Any person can go out to a local department store and purchase a ready-made slipcover for a chair or sofa, but it will not always be the style or design one is hoping to achieve. Having slipcovers specially designed and custom made to fit the unique shape and size of an existing sofa can save the day.

It’s relatively simple to go online and order custom sofa slipcovers. The great thing is, one does not even have to leave the comfort of her own home to do so. The first step when ordering custom sofa slipcovers is to take measurements of the sofa to be covered. This should be a painless process, as all that is required is a tape measure to do so. The length and width of the sofa need to be accurately measured, however.

Many companies offer product swatches and samples for prospective buyers to look through before making their slipcover selection. There should be a nominal charge for this fee, and some manufacturers will not charge at all. Looking over the swatches is vital before making a decision, and it is helpful to feel the material as well. It’s a good idea to get an estimate before making a final decision, and some companies offer free catalogs to browse through, or their inventory may be viewed online.

Choosing the fabric for a custom sofa slipcover should not be a challenge. Simply match the fabric to existing furniture fabrics for a complete and coordinated look. For a room that includes solid color chairs, choosing custom sofa slipcovers in geometrical patterns and designs might offer a bold appeal. Stripes work nice as well, just so long as the colors blend nicely and match existing decor.

It is important to consider the style of the sofa to be outfitted. Slipcovers may be available in box cushion, L cushion or straight back styles. Wedge arm and square arm styles are also commonly made. Some couch slipcovers also feature a matching custom cushion cover as well. There are other options to consider as well, such as corner inverted pleats or ruffled skirt.

When ordering custom sofa slipcovers, it’s important to obtain a satisfaction guarantee. This assures that. if for any reason you are not satisfied within a specified period of time, you may receive an exchange or your money will be refunded. Equally important, is customer service from the company manufacturing the custom sofa slipcovers. A toll free customer support telephone number can be of great assistance when needed.

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Discount Sofa Slipcovers – How And Where To Find The Best Deals

So you’re looking for discount sofa slipcovers? Decorating a house can be an expensive undertaking. This is especially due to the escalating cost of living. This is what has made many people opt to live in ugly-looking houses. Many people opt to keep using outdated furniture because the cost of buying new ones has hit the ceiling.

If you want to decorate your house, then sofa slipcovers are the best option. They are inexpensive alternatives that most people opt for. These are covers made in such a way that they fit into the existing furniture to give them a whole appealing look.

Most of the slip covers are made from linen, canvas, chintz and denim. These are long lasting materials that will take a long time to wear out. To get discount sofa slipcovers you need to make use of the internet. This is the only way through which you can find cheap slipcovers for your house. There are a number of online stores that you can make use of in order to get discount sofa slipcovers.

When you make use of the internet as a way of getting cheap sofa slipcovers you need to be cautious. This is because not all the dealers you will find online are genuine. Some of them are conmen who will siphon your money and run. Make use of the reviews to know the kind of services a given dealer offered to clients. Know the level of satisfaction of the clients before you order from the same dealer.

To get best sofa slipcover you need to compare the prices offered by different dealers. There are a number of retailers of these stuffs. Take your time to shop around for one who will give you high quality slipcovers at cheap price. The package of the deal should be able to fully cater for your needs. Get the colour, material and size that you want. An internet search is the one that will deliver you to best deals.

If you do careful searching and comparison you will be able to get discount sofa slipcovers. With best slipcovers you will give your home a new face lift. This is a cheap way of making your house appealing as compared to when you would have bought new sofas. It is good to visit local stores to see the options that they offer.

The use of coupons is another recommendable way of getting discount sofa slipcovers. Online stores that deal with sofa slipcovers do have online coupons. These are the ones you can make use of to get these stuffs at cheap cost. Look for covers that stretch as they are the ones that you can use of different sizes of sofas.

Be a smarter shopper by choosing material that will last long. Take your time to get the best quality discount sofa slipcovers that will last you long. There are many custom covers that you can make use of when in the market. Make use of the internet to buy the best. It is not advisable to buy from the first retailer you meet. It is good to do comparison if you want to get discount sofa slipcovers.

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Sofa Throws – How To Make One?

So you’ve bought recliners or a sofa with a cushion at a great deal paying wholesale rates. But now you’re facing the dilemma of how to protect them against stains and spills. Here’s an idea. Make sofa throws to guard against accidents.

Sofa throws are simple to create. You can give your new furniture some much needed protection while preserving a bright and cheery look to your living room at the same time. It won’t take long to make a sofa throw, and will definitely be much cheaper than buying one. And what’s nice about learning how to do it is that you can make multiple sofa throws for the same sofa, and then rotate them often giving your living room a new, fresh look from time to time.

Choose the fabric you want to use in your living room sofa throws. Will you prefer a floral pattern or a simple checks or stripes pattern? What color matches the interior of your room? Do you want a denim throw, or silk, or something else? Make those choices and then purchase the material.

The first thing to do is carefully measure your sofa sizes. Depending upon these measurements you will have to buy the fabric to use in the sofa throws. Decide which parts of the sofa you want covered, and then use a measuring tape to record the dimensions. Allow an inch extra for the overhang and to tuck into the joints.

Cut two rectangular pieces of the plaid designer fabric you plan to use. Typically a piece that is 72″ by 55″ will suffice for most common models. Cut the fabric leaving an extra couple of inches on all sides. Make sure you use a sharp pair of scissors to get a nice looking cut and to avoid frayed or irregular sides.

Place the two pieces of fabric one over the other. Make sure the insides are out. Secure the bits with pins. Leave one edge open, but secure three sides. Using a sewing machine, stitch together the pinned edges. Stay one inch inside the cut edge. After you’ve finished sewing together 3 sides, remove the pins and turn the cover right side out.

On the unsewn edge, you’ll now be left with a raw surface. Trim any extra bits of thread. Fold it in, and sew the free edge to seal the throw. Remove the pins that were used to hold it in place temporarily while you did the sewing.

You’re all done. You now have a sofa throw that’s neat and simple, yet will add elegance and class to your room. Iron the throw that you’ve sewn to create a smooth edge. Then place it over your sofa and stand back to take a look. You’ll realize that as far as beautifying your room goes, you won’t need to buy new furniture or expensive accessories. Just a simple thing like a sofa throw will spruce it up and transform your living room into a rich, elegant area.

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