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After disassembling your gear, be sure to replace the 1st stage's dust cap. All of them refer to the type of method or valve used to connect your scuba air tank or diving cylinder to the first stage of your regulator/octopus. Open the cylinder valve.

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Lynette DiPalma has 12 years of writing experience with various publications, ranging from novels to magazines to poetry. Assembling your scuba gear requires special attention and care to prevent Pick up the BCD by its handle or shoulder straps and make sure the cylinder is. Continue to open the valve until it's completely open.

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Dive Computer Accessories. Setting up a scuba tank can be a bit intimidating for the beginning diver, but this process will eventually become second nature. Of course, even. Two available systems.

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More ways to stay connected: Join us on our social media channels and keep in touch! When you are about to dive underwater, your scuba gear is your life support, and can be overlooked when caught up in the excitement of the forthcoming dive. Now, many divers will find this definition to be disagreeable, but take a deep breath because there are a lot more where that came from!

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Before setting up your tank, you should check its pressure using a pressure gauge. Technically, a stage bottle is a cylinder containing gas that is going to be “staged, ” or stashed, during a set-up or preparatory dive along a. Leave a comment.

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Your email address will not be published. In case the integrated system is used, test it for adequate operation.

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A - Air. Depending on actual application, the first stage regulator — especially on CCR bailout bottles — may also have a low-pressure inflator hose attached.

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Sidemount rigging requires an additional piece of equipment — a butt plate — and a strategically placed, moderately stout bungee cord.

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Good luck, dive safe, and if you are trying to swim with a stage bottle for the first time, practice in shallow water!

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Turn ON Air Turn your gauges face down and away from you. However, divers have come up with quite a few different mnemonics of their own, here are some examples:.


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